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    Three Plus Years Strong

    I own two of these, the one that came with my MBP and the one I bought the same day in June 2012. Never an issue with either one. MagSafe has saved my laptop more than once thanks to pets and kids.

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    The *one* Apple cable I have no complaints about

    I know I'm going to get a lot of "unhelpful" votes for this review, but this is my experience. I generally love Apple products but hate their cables. They do not last. Any of them. Except for my power cable. Over five years and still going strong. And no, it hasn't just been sitting in one place collecting dust. I've traveled the world with it. Squished it into my my backpack. Abused it. Plugged it into questionable voltage adapters when I forgot my Apple adapters. What finally killed it (and the reason why I'm even here reading these reviews)? Puppy teeth. I even repaired it once with Sugru and it kept working. Unfortunately, it didn't survive the last assault. I will now mourn its death and hope that the next cable lives until they get their adult teeth.

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    Love my power cord

    I dont understand all of these negative reviews. I purchased my Macbook 3 years ago and this would be the first power cod that I had to purchase, people have to realize that things happen and no matter how pricey the item is its not perfect. I'm pretty sure in a lifetime you will replace a phone, an extension cord, a hair dryer etc. so to just come on here a make these silly complaints about a cord is ridiculous. Once again I don't have any problems with mine so thanks Apple for making such a wonderful Power Adapter.

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    It DOES work w/ MacBooks 2008 and earlier!

    Apple sells a $10 accessory that allows the MagSafe 2 adapter to connect to the MagSafe 1 style port. So, maybe before posting a negative review about something that is NOT correct, try asking an apple representative about it? Isn't that what the apple specialists are paid for?

    Here is the link to the accessory:

    .......store (dot) apple (dot) com/us/product/MD504LL/A/magsafe-to-magsafe-2-converter (apple wont't let me post a link, but you can type the h t t p in front of it)

    Hopefully next time, do some research or ask before typing such long negative reviews, since those reviews misinform people that could actually buy this product and use it with an older mac. I personally use it with almost every macbook ever made, (I need to because I repair many different macs at my job)! It works with the oldest white macbook (the very first intel macbook), and all the way up to the very last macbook pro that came with the MagSafe 1 connector.

    On another note: I COMPLETELY agree with all the negative reviews about how the design is horrible since the power adapter cables fray and wear out too easily.

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    What a great charger!!!

    I don't know how people are using this charger. but i charge my laptop and use it on daily bases. and i never had an issue pair in mind i had it for 3 years now !!! so i don't know how you guys r using the charger !?!?!

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    First problem with a power adapter

    I have been buying these power adapters for years. I usually have three: one at work, one at home, one in the computer bag. I still have some with the concentric plug from previous generations. My wife and my son have MacBookPros, and they use the same adapters. And we have no problems.

    So far, I have lost one adapter (left it behind, my fault), and today my first one actually died. It was the home unit, so not subject to a lot of twiddling, just plug in and plug out. It was an older unit with a MagSafe to MagSafe 2 adapter, so I must have got about 5-6 years out of it. I have had no issues with fraying, internal breaks and the like that others complain about. I suspect that these represent a small percentage of the total number of adapters out there, so one's chances of getting a dud are fairly low. That doesn't make it the least bit easier for those who get a poor unit, but it may put the numbers into perspective, and so the chances of getting a flaky adapter.

    I'm going to buy another one, so I'll see if the latest ones are OK. I'll let you know if it dies!

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    Works perfectly, owned for 3 years

    I noticed that this product has an awful rep, which I don't understand. I got one of these with my 17" MBP and I have had it for more than 3 years. I have absolutely no fraying, not even a small bulge where fraying may begin - nothing. I certainly am not delicate with it, but I can't think of anything short of pulling the end off that would cause so much fraying. As long as you don't rip it out of the laptop, it should be fine - and not ripping it out is just common sense. Minus the scuff marks from sitting on the floor a lot, my cord is as good as it was the day I got it. Bottom line: Be reasonably gentle, and it works excellent!

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    Having a Power Adapter that magnetically clicks on and works every time no matter which direction it clicks on is genius! As far as anyone who complains about the cord fraying at either end, I've had my same power cord since early 2011...not a single problem. Its a power cord, not a tug of war rope.... If your damaging your cord over and over again its probably because of some poor technic of coiling it up for travel or your dragging the power adapter around by the laptop with it plugged in.

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    Funny thing about the Apple power cords

    I have had 3 MacBook Pros, 2 MacBook Airs, and a MacBook (the black one). The only problem I have EVER had with the Apple power cords (whether for older models or newer models) is when I was careless enough to leave it out where my puppy could find it and chew it up. I don't understand why so many people say they are so problematical. I don't use the "wings" to wind it up with though, so maybe that is why I don't have the experience others do. I just wrap the whole power cord in loose loops--it takes a little more space in my computer bag but I've never had one fray.

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    I had this product for over a year, and not one problem with it. It even works on foreign outlets with an adapter!

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    Excellent, durable product.

    I honestly have no idea how these people are abusing their power supplies so badly that they fail within a year. We have 5 power supplies (two 45W and three 85W), and NOT ONE of them has ever failed or frayed. I bought one as a back-up for my old MBP when I was in grad school just in case of an emergency, but the original power supply has never failed in over 5 years. Four of these power supplies are used daily. They’ve been rolled up and stuffed in backpacks. They’ve traveled all over the US, and they all still work perfectly.

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    This cord is amazing no other company could hold a candle to it

    i ordered this cord over a year ago my dog chewed through it i fixed the cord with a little electrical tape and two but connectors and it has worked ever sense bout to order a new one due to the dog chewing through it

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    fascistic, never let me down

    This cable is still working even after 4 years of abuse. The only marks are from the puppy chewing it. I don't understand how all of you say the cable frays. What are you doing to your cables

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    Works great!

    I have had my MacBook Pro for 2 years now and am still using the one that came with my computer. It works perfectly. You know why? Because I take care of my products. I see all these negative reviews about this cable and ones about the Lightning cable for iPhone and iPad and the main problem is, is that people don't realize that the products are fragile. Just take care of your products and they will last.

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    I have read the negative reviews. I'm not sure what people are doing with their chargers because I'm using the one that came with the laptop 5 years ago and have never had a problem. I'm only ordering another one so that I have one at work and home. Simple device...does what it's supposed to as long as I do.

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    I'm a "MAC" as the old commercial says. My PB Pro is the 2009 mid-yr version. I use to go thru powercords
    like they were water going thru a sieve. I went thru so many on my older MB's that I ordered them 2 at a
    time so I'd never be without one. Then, I bought this MBP and as was my custom, I ordered a spare
    power plug at the same time.

    I don't know what all the negative reviews are about. It's now Spring 2014, just a few months short of 5 yrs
    since I bought this MB Pro. A couple months ago, I finally replaced the original power plug because the wire
    broke at the white adapter (square).

    This was MY FAULT. I use my MBP in bed and almost always run off the power supply, rather than the battery.
    However, because of how it gets used, everything is constantly being moved around and the block can very easily
    slide off the bed. It took 4 and 1/2 + yrs of this jerking and hanging to finally break the wire within the cord at the block.

    Also, I have 2 little dogs who get tangled in the cord--no problem! The magnetic connection releases so no one
    nor any equipment gets hurt. I love the magnetic connection, it put an end to replacing the power supply every
    6 mos. or so.

    I don't understand the problems everyone is having.

    My block only gets hot if it's been buried under bedding-- unlike the old ones. If that happens, when I notice it,
    I move it out and it immediately cools off.

    If you use the little "catch" (cord minder) a few inches off the magnetic plug to form a loop in the cord,
    there's no stress (bending) of the wire at the plug. Also, it's a good idea, as with any electrical cord, to not
    allow it to get twisted-- or should I say stay twisted. It only takes a second to untwist the cord when that
    happens. You can't expect to continually twist any wire without it eventually breaking.

    Perhaps people need to be a little more aware of how they treat the cords or, perhaps, the supplier or specs
    changed since I got mine but I sure can't complain about the quality of the ones I bought almost 5 yrs ago.

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    Didn't fail until nearly 4 years of ownership

    I've had my MacBook Pro for nearly 4 years, and with daily use, transporting computer and cord in my bag all over the place, I haven't had issues with the cord until the last month. The coating had a small split a couple inches from the mag end. I wrapped the coating back around it, secured it with a couple inches of tape and waited till I could replace it.

    This is a good cord, I wrap it carefully around the tabs on the block making sure not to twist it more than necessary, and it's lasted me this long. If so many people are having issues where they're needing to replace it every few months, maybe they are the ones doing something wrong.

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    Poor design? Or Laws of Physics.

    I have had my mac pro book now for 4 years, I use it everyday for work and travel in and out with it 5 6 to 7 times a day, so yes I bring the cord with me all the time. The cord is not poor quality and you have to realize that a rope and an electrical wire are not to be rolled or coiled the same way, the sercret is not to TWIST the wire, just look at an extension cord the one you use for the lawn mower, if you compare it to a new one there is no sign of twisting of the wires, if you have been using it for many years and look at it again, you will see lumps in it, that means the wires twist inside the cover have twisted. This is the same thing happening to your adaptor cable..its all in the way that you roll or coil it or loop it, its normal for it to break at the ends since the ends are not not swivel....... I have changed mine after 4 years and been rolling and unrolling it 6 to 7 times a day! Just remeber every time you plug it in if the wire was on the floor and you pick it up well it could of twisted if it twists in the middle not so bad but if it twists at the ends yes it will break. Every time you change the angle to plug it in to your Mac book you usually change the angle and rotaion of the wire...
    The is no flaw, its a question of Laws of Physics.!

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    ahhh,...that new cord smell

    I normally don't write reviews online. However I hoped to increase the average rating of the measly 1.5 stars the power adapter is currently sitting at. I'm assuming that most people who write reviews are the ones who are upset, hence the poor rating.

    As for my personal experience, yes, fraying did get me in the end. However it took nearly four years to get to that point. The laptop never just sat in one place either, I've dragged this laptop in a backpack coast to coast across Canada on a half dozen occasions, plus one backpacking trip up and down the US west coast.
    That being said, its really beyond me how people are having these "fraying" issues and replacing them every six months...like some of the other reviewers on here have mentioned, it is very "suspect" on how these people are treating their investments, a little TLC can go a long way! Here's to another 4 years :-D

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    Lucky I guess

    I have had my oldest cord since December 2007 and my newest since May 2011 and I have never had them frayed. I am repurchasing only because it got lost in transit. Not sure how others' fray, but I guess I am just lucky.!?

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