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    • Written by from Rishton

    Just had to purchase my fourth adapter! FOURTH! As if the near constant spinning beachball of Yosemite wasn't bad enough, Logic no longer opening, and Aperture no longer supported. You've had all you're getting, I'm off to Android when this inevitably dies in the coming ten months.
    If one includes travel, that's $400 on adapters.

    At least Butch Cassidy had the good grace to wear a mask.

    And zero stars not an option.

  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Worst MagSafe Power Adapter

    • Written by from Minneapolis

    I have a Powerbook that's not even 3 years old and now I have to buy my 3rd MagSafe Power Adapter for it, because the first two frayed at the connection to my Powerbook (the casing deteriorated). There is NO other option but to buy another and have to shell out the $70-80 or so. I've noticed that Apple went back to the T connection configuration on later PowerBooks and wonder if it's because these are manufactured so poorly. This should be divided into 3 separate components and sold individually after some serious redesign. The casing on the cord is worthless to withstand moderate flexing that any laptop (read: LAPtop) requires.

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    Apple gets worse every year (or should I say month)

    • Written by from sacramento

    I guess this is one of the items that you jut have to buy if you want to continue to use your laptop. But let me tell you that I HATE them!!! this is now my 3rd one I have to buy. They last only 1 to 2 years and thats it. A total piece of junk. Apple is just not what it used to be.

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    Cord per year

    • Written by from Belgrade

    I would just like to say that cord that costs 120e (in Serbia) should last more then a year! I'm a developer and I use my MacBook a lot! This is the second cord that died on me. Seriously, my MacBook is really high-quality product, but I can't say that for its adapter. I'm spending way too much money on these adapters. Bad quality for sure.

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    Very disappointed....

    • Written by from Lauderdale Lakes

    About a year ago I decided purchase a MacBook Pro. I'm a young sound engineer and take pride in caring for all of my cables properly. So, imagine my surprise when I found the cable on my Power Adapter was no longer functioning because it had become frayed. Why would your company create such a POOR quality item?? The same thing happened with my iPhone cable. I ended up buying a cheaper and sturdier replacement iPhone cable from Walgreens... Do you want to be known as the company that creates cool gadgets and laptops with HORRIBLE quality cables?? Do you even care?? If I didn't have to worry about replacing such basic items at an expensive cost, I would invest in getting other Apple products. Now another company will have my business... I understand you want to keep consumers spending money with your company, but find a better way to go about it. Selling POOR quality $80 cables is just WRONG!!!

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    This is the THIRD cord I've had to buy...

    • Written by from Port Orchard

    Seriously, fix this so it doesn't fray! I don't understand why Apple continues making this flawed product despite years and years of people reporting its inherent tendency to fray, except that it's a guaranteed money maker.

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    Rare case of bad design from Apple

    • Written by from Southborough

    For a company that prides itself on design, Apple's insistence on packaging these fragile cables with their $2000+ computers is a serious misstep that contradicts everything else they do. For the last few generations of Macbook Pros, every AC adapter I've had (and this goes back to the pre-Magsafe 2 design) falls apart in 12-24 months. I just ordered my third Magsafe 2 for my late 2012 Macbook Pro. Some might say I'm abusing them, but that's not the case -- I wrap them as directed using the wings, I do my best to avoid stressing the joints, and I otherwise treat them with kid gloves. However, I do move around, and so the cables go in a laptop bag every day, and that appears to be too much for them. It shouldn't be -- that mobility is why I have a laptop, and the cables should be built with that in mind - form follows function. At the very least, the flimsy part of the cable should be modular enough that you can replace it for less than $80. This has gone on for a decade, Apple -- it's time to fix it.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by from Sunnyvale

    This power adapter is JUNK! After less than 2 years, the cord has frayed at the adapter. I had another cord that did the same thing in about the same period of time. And $80 is extortion!

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    Not limited to Asian / Indian climate

    • Written by from Mumbai

    While I have been using the MBP for last 4 years. The chord started to fall apart near the adapter after two years. I tried to salvage it by taping it with cloth adhesive tape. I first thought it was due to the climatic conditions in India (after I moved from US), but now as I read through the reviews send by others it seems a defective material being used. Also 80$ for a Power chord or as in india its costs nearly 110$ (USD) (with additional tax) its a rip off. Apple should take the feedback seriously and solve the issue for future face value of the company. Similar issue of falling apart is seen with the headphones & charging cables.

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    • Written by from Milwaukee

    I've had my macbbook for about 4 years now, and by some miracle my first power cord lasted the first 3. Within the last 5 months, however, I have gone through 3 macbook power cords. They fray FAR too easily, sometimes under the sheath where I can't even see it. This is on you. Not having a charger is an EXTREME inconvenience, especially as a graphic designer where my freelance jobs depend on the use of my laptop. I should not have to drop $80 and be without a computer for days while I wait for a new charger every 2 months because one of the most "innovative" companies in the world doesnt bother to sort out a simple issue. And I know I'm not alone! Unfortunately I will be needing a new computer soon, and I am really second guessing getting another Macbook if it means I will be dealing with this issue for years to come. What a shame.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Horrible................ wish I could give it no stars.

    • Written by from miami

    This is probably the fifth adapter I have bought since I started having mac book prosin 2006. This is my second mac book pro .......beautiful machine but the power cable frayed at the area where the skinny cord meets the adapter. This happen even though I knew about the issue and took extra precaution to prevent it, but it did not work. Cable succumbs to heat in that particular spot and breaks eventually.......better construction please these things are costly. Hey Apple your machines are WAY TOO EXPENSIVE for the power cable to break that easy from normal use..................sheesh

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    85w Adapter

    • Written by from Graham

    Dear Apple,

    I was disappointed today when the 85w power cord for my wife's 2010 Mac book pro broke at the connection where the adapter cube and the thin wire meet. Now this is the second time that this has occurred in exactly the same place. The $80 price is a premium compared to your competitors products and I would expect a quality product but it is readily apparent that there is a design flaw with the product. While overal I have been happy with apple products in the past this lapse may lead me to choose a competitors product in the future. Please rectify this issue
    -an unhappy customer

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    Computer won't hold a charge after new charging cord was purchased.

    • Written by from Grants Pass

    I bought a MacBook back in 2011 and have loved it!! I never had a problem with the charger and the computer alway held a charge for a week or more. A few months ago my stepdaughters bunny got a hold of the charging cord and chewed right through it. For a while I used my mother in laws charger for her mac and it worked fine. The computer was still able to hold a charge for a week or more.
    I broke down and finally bought an $80 replacement charging cord. Now my computer will only hold the charge for about an hour, maybe an hour and a half.
    Someone told me that it could be a faulty charger and to return it but it has been way passed the return date and I really don't want to spend another 80 dollars to see if that is true.

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    1 Macbook Pro - 3 replacement power adapters - 0 responsibility from Apply

    • Written by from ann arbor

    Apple, are you reading the reviews? This cord is overpriced and awful. I should know. I'm on my fourth adapter for my macbook pro. I bought my first mac in 1988. I've never owned any computer but Apple. But this is it. I'm done. Plenty of good options out there. IF another company makes a lousy adapter . . . at least I won't need to spend $89 for each replacement. Not to mention, perhaps their customer service would not try to blame me and tell me it's my fault the adapter fails. Yes, twice Apple staff has tried to tell me that I"m not taking care of it properly. My response is to simply ask you to read the thousands of blogs and reviews online about your adapter.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Caught on fire

    • Written by from Lemoore

    I'm giving this product 2 stars over 1 because my adaptor is the original one I received with my macbook over 3 years ago, and it's held up rather well for 3 years. However, I had to replace it today because it caught on fire. Luckily I only got up to grab something across the room and was back quickly to put out the small fire that generated where the adaptor connects to the computer. Had I left my laptop charging when I left for work, who's to say what would have happened. I think Apple needs to consider a redesign on this product and perhaps lowering the price.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    I was going to purchase one but then...

    • Written by from Virginia Beach

    $80 is a bit much for a power cord. Even though my cord just started coming apart recently, I surely did not expect to see the multitude of negative comments. Now I'm not sure. I guess I'll use it until I no longer have a choice to avoid getting sucked into the loop of poor power cords. The adapter itself is like new, just the casing of the wire came apart. I take extremely good care of my computer products almost obsessively so, its how I make my living. So This is not really acceptable from a company worth x billions of dollars. We need a new set of eyes on these reviews.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    One small cord issue, so many unhappy people

    • Written by from Guelph

    I have had my MacBook Pro 15" for a few years and i've LOVED it ever since! I'm one of the lucky ones who's power cord hasn't frayed on me for about 3 years, but now it's blown right out near where it connects to the computer. I'm with the other people here who ask to have the ability to replace the cord, not the entire power supply! It could be such an easy little fix, that would make so many of us happy! Sometimes it's the little things that people overlook, but make the biggest impact on a product. Please!!! Read these reviews and consider it! I wish I could attach a photo of my busted cord, but I might just mail it directly to you to see our frustrations, we all should, maybe they'll get the hint? Here in Canada I have to pay over $100 to replace mine. Not money I can exactly spend right now, but I have no choice.

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    The Elephant In The Apple Engineering Room

    • Written by from Bradyville

    The design of the power supplies with the magnetic connection is great... except for the horribly flawed cords that can't even hold up for a year when used with care.

    No other computer maker has to stock and restock replacement power supplies wherever their computers are sold. Apple is the only one. But those power supplies aren't cheap to buy and Apple sells A LOT of them. So yeah, I feel exploited. As good as Apple engineering is, I feel very confident that this is something that they could get right "if" they wanted to.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    It DOES work w/ MacBooks 2008 and earlier!

    • Written by from Vista

    Apple sells a $10 accessory that allows the MagSafe 2 adapter to connect to the MagSafe 1 style port. So, maybe before posting a negative review about something that is NOT correct, try asking an apple representative about it? Isn't that what the apple specialists are paid for?

    Here is the link to the accessory:

    .......store (dot) apple (dot) com/us/product/MD504LL/A/magsafe-to-magsafe-2-converter (apple wont't let me post a link, but you can type the h t t p in front of it)

    Hopefully next time, do some research or ask before typing such long negative reviews, since those reviews misinform people that could actually buy this product and use it with an older mac. I personally use it with almost every macbook ever made, (I need to because I repair many different macs at my job)! It works with the oldest white macbook (the very first intel macbook), and all the way up to the very last macbook pro that came with the MagSafe 1 connector.

    On another note: I COMPLETELY agree with all the negative reviews about how the design is horrible since the power adapter cables fray and wear out too easily.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    0 STARS charger is an INSULT TO THE CUSTOMER

    • Written by from Boston

    Sometimes the connector lights up red or green when it is actually "not charging". If you leave your laptop closed and plugged in, you think it's charging because the light's on, but really it's not and the battery is dying. You come back hours later and find that your laptop is completely powered off and all your apps have crashed with no progress saved.

    This usually happens because the pins don't make solid contact with the laptop.

    Also the cable is the POOREST construction of the hundreds of different random cables I own. It frays and SPLITS OPEN at the drop of a hat.

    If you try to pull off the charger from your laptop along the direction of the cable, the magnets won't release, meaning it's not "safer" than normal cables in that situation.

    The product appears to be designed to fail so that you have to buy more chargers.

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