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    Great case but...

    This case is great, fits perfectly, keeps your phone from falling out of your pocket and looks fab, but actually damages the phone after being used for a few months, my metal edges are all skuffed and marked after using this, I also have had the area near the bottom of the case near the 30pin connecter start fraying.

    I will now have to always have a bumper on my phone because it looks so warn underneath it.

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    Solid Purchase

    Overall, I would absolutely recommend the iPhone 4 bumper. It certainly does its job when it comes to protecting the phone. I would know... I drop my phone daily. My only negative comments would include the discoloration and charging capabilities. The rubber on the green bumper turns brown. However, I also have the black, and it looks great. It doesn't add too much bulk to the phone. The only other downside is the inability to use a car charger while the bumper is on the device. Other than that, I think the product is a great investment!

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    I really love the bumper,but i couldn't use my headphones on my 4s,because it couldn't fit in!!!!! Everytime i had to take the bumper off.But anyways love it as it gives the iphone a pretty look.

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    No bulk added

    Having owned the first iPhone and the iPhone 3GS I liked the distinct look of the device and didn't want to buy a case that would add bulk and distract from the look of this amazing device. When I bought the iPhone 4s I worried that it won't handle the frequent falls that any phone usually suffers. I decided to get this bumper. It fits perectly. It is not as protective as a much larger and thicker cover but it doesn't add much size either. And it will offer some protection when your gadget falls on a flat surface. I dropped my phone earlier today and was happy it had the bumper installed.
    It is however overpriced. Which is not a surprise knowing apple accessory pricing history.

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    It's Good!

    I was on top of the tree in my backyard when I accidentally dropped it and it smashed to the concrete ground. It was like a 20 foot drop, because this is a tall tree, I am a professional climber. When I climbed down to get my iPhone, the bumper was ripped, broken, shattered, and looked like crud, but my iPhone didn't have a single scratch. This case may not survive that drop, but the iPhone will!

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    Good design and look, but...

    At first, not wanting my phone to get damaged, I put the black bumper on it. It was horrible. Whenever I wanted to take it off, the headphones hole would stretch, allowing my phone to be damaged when dropped. After about two months, the bumper was loose around my phone. When I looked at the metal, it was dirty, dingy, and scratched. The green bumper is holding up so far though!! I really hope your phone doesn't go this this horrible damage because of a truly HORRIBLE black bumper.

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    Make the cords Fit

    I was disappointed that my old chargers cords didn't fit the new bumper. I got out my dremel tool and very carefully enlarged the opening. I have too many old cords to stop using them. It doesn't show unless you have your eyes way too close to MY phone. Other than that problem, it's just what I needed

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    Great Protection, but Inconvenient

    The Bumper is great, but I often have trouble getting headphone chords and older iphone cables (for connecting to your computer/wall). all apple headphones and new cables work, bot not many other things.

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    it is great

    it is great but you should make one for iphone 3gs and one for iphone 3 and itouch

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    well, im truly speechless, its an emaculet phone, but my speaker seems asif it has got quiter.
    i love this phone and its super fast and gorgeous! it had me speechless just holding it! if anyone knows how to make the speaker loud again could you let me know? it just seems a little quiter and i have only dropped it once! thanks.

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