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    My first impression was good. I liked that it still showed off the design of the phone, while protecting it fairly well. Then I found that half of my charging cables (the older style that locked into the port) couldn't click into the port and wouldn't charge the phone without removing the case. I felt that the case wiggled around too much during normal use, but that didn't bother me too much. Now, after less than 4 months of use this $30 piece of plastic is broken (part of the softer rubber ripped) and slips off the phone. I'm disappointed that even with very gentle use this Apple designed product has failed so quickly.

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    Luv it but

    Headphones don't work due to thickness of case AND after a month the rubber is terribly dirty - can't clean it. I'm taking it back!

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    not happy with this bumper

    Pros: the bumper does protect the phone, fulfilling its primary purpose.
    Cons: the rubber discolors after a short period of time - a couple of months, and looks greyish green. The plastic is still bright green.
    The rubber picks up dye / stains easily. It has picked up a dark stain from the pocket of my incase macbook pro bag.
    The bottom opening and headphone jack opening on the case don't work with most jacks and older charging cables. So unless you're only using the charging cable that came with your iPhone4 and the earbuds that came with it, expect to have to remove the bumper anytime you want to plug anything else in.

    Bottom line: I expected this bumper to last me at least a year, but it's not satisfactory enough to keep. I'll have to buy an alternative.

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    Gets dirty and stained too fast

    I bought this case after reading a few reviews getting a good impression when I purchased it. It looks very nice and for the most part protects the iphone (no major drops) but I've only been using the case for less than a month the sides are turning GREY.

    I am very cautious with my phone, such as where I place it and making sure my hands aren't dirty and this case turned dirty and grey much to fast. I am VERY disappointed after paying $29.00.

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    At first the case was nice. The sleek design fight into the normal for apple. After just a few months the plastic has broken and the rubber has ripped. Thsi products is way below apple's standards.

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    The bumper does protect the phone while sitting on flat surfaces, but has two major flaws. FIrst, the hole at the top for headphones only works with the apple headphones. It doesn't allow you to plug in bigger / wider cords (different headphones, AUX cables). And secondly, the case gets dirty and loses its color after just a few weeks. Certainly not worth $30.

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    Great, but did not last

    I got one of these three months ago with my iphone. it has been great... but yesterday i noticed it was ripping on the bottom back. I am very nice to my electronics so it was not abuse. Apple did refund me on it... after I had to buy apple care to talk to some one (It is a warranty issue, not a tech support issue so I felt i shouldn't have to add apple care yet).

    If the durability was much longer (at least a year) or the price was much less ( in the $5-8 range) then it would have been a 5 star product.

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