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    Cool Look, but...

    I had this case for about 1 week, protected from most falls were normally the screen would break. The one time that the iPhone fell on it's upper left hand corner, the phone bounced and then landed face down... as you can imagine I thought every thing was fine, cause the back glass wasn't broken. Sure enough I pick up the phone and there is this HUGE crack going across the screen and you can tell that it started from that corner and went straight to the center and CRACK! Went to Apple store got the phone replaced, and got a black incase case. My new phone has not cracked/broke yet and I've dropped it multiple times from twice the hight of the other drop. Basically if you aren't clumsy unlike me, this is great case for you, other wise go with a different case...

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    GOod and Bad

    Good protection, good looks, and good grip. Comes in basically any color you could ask for but at the same time it also damages your phone. My iPhone4 now has 50% of its stainless surface worn down to shine because of the plastic used in the bumper. If you buy it you have to keep a case on it for the rest of its lifespan because the sleek look of the matte band will be lost.

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    Dont Really Recommend

    I have dropped my phone several times now but the most recent time was with the bumper on and I received a big scratch on the back about half an inch long. Also the rubber part that hangs over the screen's color fades depending on what it rub's up against. I would give this case a 2.5

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    At 1st it looked so good but then a couple of week later it started to lose its nice color, and now it is all dirty and the little hole fill up in dust. I think it looks stylish but after a while it starts to look old. The price is way too high for this little piece of plastic.

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    Bumper doesn't fit into chargers!

    I bought this recently, and I love it besides the fact that when I need to plug it in, I have to take the bumper off! In the car, on my home dock, and even the cord for the computer... Just a little ridiculous... thought they would make it more compatible. But it is nice, the buttons are great, it does the job good! [I've dropped the phone and it didn't smash! lol]

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    Breaks Fast!!!!

    it worked pretty good on my phone very stylish until i put it in my backpack and then it was destroyed by my books but works you can get to all the buttons and access the charger port also the headphone port.

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    I ordered it online. I was putting on the bumper when I notice a few dissapointment.

    1)It did not go on to the phone that nicely fited quite lose!
    2)The rubber holdin in the phone is different(when on car dashboard it slip down unlike the black one)


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