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    This charger is fantastic. The use of a magnet is probably one of the best innovations ever. Simple, yet smart. Sure the charger isn't long enough, BUT it does come with the included extension cord. I always keep it connected. Good quality as well. Better design than the last one.

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    Two of these broke recently, but an improvement.

    Two of our previous adapters broke already, this is the third and seems to be an improvement. It’s strange that they break because I’m a computer tech and thus really, really know how you’re supposed to unplug these units, by carefully pulling the aluminum tip end straight out from the body of the computer. I think my partner might have been fudging a little when I said he did that :-) but all in all, good except for the previously-mentioned “refrigerator cord”—I just used a very gently used iBook cord from years ago which had only two prongs on the end, and is nice and slender, it’s pin-compatible with this adapter.

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    Like the small size.

    These Apple power supplies, people love them or hate them. Just bought my Air and I love the small size of the power adapter, which is great for travel! As to the "refrigerator" cord, just plug it in and use it if you need the distance. Otherwise, just use the plug that is directly attached to the adaptor.

    One note about the DC cord. The wire is a little stiff and brittle, so you have to be careful with them. I have not had problems with them on other computers, but I am very gentle with them and so far, so good.

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    Great Charger

    It's hard to get excited by a power adapter... but this thing has its points. Thanks to the slide-in/slide-out adapter to the extension cord, this charger is compact when you want it to be, and long-reaching when you need it to be. It also allows you to buy separate adapters for traveling overseas to slide in place of the US-plug, which is a much more sleek and convenient solution than having a separate adapter. The brick doesn't get very hot, and isn't heavy (compared to other similar power converters).

    I agree with other reviewers that the white plastic of the brick is easily scratched, which makes it look bad after getting banged around only a bit. To me, that's worth one star. You can decide what it's worth to you. In my experience, this has been the only negative.

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    Have had, and been using, this charger for over 3 years now. Been all over the world, including terrible power source places such as Iraq. It has never failed me, gets pretty warm, but still works great.


    This seems to be the secret to my success. Although it is an eye sore, everyone I know who has just used the brick into the outlet has had to replace them again and again. I expect anesthetics from apple, and I am disappointed, but otherwise, works great for me.

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    My charger has worked fine from 2011 until now (2016)

    I am very happy with the quality of the cord. It is only now just showing the exposed wires. I bought a new one off Ebay because these here are so expensive, but it didn't last even a month. Now I'm going to have to buy this $80 cord. I'm hoping it's the same quality as the one I got back in 2011.

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    Have not had the same problems...

    I have bought and manage more than 2 dozen MBAirs and have not experienced what so many people here report. I have had exactly one power supply fail...after 3 1/2 years of heavy use. I have had a few fray a bit at the magsafe connector - those were on the 2012 models, the newer ones seem to have fixed that problem. And they never frayed to the point of failure. I'm not saying that these problems have not occurred for some people - just thought it important to provide a different perspective.

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    Fingers Crossed

    I've had my MacBook Air for almost 2 years and if my nephew hadn't vacuumed the end up into the Electrolux the power cable would still be in perfect condition. It still works but I'm going to replace it because I can't stand the way it looks. I tend to be overly careful with stuff like this so I am shocked at how many people have complaints. I just hope the replacement cable is of the same quality as the OEM part...

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    Apple’s smallest power adapter

    this is Apple’s smallest power adapter. if you have an 11 or 13" laptop it will work well. I bought this one for my bag. While my MacAir has great battery life I carry this adapter everywhere-- you never know when you’ll stay out late having just one more drink.

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    Use care

    I see thousands of one star reviews for these adapters. I myself have some frustration with Apple for not making a different adapter for children and teenagers who use laptops in bed with the charger attached. They also tend to wrap the cord tightly around the transformer for transport. These are bad and careless habits. I am 3 years into my MacBook Air 13 with no trouble at all from my adapter. I have replaced 3 for teenagers in that time. I use my notebook in bed untethered. I plug it in when I go to sleep. I leave it plugged in when using it at a desk for extended periods. It is a BATTERY POWERED device. Charge the battery. USE the battery. Have fun.

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    After 1 Year of Use: So far so good..

    I have read a lot of bad reviews about the 45W MagSafe adapter, but after one year of use it is still working fine for me.

    I have had my Macbook Retina for a year and the adapter is plugged in and unplugged on a daily basis going from home to office. The connector stays in place on my Mac and rarely falls off except for those times when I move my Mac at an odd angle, in which case it does come off as designed, in order to prevent it from snagging or breaking the connector.

    My only complaint/concern (reason for 4/5 stars) is that the cord from the power adapter to the Macbook is very thin (compared to the cord that plugs into the wall outlet) and it has a tendency to kink when it is rolled up or unrolled. I am not sure if this part of the adapter cord will fail prematurely over time due to kinking, but I am aware of it and therefore take care when handling the adapter.

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    last long

    I bought my macbook air 13" (2011) in dec. 2011, every thing was working perfectly fine, for almost 4 years, until yesterday that my charger doesn't work :( I went online and searched for the charger and it was this one, it's so pricey! but it worked well for 4 years so i guess the price was all right, so right now I have to replace my charger with this one, I hope it last long too..

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    no complaints!

    I dont know what everyone is so worked up about. I have just spent the last year in Afghanistan with my MB Air, have plugged this adapter into just about every shady power source there is, and the adapter has performed like a champ! Everyone writing these bad reviews must be SERIOUSLY mistreating their gear and - as is so easy to do with Apple products - are expecting way too much out of them...definitely at least a far higher standard than the giant PC power bricks all windows users have to drag around!

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    All the bad reviews lol

    SMH at all of the bad reviews. I have no idea what y'all are doing to these plugs if they wear out in a year. I have a 13" Macbook Air from 2010. I have used the same 45W MagSafe Power Adapter since. (It is September 21, 2015 btw). Yes, there is much wear towards the piece that plugs into the laptop. However, this plug has lasted me through 2 1/2 years of moving around through college, and a bit over year so far on deployment to the Middle East [that's right, through dust and sand and camel dung (jk on the dung)], plus everything in between the 2010-now times. It's an upstanding product. Could use work, of course; hence, the 4-star rating. But by no means does it have a life expectancy of a year or two "at best".

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