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    Bumper broke phone screen

    Put the bumper on. All was good. Went to take the bumper off and it lifted out the iPhone screen. Will be going back to the apple store tomorrow. Not happy not recommending.

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    Will turn your phone off, but easy fix

    Hey guys, I have the exact same situation as all of you. I loved the first two bumpers on my first 4s, but when I smashed the screen and destroyed the second bumper I cashed in on my AppleCare for a refurbed phone (or new-I'm not sure the battery life is no better) and got a new bumper. With this new design I can't even click the phone on and off - the button is always down. I looked into it more carefully and found a small plastic shim (the two functional, but tattered bumpers that I still have here have the same shim) over the power/sleep button inside of the bumper. I used a knife to peel the shim away and my bumper functions perfectly now. I know this will mark up the button, but so did the old bumpers. Poor QC and Apple should be ashamed for the outrageous price to build quality ratio. For the rest of you stuck with the new version of the bumper, give this a shot. It works.

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    Clumsy Bumper

    I bought the bumper because I thought it was essential.

    The clerk at the Apple store didn't put it on perfectly, and perfect is what the iPhone is all about. There was a crimp in the upper right hand corner which I noticed the next day. No big deal, I straightened it out. Other that that, everything was fine.

    But I started to notice a few problems.

    1. The inner edges of the bumper were dust collectors. You clean off the surface, and the dust and other fine particles get trapped under the edges of the bumper. The only way to resolve this is to remove the bumper, clean off the iPhone and the inner sides of the bumper, the put it back on. Dust begins to re-accumulate immediately.

    2. The sticky rubber edges of the bumper make it hard to slip into and out of your pocket. I found this to be a very inelegant feature.

    3. The swipe functions didn't work very well with the raised rubber borders.

    4. The 'rubber band' feel of the bumper made a lot of functions more difficult to use (I only realized this when I took the bumper off).

    5. Texting was so difficult that I had to buy a stencil. I no longer needed it when the bumper was removed.

    I wouldn't recommend it, except for protection against dropping on hard surfaces. Steve Jobs had a vision for this thing, and I'm sure it didn't include a clumsy, sticky, dust-collecting rubber border. It's best left just the way it is.

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    Newest Bumper Case Is Too Small For 4S

    Same experience as everyone else. I wish I had read these reviews before I bought my newest Apple bumper case. The bumper case has always been overpriced but, at least in the past, the case worked well and the rubber edging kept the phone from sliding on shiny surfaces like glass, etc. Now the case's rubber edges are more like plastic so the case is more slippery on shiny surfaces. Also, and this is the worst "feature," the case is so tight at the top that it actuates the sleep/wake button whenever you touch any part of the top of the case. This case now appears to be so cheaply made that its actual value is probably less than $1 but it still costs $30. I think this is the first time I've ever felt cheated by purchasing an Apple product.

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    Doesn't Fit the Phone

    I bought the bumper case for the iPhone 4 way back when those products were new. Case worked great. I reused the old case on the 4S I got a year ago. The rubber eventually started to separate from the plastic part of the case so I thought, hey time for another bumper case. I bought a new one from the Apple Store, it said it was compatible with the 4S. I put it on and, man, is the fit tight. It's so tight that it presses the volume and the sleep/wake buttons. This has been a big problem. I have the screen randomly turn off while I'm using the phone because of the pressure the case exerts on the sleep/wake button, I've had phone calls end for the same reason. For this much money and this little case, it should fit better. It should fit like it used to. QC is slipping, or most likely Apple's vendor's are trying to cheat a little material out of each product by making it smaller, tighter, trying to save a penny here or there. I say make the product like you used to and charge $29.02. I fixed my case by spending time to stretch out the plastic. It works okay now, still not as good as the old case. I'll probably buy a more substantial case from a different vendor in the future.

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    Bumper does not fit phone

    Same experience as other reviewers. The bumper's power on/off/sleep button constantly pushes down on the phone's power button, causing the power off screen to appear. Unbelievably bad quality from Apple and really maddening, especially when you buy it in a store and have to go all the way back to the store to return it.

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    Flawed Design - Too Tight to Use!

    Like many other reviewers here, I had an Apple iPhone Bumper for over a year and a half and it worked really, really well. 20 months after buying it, it was finally tattered enough that I decided to go to the Apple Store to buy a new one.

    I got home and Lo and Behold! Apple messed up the simple Bumper! It fit too tightly over the power button which caused it to regularly prompt the "power off swipe screen" and flash the lock screen on and off. I thought I had just picked up a bad Bumper from the Apple Store until I read its reviews on here and found that a significant number of people were experiencing the same problem. I'm scratching my head wondering how something like this wasn't noticed by the (usually competent) folks at Apple...

    I am going to return the Bumper tomorrow and get a different iPhone case altogether. Here's the lesson I learned:


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    Sadly disappointed

    I bought a iPhone 4S last year and also purchased the black bumper which worked fine. It finally wore out, so, I went to the Apple store to get another thinking it would be the same. I tossed the old one in the trash. A few days having the new one, I too noticed it was turning on & off my phone with the slightest bump or touch. This was running my battery down significantly. Thinking it was just a bad bumper, I took it back to the store, showed the employee the issue, & he agreed and gave me a new one. Before leaving the store, I tried the new one on, & it was the same way. We were both dumbfounded. It seems that this new bumper is made differently, and has a longer rigid piece of plastic throughout the top where the power/sleep button is. And therefore, pushes on the top button in close proximity. They are all like this! Someone at Apple should look into this issue.

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    Doesn't fit, better get a third-party case.

    I really wanted to get the iPhone bumper due to its streamlined design, so I did. But when I put it on, it was too tight and kept pressing on the sleep/wake button. Tried putting it back on a few more times, it just kept pressing the button. There's was no way of getting it fit properly, so I got myself another case instead. Plus, it's too expensive for $30.

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    The worst product from Apple

    I love Apple but this is not a product worth buying. It scratched my iPhone very bad

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    too tight

    just bought black bumper from the apple store yesterday. bumper keeps on pressing the sleep button. keeps wanting to shut my phone off. my screen is ALWAYS ON. my old bumper was ok, i don't remember having this problem before. i guess they decided to change the design and make it tighter. only way to avoid bumper from pressing on the sleep button is to pinch rubber lining in to create some space between the bumper and the button. of course, this will ensure the bumper breaks down faster.

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    Save your money and protect your phone

    I highly recommend this to anyone who would like to spend a lot of money and have the steal band on their iPhone terribly scratched. Seriously, its ridiculous when I realize how this product is suppose to protect the phone, but really damages it! Stay away!

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    bumber for iphone 4s

    The bumber did not last three months before it broke at the corner by the ear bug jack

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    Lock Button Problems

    I had the original iPhone 4 bumper that was given free by Apple. That bumper was fantastic and lasted me until last week so I thought I would replace it.

    The new version of the bumper is terrible as the fit of the lock-button is too tight and is constantly locking the phone or trying to turn it off.

    I cannot recommended this new version of the bumper and it is sad to see Apple put something out that has obviously not been tested. Steve would not be happy....

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    scuffed the brushed metal

    I loved the design of the case. The black looked great on my device.

    Sadly it ripped in just a few weeks and was no longer usable. It started tearing where the plastic met the rubber.

    To make matters worse, it scuffed the metal sides all around the phone. This coming from a case made by Apple? Hmm. I own a smart cover for iPad and it works great so I'm just a little disappointed. That's all.

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    Great concept, breaks easily

    I received a black bumper for my iPhone 4 this past Christmas. After 4 months of use, the bottom part split in half. The case fits well and has a great look to it. Would be better if it lasted longer than 4 months.

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    the material have used inside is awful, the bumper wouldn't be useful after a few months.

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    $30 for a case that falls apart

    While I initially liked the minimalism of this case, it has proven to be poorly constructed. Granted, it's probably a year-a-half old, but I expected better. The rubber edges have been separating from the plastic frame over time. While I have been super-gluing the case for months, it's time to toss it. Granted, I got the bumper for free via "Antennagate" but that's no excuse for poor construction. Just wanted to provide this review for those considering wasting $30.

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    Poor durability

    The major plus is that it is less intrusive in size than most iPhone cases which have a back.

    HOWEVER, the average life expectancy of the bumper case before it falls apart in my hip pocket is at best 6 months. Thus $60 a year to replace makes this a very expense accessory.

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    didn't last 2 months!!

    i like the sleekness and the idea but it breaks easily I've gone through 2 of them..and my brother has gone through one of them...they are the worst just get a case the bumper isn't worth $29 just put like $6 more and get a real case! better coverage anyways

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