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    just bought the bumper... feels great in the hand and has that "grippy" feel to it. Perfect fit with my power support front and back crystal clear sreen protectors. After a week of use i see no scratches at all as many of have said and yes it improves the antenna. For those who are getting scratches, simply clean the bumper and the iPhone's sides once a week to get rid of those dust and debris that got in the sides of the bumper. Overall it is a nice bumper and preserves the iPhone 4's beautiful designed.

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    Bumpers are very temporary, not worth $29!

    Wifi signal goood, telephone reception bad! The bumper also stops the powermat charger from connecting completely so that it may charge. I've had mine 3 1/2 months and there is already a rip in the lining of my bumper due to having to remove it to charge it. Other than those issues, it looks cool, protects it pretty well & gives a good grip to the phone.

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    A great accessory for your iPhone 4

    So far, this is the best case for my iPhone 4. Only complain is that the bumper's fit could be tighter.

    To solve the issue about scratches on your iPhone 4's sides, remember to take off your bumper once in a while and give both your iPhone 4 and bumper a nice clean up. And always remember to wipe your iPhone 4 clean every time, so no dust particles could get inside the bumper case, thus preventing your iPhone 4 to get scratches on the stainless steel band. Hope this helps for most of you.

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    I really liked this product!

    In my opinion, this bumper solves the antenna problem and also protects the phone, because with it the front and the back of the phone never touch the surface.

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    not bad

    I had it for about 3 months and i am not complaining about anything since its pretty good. I saw some comments earlier about scratches and black spots but so far i have not seen any black spots, marks or scratches on the stainless steel on my iPhone 4. While it does need some modifying, I think its a good product, except for the fact that it costs a lot. The bumper does need some modifying. I think that the case should cover the back of the phone to protect it but of course i dont think Apple would bother to mod it :P

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    The Perfect Case for my iPhone 4!

    I read a few of the early reviews with great interest - and want to put my 2 cents in. Now, that's more than I paid for my bumper because of the giveaway program, but I beg to differ with those who do not like this case!

    I have had my bumper since August when the first round of freebies were sent out. I take it off and put it back on the phone all the time, because I have one of those XM Skydocks - and you have to remove the case to put the phone into the cradle only drawback!). I have never had a scratch on the metal band. It's easy to take off (best to start on the top left by the HP jack!) and replace.

    I also love it because it shows off the phone nicely - which also doesnt scratch - and is perfect for lying on a table without getting it dirty, etc. The bumper lifts the phone off just the right amount so it sits up off a table or dashboard, and never slips.
    Awesome case - would keep writing but I can't have more than 300 words!

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    Nice to have but better cases out there.

    As far as aesthetics go, this is a really nice looking "case" and I use the term case lightly since this really offers no protection on the phone what so ever. This bumper allows the purrrrty front/back glass shine through but that's about it. I'm not sure what everyone is complaining about this thing scratching the band but I haven't had any issues in that respect. The bumper fits pretty snug on but has a little bit of play on the sides. I haven't had any issues with this peeling off screen protectors but I've heard some people complain about this. Overall, if you got this free through the case program then it's a nice backup case IMO. If you're looking to buy this then I'd suggest looking elsewhere for something cheaper as this tricked out rubber band isn't worth $30.

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    I like this case because it is simple. It protects the glass edges & adds to the beauty of the phone. Still fits in my front pocket, easy to take off if needed.
    I love the feel of the glass on both sides while the bumper gives grip to the sides.

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    In the end, it gets you through the day...

    i have had this case for quite some time and, although i get bored quickly from cases, i have relied on this many times. i have dropped my phone 3 times and not a scratch on the phone itself. just scratches on the bumper. im not sure if im the only one but i noticed that my phone has been scratched on the side. i wouldnt call them scratches but buffs that are feint. im not sure if this is from the way i put it on and off but it could be from the bumper. the silent button is a little buried. it has fixed my recption issue.

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    Great, but

    I do like the black bumper, it allows my iPhone to still look sleek with some protection, what would be nice is a clear bumper and would defiantly get 5 stars from me

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    Good stuff

    Bumper is great, i like how its a hard plastic and the outer ring is a looser rubber so it wraps around your phone. works good with an invisible shield

    i would separate my iphone and my bumper once and a while to clean, because the dust that gets in can slowly scratch the phone. (with all cases people should separate them and clean)

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    Good In Most Places but Not All

    I got this as part of the free case program. I love the looks and it fits the phone nicely. I understand what people are saying that a lot of aftermarket products dont fit and this is true but you can find ones that do just fine. I have a Zagg screen protector and a couple times this case has started to peel it up. Not good. However, its been fixable each time. Very small footprint on the overall phone so you have the nice size that apple strove to achieve. The black looks very nice and Id def recommend.

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    Nice Design

    I'm very happy with this case. I received this case for free through the iPhone 4 case program. I had wanted to give it a try but was on the fence for $29. I went for it with the free case program. I purchased a protective film for the front and back of the phone from Power Support (my go to company for all of my iPhone screen protectors) since the case leaves both the front and back exposed. I ended up dropping my phone recently about 4 feet to the concrete and it bounced under a parked car. I picked up the phone and not a scratch was on it (the part of the case that seemed to take the brunt of the impact did look like something chewed on it). When the cases went on sale again after the free program ended I happily purchased 2 more in white and blue. Be advised that not all third party headphones and dock accessories are compatible with the case.

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