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    Good case but ironic

    When I got this case I was really excited to protect it and show it off. After 3 months of use I hsve noticed it has been scratching my phone's stainless steel bumper. There are nor scratches all over my phone from an apple product that was supposed to protect it.

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    Nice concept, has issues, not ideal

    I got the iPhone 4 bumper on the day of launch and used it since launch until last week (so for few months). Here are my thoughts:

    PROS -
    * Cool concept - Works well for people who want a light weight cover/safety yet not carry the bulk. Truly Apple style design.
    * Build - The body is firm, not flimsy. The rubber edge is like magnet, they will keep your phone still in any place, works great, I left it on the treadmill or car dash and it never moved. The rubber is soft, which gives it some protection in case the phone falls on a hard surface. By design the back is exposed but that is not an issue, it is a choice. The fit is perfect, you can slip it on or off easily, though I rarely did it (wish I did it sooner, keep reading). The rest of build has many issues covered under CONS.
    * Buttons - The buttons feels great, you won't miss using the iPhone buttons. Getting to ringer button can be bit tough, not an issue though.
    * Reception - Bumper or any cover is supposed to insulate the antenna shorting and avoid the iPhone 4 issue. It did as claimed but once I stopped using it, I noticed a different behavior, covered under CONS.

    CONS -
    * Reception - So you would think that bumper will help with iPhone 4 antenna issue. Well, it did. My bars did not drop as it would otherwise. However, once I stopped using it (replaced it with ghost sticky skin), I noticed a significant improvement in my WiFi signal strength. This makes me wonder if it interfered with my WiFi antenna. Anyways, just an observation that I wanted to share here.
    * Build - After a few months of use, I took off the bumper and found that the Inner lining had badly scratched the metal edges/antenna of the phone. Phone's power button and the metal body is scratched from all sides. This is a quality failure. The lining is supposed to protect the phone body, not harm it. It has cheap plastic (or something similar) inside that does more harm than good ! Unfortunately, its too late for me, my phone is scratched in only the areas that was protected by the bumper (irony ?).
    * Holes for ports - If you live in Apple world then this bumper is for you. But if you plan to use non-Apply headphones or USB connector (in car or otherwise), you are out of luck. The bumper holes are precisely built to fit the small apple connectors or similar (rare to find), nothing else would fit. Yet another reason why I dumped the bumper.

    CONCLUSION - Cool concept, good fit, nice from outside, cheap harmful material inside, limits use of 3rd party headphones/adapters. Cons weigh more than Pros for me and I no longer am using it.

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