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    Troubles with installation...

    I initially bought this because I wanted to mount my 27 inch iMac (2011 model) and my 27 inch benq gaming monitor on a dual mount. However there were two obsticales. First the mount is insanely difficult to install. It is clearly impossible with the provided hardware. I ended up stripping the included screws and bending the Allen wrenches. I had to go to my local hardware store to pick up a proper t10 torq wrench and some replacement screws. I found it also nessesary to remove the two rubber bumpers to even get it screwed down enough to get the side bolts to line up. Once I finally got the adapter installed, I then realized that the iMac, at around 30lbs was way too heavy for the mount that I bought. You need a seriously expensive mount for something this heavy. This was an oversight on my part. But the installation of this adapter should have been a lot easier than it was ... I ended up putting the original stand back on until I find a better dual screen mount.

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    Deeply Frustrating Installation

    I've spent the past hour simply trying to get past the 1st task: tripping the spring to expose the screws.

    Apple provides you with an "Access Card" which, theoretically, can be wedged between an iMac's existing stand and the top of the entry slot for that stand. Not only could I not wedge the card in the tight space provided for it, but the card won't trip the spring no matter how hard I try. I can occasionally hear clicking inside as though I'm catching something, but I've been unable to expose the screws. I just purchased two 27" iMacs and I cannot trip the spring on either one of them.

    I'm installing a mount. A simple mount. I should not be this difficult. This is definitely one Apple product which fails the company's standard of, "it just works."

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    Doesn't include the 4 corner screws

    I moved into an office where the desk had a Knoll swing arm with a VESA mount already installed. I wanted my monitor a few inches higher, so I got one of these mounts to attach the swing arm to the monitor.

    There are 4 threaded holes in the back of the VESA Mount Adapter Kit which connect the adapter to the VESA mount, but no screws included for these holes. So after removing the stand and attaching the mount (which takes a while) I'm stuck because there are no screws included for actually attaching the mount to anything. Looks like I'm going to have to remove the mount and reattach the stand until I can go to a hardware store to find some screws.

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    how to line up bolt with flange

    How to solve lining up bolts on the side with holes in the flange : Ttighten the 8 screws in the flange one by one equally, with increasing strength, you have to pass over all of them about 10 times, eacht time tightening more until you cannot turn any more. (this is really tight) Then fasten the screws in the top of the mount adapter and do this really tight: this lines up the holes of the flange with the bolts on the side. It took me 2 hours to find out : I solved it by carefully reading reviews : it was the one from Oakland W that solved it for me

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    Difficult to install

    Holly cow was it difficult to get the side bolts aligned so that they could be screwed in. The small lever arm of the monitor was recessed a millimeter or two too much and would not allow for the side bolts to be screwed in. I finally made it work after about 2 hours. I placed a few business cards under the lever arm to prop it up and allow proper alignment of the side bolts. Looks like this product needs a bit of tweaking! Once installed the mount works as advertised.

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    Not for iMac with Retina 5K

    Warning, this does NOT work with the new 27-inch iMac with Retina 5K display. The only way to get a mount on this computer is to order it with the mount pre-installed. The tech I talked to on the phone and the "genius" at the Apple store didn't know this. It was only after Googling that we discovered this information. Had to return the mount and iMac and reorder the with a mount pre-installed.

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    Yes, it can be difficult...

    ...but you can outsmart it! I've done this twice now, and by far the hardest part for me has been getting the 2 side bolts in (didn't have a problem with the credit card thing, you just have to aim farther upward than they imply). Anyway, today I outsmarted it with a spoon from the kitchen - perfect shape to create a lever and lift the bar up to get the holes to line up!

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    Great Product!!

    I purchased two VESA Mount Adapters. Once was for my 27" iMac, and the other was for a 27" Thunderbolt. I read one of the reviews and he had posted a Youtube video of him installing an adapter on his Thunderbolt. That video was very useful. I used the included tools and I had no problems with aligning the screws, removing screws, stripping screws that some of the other reviewers had problems with. Take it slow, make sure and put plenty of pressure on the screws when removing and installing them, and make sure the included allen wrenches are completely seated in the screws and you will be fine.

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    painful to install

    I had a difficult time installing the VESA mount on an Apple Thunderbolt Display. One of the flange bolts stripped during the installation so I had to make do with only 7 bolts attaching the flange. Before I realized the threads were stripped I took the flange off and somehow the spring-loaded bracket (that the flange attaches to) snapped back into the monitor :-(.

    The "good" news is that I was able to pull the bracket back out of the monitor using a large paper clip formed into an ad-hoc handle. Once I hooked the ends of my handle into holes on either end of the bracket I could pull the bracket out with some force.

    I believe the spring-loaded bracket was locked as the manual asks - I used the plastic "credit card" to depress the latch and the bracket seemed very stable. Somehow, though, when struggling to attach the flange I managed to unlock the bracket. I think this is a very poor design that allows the bracket to snap back into the monitor and become nearly unreachable.

    I recommend attaching the flange to the bracket quickly once the bracket is visible, and once the flange is attached, not removing it again. I think if I had done that everything would have gone smoothly.

    Once I had the flange attached, attaching the mount adapter was pretty easy. By using the center bolt to dial in the position of the flange I could put both horizontal bolts in almost entirely by hand.

    This bolts in this kit are low quality. One flange bolt stripped and the head on one of the hex bolts was deformed by the included hex wrench. The included tools are garbage: I used my own Torx screwdriver and hex wrenches instead. IKEA furniture literally comes with higher quality tools and parts. For $40, this is really disappointing.

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    Not compatible with EDU model A1311 (EMC 2496)

    Not compatible with EDU model A1311 (EMC 2496)
    Their is no latch to allow base to move forward.
    The base brackets limit access to the screws, making this mount incompatible.
    The screws also have a different spacing than the bracket... why apple...why?
    Would be nice if all bracket bases had the same standard...

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    Not thought through

    The screws on this mount strip out VERY easy. Make sure to take your time and use the correct wrenches. The ones that are shipped are very poor! BE CAREFULLY installing this.

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    Easy Install but Lack of Thought by Apple

    I received my two mounts today and had them installed in about 20 minutes. I have no complaints about the ease of installation. What I am disappointed about is the lack of thought by Apple with these kits. We have already paid a considerable amount for the displays, and then we drop $36 for each mount, but Apple doesn't include the mounting screws to mount the displays. They did a great job at making sure the mounts stayed with the design of the display, but to not give us the 4 screws per mount is just plain wrong. At the very least they should have something in the description that states we have to supply our own screws.

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    Torx wrench is a joke

    Like other reviewers I had trouble using the flimsy plastic card to expose the screws on the back of my 27" imac. In trying to remove them with the included torx wrench I stripped the heads on several. Both the screws and wrench are sub-standard in quality and now I'm stuck trying to extract stripped screws.

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    Vesa Mount is a piece of Junk.....

    I love Apple products have 2 - iMac's - iPhone - iPad --bought a new Mac Book Pro 13" top of the line - Bought a Thunderbolt Display 27" 1st 1 I bought would not detach for the Vesa mount went down to my Apple store they replaced it I got 2nd Display detached but the Vesa mount will not easily attach to the Display the tork wrench and screws are a joke as well as the alignment. I do not understand why they would need to make attaching a Display so labor intense. I spent 2-3 hours on 2 different days trying to get this built...I was so upset I almost tossed the display through a window needless to say all 4 items are getting returned Mac Book Pro- Vesa Mount - Thunderbolt Display- Bretford Stand...Thanks Apple for wasting my time..

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    First step

    I couldn't even get past step one, getting the stand off the back of my monitor. I spent 2 hr. Sliding that card up to the latch and never could get to the screws to release the stand. So it may be an excellent product but I'll never know.

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    Tip for installation

    There are two primary pieces to this product - the adapter bar (goes on first) and the VESA plate (attaches to the adapter bar).

    Tip!! - go out and purchase a good set of precision "torx" drivers and “hex” drivers. You should own precision tools if you own a computer anyways.

    After you remove the stand and install the "adapter bar" with the 8 torx bolts, you will now install the VESA plate with the top bolt and the 2 side bolts.

    This is the trick. When you install the top bolt, don't just tighten down to a normal snug tightness. You have to keep tightening until the bar comes out enough to line up the holes for the 2 side bolts. Remember, the "adapter bar" is attached to a moving piece so as you continue to tighten the side holes pop up further and will line up properly for the side bolts. Apple is known for precision, so be patient and line them up perfectly.

    This is done so the final VESA plate is rock solid.

    This has been an issue with many of the complaints that you are reading, and I made the same mistake until I called a friend. I hope this helps! The product is great!

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    Doesn't fit ??

    Following instructions, I easily removed the stand from the back of the Thunderbird display (that I bought a couple of weeks ago.) But for the life of me, I can't see how to attach the adapter flange . The piece that the adapter flange would fit onto is located "below grade" of the back of the monitor. I can't figure out how to lever the interior connector plate to a position where the (purchased) flange could be screwed on.

    Neither does the flange seem to fit into the slot in the back of the monitor.

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    Better than expected

    How much thought do you really put into a monitor adapter plate? This part is actually designed to do its job very well. I have no concern that this adapter will ever be a problem, even if the monitor is subject to some unintended abuse.

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    Perhaps Revised

    This kit installed with no issues for me. I read the comments here and was careful to tighten the central Torx fastener tight. The kit may have been revised because the included Torx tool was sufficient, and does not flex or bend. I did not remove the rubber strips. Note that the tips of the hex screws that go in the sides of the mount are tapered. I had to apply a bit of inward pressure to get the threads to catch, but they did catch. When I was done, the Torx fastener that I had tightened as far as I dared was raised enough to turn it another 180 degrees. The result is rock solid with zero play... perfect. Now I have my thunderbolt monitor mounted on an M8 monitor arm from Human Scale in portrait orientation... 170+ lines of code visible if I maximize my IDE :) As noted by another. the kit does not come with VESA mounting screws, but the monitor arm did.

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    total disaster

    Had to call in IT Support just to get the stand unlocked and expose the screws to take off the stand. Having done so, now the flange has retreated inside the monitor where getting it out is going to be extremely difficult. The VESA adapter instructions say "Important: Keep the flange in the locked position" but not until the next step! What kind of brain-damaged product is booby-trapped like this!

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