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    It fits perfectly!

    I was a little worried about buying this mount due to the previous review saying that it didn't fit. But, I bought and created a little video showing how it's installed. It does fit just fine, but I can see why it might seem like it doesn't fit.

    Search for "Apple VESA Mount Adapter Unboxing and Install" on YouTube. I can't post the link here.

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    You really need a Torx-capable screwdriver

    This adapter kit contains two pieces: a flange that attaches to a stub inside the monitor/iMac, and an adapter plate that attaches to that flange (the adapter plate is the only part pictured in the its description).

    A single Torx fastener driven through the adapter plate is actually responsible for aligning the whole assembly. It carries lots of strain and requires significant torque to install completely. If you try to torque the fastener by hand, you will strip the head. A high-torque screwdriver with Torx head is a requirement.

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    Unsurprisingly excellent design

    I used this to mount a Thunderbolt display to an ergonomic sit to stand arm and it worked great. It should be no surprise to anyone that follows Apple that this is a well designed product. While installing it I was struck at how much thought went into it and how well it was built.

    The installation was very smooth and painless. If you have trouble getting the holes on the sides of the flange to line up read the instructions, you have to tighten the center bolt on the adapter very tight in order to bring the plate down enough to line up the holes.

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    Great idea, but required a little more "credit".

    I love Apple products and find their designs genius, beautiful and typically flawless. I never expected to run into such difficulty with installing the iMac 24" VESA Mount Adapter.

    This was my successful installation process and I hope it helps others who run into the same issue -- the holes at the end of the flange don't line up with the holes in the mount adapter.

    1. I removed the stand from my 24" iMac.
    2. I aligned the hole in the flange with the pin on the back of the iMac and attached it per the instructions.
    3. I placed the mount adapter on top of the flange and attempted to bolt the two pieces together. The bolts only spun. I then noticed the flange holes were too low and not aligned with the mount adapter holes.
    4. An Apple forum member suggested removing the rubberized strips from the mount adapter to lower it for better alignment. For protection, I placed a tissue under each "foot" and removed the excess afterwards.
    5. Removing the strips didn't lower the mount adapter enough. I discovered the iMac's locked assembly had some more play. I carefully held the iMac while pulling that assembly out of the back case as far as I could -- a distance that appeared to be just what I needed. Here's where the extra credit comes in.
    6. While holding the assembly in the extended position, I placed 3 credit cards underneath to keep it in that position.
    7. While pushing on the bolts with a little muscle, I was able to finally bolt the two pieces together and finish the installation. The credit went back in my wallet and the smile was back on my face. :-)

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    Overtightened Screws and Toy Screwdriver

    You may want to start by getting your own decent #10 Torx screwdriver. A few of the screws on mine were so overtightened that the toy screwdriver that Apple includes with the kit was starting to twist like a pretzel. In fact on one that is particularly tight, it ended up munging the head so badly that I'm going to have to drill it out.

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    Does the job

    Installation wasn't as easy as I had hoped. It was not complicated, just a bit tricky to get the screws at just the right angle. Otherwise it works as advertised.

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    Works perfectly

    I have 3 x 27" LED cin displays and using the VESA mounts I have moved them all to flexible arms. VESA mount is quite flush to the back of the monitor so does not strain the pivot of the arm more than needed with such heavy monitors

    Removing stand and adding mounts to all 3 monitors went smoothy, but does take about 15 minutes work per monitor.

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    Need a proper Torx screwdriver

    You need a proper Torx screwdriver for this thing to mount correctly.

    This Apple VESA mount is a finely designed product but the included fastener (which is a small torx allen key) is not good enough. The included fastener does not generate enough torque/drive to align the components to mount this thing correctly.

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    24: iMac works great, 27" iMac a hassle

    I had my iMac 24" mounted on a monitor arm using the Vesa mount. Set up was easy and quick.

    I just bought a 27" iMac and the set up took me 5 hours. I finally figured out that when you mount the flange to the back of the 27" iMac, the side bolt holes for the mount adapter don't line up with the flange. I tried over and over but the side bolts would not fit into their holes.

    I did two things to make it work:
    First, I removed the plastic protective pieces on the edges of the mount adapter.

    Second, I placed about 2-4mm of thin folded cardboard underneath the entire length of the flange, under the side facing the top of the machine. This lifted the flange up enough so that the holes aligned properly and the side bolts could be inserted.

    This was a very frustrating experience. I am not sure why the flange sank down a tiny bit once mounted.

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    Not for iMac with Retina 5K

    Warning, this does NOT work with the new 27-inch iMac with Retina 5K display. The only way to get a mount on this computer is to order it with the mount pre-installed. The tech I talked to on the phone and the "genius" at the Apple store didn't know this. It was only after Googling that we discovered this information. Had to return the mount and iMac and reorder the with a mount pre-installed.

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    I'd say that Apple dropped the engineering ball on this one. Working with a 27" Thunderbolt display was not so easy. Getting the stand off was fine. After that it got more difficult. Getting the bolts to line up to mount the flange was tricky, and then getting the bolts into the end for the actual mount adapter has so far proven to be impossible. One end will bolt in perfectly, but the other end will not. Once the mount adapter is removed, the bolts bolt in perfectly. Definitely not Apple's engineering finest.

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    Great product

    The adapter kit is great. Very easy to install, took about 20 to 25 minutes to have in place. Just follow the directions as indicated. All the holes lined up perfectly. Couldn't be happier.

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    Great Product

    Awesome adapter to wall mount an iMac. I mounted a 27inch with no problem. The kit include everything needed to attach the mac to your mount. MAKE SURE YOU READ THE DIRECTIONS to line up screws before trying to attach side screws. Took about 15 mins to install.

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    Elegant Solution

    This product latched on perfectly and allowed me to hang my screen from the wall easily. It requires effort to get it to latch on exactly, but when it does the fit is excellent. My only complaint is that I would have liked screws to attach this to the wall mount as well.

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    I had 13 of them to install, so I decided to read his thread.
    Here's what I did after removing the stand.
    1 put on flange and tighten all bolts.
    2 place the mount on the flange and tighten the center bolt firmly, not too tight.
    3 pull the top edge of the mount and slide in a folded cardboard. The cardboard in the iMac box (folded in half already) is perfect. make it narrow so it doesn't get clamped by the mount. Wedge it between the flange and the body of the iMac.
    4 align the holes to the flange. insert the bolt on both sides and make a turn or two, realign, and them tighten equally on both sides.
    5 the center bolt will now raise about 3/8". Tighten it one last time.
    None of this was outlined in the manual, which marred the otherwise fine product.

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    Tip for installation

    There are two primary pieces to this product - the adapter bar (goes on first) and the VESA plate (attaches to the adapter bar).

    Tip!! - go out and purchase a good set of precision "torx" drivers and “hex” drivers. You should own precision tools if you own a computer anyways.

    After you remove the stand and install the "adapter bar" with the 8 torx bolts, you will now install the VESA plate with the top bolt and the 2 side bolts.

    This is the trick. When you install the top bolt, don't just tighten down to a normal snug tightness. You have to keep tightening until the bar comes out enough to line up the holes for the 2 side bolts. Remember, the "adapter bar" is attached to a moving piece so as you continue to tighten the side holes pop up further and will line up properly for the side bolts. Apple is known for precision, so be patient and line them up perfectly.

    This is done so the final VESA plate is rock solid.

    This has been an issue with many of the complaints that you are reading, and I made the same mistake until I called a friend. I hope this helps! The product is great!

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars


    This product is not up to Apple's usual and expected excellent standards. The big bracket does NOT align to the part they have you install in place of the stand -- the holes do NOT line up, it CANNOT be attached, a total waste of $39! BOOOOOO!

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    Over-engineered & poor QC

    I must have gotten a dud. You have to put a lot of force on the center set bolt, so much so that the torx points started to strip so I gave up. Only one side bolt would align correctly, and with it in place, I could easily see that there was no way the other side bolt was going it due to the NASA-like tolerances milled in this thing. Come on Apple, we're not putting wings on the space shuttle!

    …hoping the replacement works

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    Easy Install but Lack of Thought by Apple

    I received my two mounts today and had them installed in about 20 minutes. I have no complaints about the ease of installation. What I am disappointed about is the lack of thought by Apple with these kits. We have already paid a considerable amount for the displays, and then we drop $36 for each mount, but Apple doesn't include the mounting screws to mount the displays. They did a great job at making sure the mounts stayed with the design of the display, but to not give us the 4 screws per mount is just plain wrong. At the very least they should have something in the description that states we have to supply our own screws.

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    total disaster

    Had to call in IT Support just to get the stand unlocked and expose the screws to take off the stand. Having done so, now the flange has retreated inside the monitor where getting it out is going to be extremely difficult. The VESA adapter instructions say "Important: Keep the flange in the locked position" but not until the next step! What kind of brain-damaged product is booby-trapped like this!

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