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    How many "terrible" reviews before Apple FIXES this?

    Its bad enough the stupid things DIE on an annual basis but now we get to go BACKWARDS in physical design as well?! Shortly after the original MagSafe adapter with the square body at the magnetic connection came out, the right-angle version of the original MagSafe power adapter became available which at least allowed you to USE your LAPTOP computer on your LAP without the stupid thing disconnecting! But now, with the advent of the MagSafe 2 adapter we HAVE gone BACKWARDS to the design that DIDN'T WORK the first time it was employed! Now, Apple hardware has gone the way of Microsoft software. Yes, its true, the original MagSafe and MagSafe 2 adapters are NOT interchangeable making the new one NOT backward compatible to older machines and the original adapter incapable of charging a newer machine! But if that isn't enough to be frustrated about, the design HAS gone backwards matching the design of first generation MagSafe adapters which makes it all but impossible to keep the power adapter connected while you USE it! I only regret that I am not able to give this LESS than one full star because for a company that otherwise makes such good and reliable hardware, ya done screwed this one up... completely... again!

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    I loathe these adapters. It is no longer a secret to anybody that these things are a heinous piece of embarrassingly bad industrial design. Truly odious in the face of the brilliant IDEA of having a magnetic plug. It might actually be that departure that I find so utterly insulting, come to think of it. I have now taken to repairing them over and over and over from the same frayed cable housing problem to the point where my current one has now been repaired five times (including with bits from the previous one) and the parts of the plug are so worn from this that the stupid little metal tongue won't stay in place anymore and I am having to glue it with superglue. Obnoxious in every way that such a well-designed and thoroughly excellent laptop should come at the cost of such an insulting cash-cow of a charger scam.

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    Bought 2, both dead in a year. Awful circuitry!

    Low quality PCB design, high loads are very close to the output. I bought 2 Apple 85w Magsafe 2 Power Adapter, one of them exploted in front of me while going to plug it!! The other one was shortcircuited because the cable material isn't robust at all.

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    Horrible Quality - Poor Value

    When I pay $2k for a laptop, I expect the accompanying accessories to be just as well made. It wouldn't be so bad if it didn't cost an arm and a leg to replace this item, but $79?! $79 I have to spend because Apple puts out a poor quality product. I'm ticked off and will not buy another Mac until Apple changes the durability of this charger. I don't like to feel ripped off.

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    Extremely frayed along the entire length of cord

    I do not abuse my cord. I do not have any animals. There are no rodents in my residence. Yet, my power cord looks like a leper. It is extremely frayed in multiple locations along the entire length of cord. I don't know why the plastic has just fallen apart.

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    Great magnet !

    I have been saved many a times from pulling my Macbook into the ground by the magnetic connector! If you're clumsy and forgetful like me, then this is a lifesaver. Just the right amount of magnetic pull!

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    Bad design in functionality AND aesthetics

    The MagSagfe requires a lot of reworking. The lack of support at the stress points of the cord leaves it susceptible to fraying, especially when you employ the two prongs designed to pack the whole thing away. We're told that the design team chose not to implement support for these joints because they weren't aesthetically pleasing, and if a design team cannot come up with a beautiful design solution, then they aren't really doing their jobs. They chose aesthetics over functionality, but the power adapter is so awkward in design. The lower end is large and bulky whilst the path leading to the laptop is thin and flimsy. How are these two components meant to last alongside one another?

    I should not have to be the one to reinforce the cord's stress points with one of the many 'hacks' seen online addressing this issue. If people on the internet can devise a solution, surely the design team at Apple can too.

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    This is a terrible piece of hardware

    I really took care of the one that came originally with my Macbook (really, the exterior looks new on the outside) and it broke anyway after 2 years.

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    Horrible quality

    I find it scandalous that Apple produces chargers of such low quality. Mine broke already after 7 months, I paid 1 500 euros for my laptop which is very much and therefore I expect quality. A new charger costs 90 (!) euros which is a tremendous amount of money. It is really scandalous. I used a Macbook charger that I got with a Macbook in 2009 for more than 6 years and that one was made of a better material and it lasted much longer (it still works today). Why would you even decrease the quality? It really makes me wonder.

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    Breaks constantly.

    They really need to make the magsafe wire replaceable.

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    Less than a year of use

    After less than a year of use I am already have connection problems with this power adapter. The adapter has been plugged in at my desk for the last 10 months, basically never moved and yet the cable has worn to the point where it does not charge my Macbook pro. Wonderful Apple engineering at work here.

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    worst design ever

    my 4 year old iMac had the original magsafe with no problems and designed very well, the new magsafe2 does not stay plugged in and its not durable

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    Fourth Time Buying a Charger

    I am extremely careful with my chargers, and make sure that I'm not fraying them, but these chargers eventually stop working no matter what you do to them. I am now buying my fourth charger for the same computer. There is no reason that this should be happening, especially at this high price point. Please fix this, Apple.

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    2nd Time Getting a New One

    Don't even consider buying a macbook that requires this charger. It's probably gonna break within 1 year or 1 year and a half. Tomorrow I'll have to buy it one more time because of this fragile cord.

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    Good at first, then overheated and frayed

    This power adapter worked for awhile, then it began to get EXTREMELY hot and now the cord is frayed and the wires are exposed.

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    needs replacement every year

    lucky i had extended warrenty with my mac pro. i have replaced this product 3 times. apple should have upgraded this product. very disappointed.

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    I have had my MacBook Pro 15" for 2 years and have been very careful with the adaptor. Cord frayed and unusable now and almost caused a fire. Why pay $2300 for a computer with such a cheap cord.

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    Apple please fix this charger

    I agree with everyone who gave this product 1 star, I would give it 0 if I could. This is my third time purchasing this 80 dollar adapter in two years. Apple please do something about this!

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    I'm about to buy my second 85w magSafe 2 power adapter, and I think is unfair to pay more than $79 for a product that won't last more a year, taking my frayed cord to college is so embarrassing, please apple recall this product, computer is amazing but charger leaves a lot to be desired.

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    This is getting ridiculous. PLEASE fix these chargers or drop their price.

    I have a lovely mid 2012 MBP retina and as fantastic as the machine has worked for me, i've literally gone through some 3-5 of the Magsafe 2 chargers since ive had it.
    This is straight up ridiculous.
    Im at the point where i take extra specific care with ANY manipulation of the wire or charger and let it cool down before wrapping or putting it in a bag and it STILL breaks. My sister who lives in the same building has a similar macbook and has gone through 3 or so as well.
    This wouldnt be such a HUGE issue for as many people as it is if Apple wasnt asking €80 IN IRELAND FOR THESE CHARGERS.
    Like really? REALLY?

    PLEASE fix this. That is an OBNOXIOUS price for a PLUG to begin with and one that has so many bad reviews?
    I love my macbook but this is a major issue with using them.

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