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    an O.K. charger

    I love my Macbook Pro, but the charger has several issues...all of which are easily fixable. The first issue is the magnet which charges the computer. It's very weak and unplugs very easily. Working while the computer is charging on your lap can sometimes be a bit tedious because the charger constantly falls out. The second issue I have with this charger is the adapter end. The smaller one that is two pronged is so easy to loose, and Apple doesn't offer replacements. If you lose it, then you either have to buy a knock off or pay for a whole new charger (that's about 80 bucks you're giving up). I wish Apple would sell the adapter end by itself or just add somewhere on the charger where it can be placed and not easily lost.

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    So the one that came with my macbook retina display pro broke, granted I wasnt as careful with it. I buy this one online and I come to find out that the cable is even thinner!!! What is this about, I feel like its gonna break faster than the other one did. I love all mac products, however their power cables are terrrible!! If I spend 80 dollars on a charger, it should at least be sturdy enough for it to last a long time. Well see how long it lasts.

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    A little common sense

    I'm replacing my power adapter after 2 1/2 years of trouble-free use. The reason? One of the winder clips broke. I have not experienced any fraying, tearing, melting, overheating issues. Maybe I'm just lucky, but I took one look at the adapter when it came out of the box and I knew the cord would have to be treated gently to survive daily use. I take care before I start winding the cord to hold it between two fingers an inch or two out from where it joins the box to take the strain off. I still do even now that one clip is broken. The charger continues to work with me winding the cord around the box instead of the clips. The whole unit takes up less space when the clips are intact, however, so I'm buying a new one. And yes, it's disappointing that the clip broke. That's worth taking two stars off the rating. Otherwise, I'm quite pleased with the design and functionality of Apple's charger. Again, maybe I've just been lucky, but for all of the users out there experiencing cord issues, I'd say handle that small flexible cable knowing that it will last longer with gentle treatment.

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    These things are a toss up...

    Like many Apple accessories, you just aren't sure how long it is going to last. Some accessories Apple has come out with have lasted me ages! These power adapters are a tad trickier, owning a few Macbook Pro series for at least 2 years each span, I've realized nearly all have the same power adapter issues. The ends get light yellow/orange due to potential heating issues and that the cable is pretty frail, similar to the iPhone lightening cable. Mine personally had torn easily within a year period under normal use and was showing signs of "burns" on the ends. I would say expect to change your charger every 1-2 years, but beyond the quality issue, these things definitely do the job. You plug it in and it works!

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    Not as bad as these reviews would lead you o believe

    After reading the reviews on this site, I was afraid to buy one of these. But once I saw the one that came with my laptop, I was not so concerned anymore. The magnetic strength is fine. It does not fall out unless you actually bump the connector or jerk the cable, and under those circumstances, it is supposed to separate from the computer more easily than breaking the components.

    I have also not had any issues with the cable breaking or fraying, but I have not had it that long.

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    Not sure about other complaints

    Yes, it sticks out and I prefer the old design that laid closer to the computer. However, it only gets knocked out if you actually bump the cord, it won't if you just move your computer around (and staying in the computer when bumped would be worse, because it could cause damage to the cord or port). All these reviews about being on their xth charger in the same number of years is crazy, as I use my computer for many hours a day every day, and my charger has lasted me three years now, and is just now failing. I have no fraying or exposed wires, though the connection inside is bad from being bent in the same direction for so long. All in all, a pretty average product I'm reasonably satisfied with.

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    Cable winding clip broken

    I hardly even use this charger as my MacBook is attached to a display and uses its charger. This MagSafe 2 power adapter is less than two years old and one of the doohickies used to wrap the charging cord around has broken. For the price, this is something that should be made to last longer than the computer.

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    Works...but dies easily

    I love my 15" MB Pro Retina Display and I can safely say I will be buying another one soon. My issue with these chargers is not the magnet as other posters say, its the working life. I have gone through 3 chargers in the last 3 years for the one computer. I final had to buy a second charger so that I can be prepared for the next time

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    It doesn't self destruct by itself - Questions and observations

    I'm fascinated by both the "behavioral science" comments and the huge chorus of horror stories about the impossibility of doing anything with the cord plugged in (and the responses that it's ok to unplug it for a while, and may prevent a catastrophic crash).

    I read here about the 100% probability of the cable itself "fraying", frying, or just dying after days or less. I did want to buy one as both a backup (worst case) or as a second "charging station" in a 2nd location. But what scary reviews! I have very few complaints about travel or home use with this rMBP - a dream machine! I too wonder if its evil could be just a tad "exaggerated". Of course, I am sorry for those who had to spend $80 repeatedly, in their view for "normal use".

    I examined my one power cable, which I've used every day in one way or another, charging, plugged-in desktop, or laptop. Yes, I've had the plug pop up (sometimes) when I move with it, or if I'm walking from where the plug is to a nearby desk in a hotel, wherever/whatever. For about 1 1/2 years now I have stuffed the power cords and adaptors into a bag, packed it all in a carry-on or saddle bag, on puddle-jumper airplanes, and neatly wound and displayed in travel bags for customs, TSA etc.

    Conclusion: What I can see is some slight fraying - that's the right word - directly where the computer-to-adaptor-block wire connects. I'm fortunate maybe (given all the reports), because now I'm aware, and I've just (nervously) gotten a backup should I need one. I haven't needed one, though now I put a tiny wind of electrical tape just at that joint, as I did with that skinny cable from iPhone to Mac (same issue).

    The way my "fraying" happened is from winding the cable around itself (one of the touted features, so- C'mon Apple, get it better!) , same as I've done with the iPhone and connector to a Mac. The other thing I conclude is the only way this Magsafe2 comes out often, is if there's tension (or a tug), right? If you take the power block and put it near the Macbook (which makes sense), if you give the cord lots of slack, there IS enough magnet strength to hold it in place. I haven't found anything to convince me otherwise, of any inherent net "flaw" in the design. I think MacBook users are often "power users" or road warriors who don't take time to think about things like connectors. Connections, yes.

    I am sure, as they say "your mileage will vary", but I think depending on your lifestyle and how you attend to your adaptors, this is not something which is guaranteed to break 3 times a year, at $80 a pop. If so, I'd be singing with the chorus. But I'm living proof, it sometimes lasts more than a year without problem, even actively used. I'm thinking it's how you strain the wire joints. Like people.

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    Works well, not so bad...

    Seems like a lot of exaggerating folks out there. I've been a PC user my entire life before the purchase of my first MBP. Of course, the PC connection is snug and would take exertion to pull out the charger. On my MBP, it's much more sensitive. But that's the point - so when the kids or the pets run around and accidentally tug on the cable, the machine doesn't fall off the table. It's a safety measure for your very expensive investment. Aside from this, it doesn't "easily" fall off as some reviewers clearly exaggerate (unless there really is a flaw with their particular charger). it's also not as sensitive as some reviewers write as well. I quite like the magnetic connection and the fact that it removes without tugging on my MBP. I think it's fine. Bought a second one as a backup so that I don't have to constantly remove my home station.

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    Plastic on the cords are terrible

    The housing for the transformer is fine but cord and the plastic that's used to seal the cord is terrible. I'm not sure why Apple can't use a stronger plastic, also ends on the cords tends to come loose after a few years. I'd suggest anyone who buys a new Mac Book Pro to re-enforce the ends before they start breaking.

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    "Magnet Not Strong Enough" -- Seconded

    I love the fact that if you trip over the power cord, your MacBook Pro does not end up getting a major "shock test". BUT, I agree with the reviews that state the adapter releases way too easily. If the battery is low and I'm not using the MBP on a desk, I find myself reconnecting the adapter every couple of minutes.

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    New cord?

    What's with the new, super stiff cord? The extension cable is the worst, it will not stay in its place. I don't know what happened, I definitely like the older magsafe better.

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    I like the T shape. But it's too weak.

    The L shape always seemed like an "almost" to me—it's almost flush, but it wasn't. The T shape seems more like a proper connector. The issue isn't that the magnet is weak per se—it takes quite a bit of force to pull it out straight. But it's super easy to knock up or down, and that's when it's weak. I blame it on the thinner design, which results in a smaller magnet-gripping area. It's super easy to knock down. I'm tempted to pad it with a thin layer of lacquer or something…not really, but that would be what it takes—the plug doesn't sit completely flush with the side of the rMBP.

    As long as it stays in, it does a great job of being a power adapter. ;)

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