• 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Poorly Made but Does the Job!!

    I've had my MacBook Air since December 2012 and am just now replacing the power adapter! Just like any other Apple charger, it's made very poorly as far as the casing goes and tear easily if not properly taken care of (mine tore almost in half while moving this past week). However, after almost 4 years, I have had NO problems with the way the adapter charges my computer, which is it's main job!! Annoying that they tear and are so expensive, but still work very well!

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    No problems

    I have had my macbook air since fall of 2012 and travel extensively taking my macbook and cable with me and my cable is still in perfect condition. I do carry my cable in a small padded carrier case and maybe this is the reason. I do wish that it was a little less cumbersome though due to it's size.

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    Fine product -- wish mag connecter had stronger pull

    Electrically its a fine product.
    My only frustration lies with the fact that the transformer is heavy enough to disconnect the magnet when it falls off a table or chair. This also makes it a bit of a pain to carry the macbook with the power cable from place to nearby place. Experience Says: it's better just to disconnect & roll up the power cable than to try and juggle the macbook with the power cable connected, because sooner or later, if the transformer shifts position, you just lost the transformer and the magnetic-ended cord, and you'll have to put everything down so you can recover the now-trailing transformer & cable before they get caught in something....

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    there is nothing wrong with this adaptor except the price

    The adaptor that came with my mid-2012 MacBook Air is still working perfectly and I travel with it almost every day. The magnet is not as strong as the original MagSafe, but it still works fine. You can find cheaper versions of this adaptor on Amazon, but I suspect your results will vary widely from "completely disaster" to "works reasonably well".

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    It's not so bad ... yet!

    I bought my Macbook Air almost a week ago ... I love love love it. As I am here to rate the power cord, I will say that is is working fine, so far. I used it for the first time this morning and my computer charged with no issues at all. The magnetic part seems to stick pretty good ... at least for today it does. I have read a lot of these reviews and I am worried. I thought about buying another one, but don't think I will now. I'll make due with the one I have. The only thing I can think of is my Macbook Air is the new one that came out, meaning they made improvements to the processor (1.4 vs 1.6) ... maybe they also made enhancements to the power cord.

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    So far it's not too bad.

    I've had my 2014 MBA for a little over 2 months, with the charger and so far it's not too bad (the charger anyway).

    Granted, the wires and stuff aren't as durable as they should be, but so far it's been working well for me and I do my hardest to make sure my cables don't get tangled and stuff. I plan on getting some accessories that will protect it better of course, but I haven't had any trouble with it. Only thing that could be better about it is a stronger magnet connection or make it connect like how a PC charging cord would.

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    Better safe then sorry.

    I really like the adapter, it's nice because if and when I trip over the cord, the adapter comes right out of the laptop instead of taking the laptop down with it. My only dislike is when it comes out so easy when I am using my laptop and I don't notice. But I would rather have it doing that instead of breaking my laptop by tripping over the cord.

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    power adapter

    I've had this since May 2014 when I bought my MacBook Air and I have had no problems with it. My only complaint is that it can become really hot, I never leave it on bed because of that.

    I read some of the negative reviews and they make valid points, I definitely agree that the wires should also be detachable since sometimes the wire can be the only problem or vice versa. It's crazy to charge $80 for a simple problem when they can charge less for a wire, and battery. Maybe Apple will surprise us one day and do something similar to that..

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    In defense of the magnet

    I was surprised to see the level of vitriol directed at Apple because of the design of the new MagSafe 2 connector. You would think Apple ran off with some of theses reviewers' children or something. My own experience with this power adapter on a new MBA: I agree the L design might be preferable because it is more low-profile and is less likely to get bumped. On the other hand, I expected a weak magnet based on the angry reviews. The magnet is actually quite strong as you discover when you try pulling it off directly. In fact, it seems much stronger than the L connector I had on my old MBP. Now, if you tilt it up or down, it does come off fairly easily as you are sort of leveraging it off. But that is probably a good thing as it will save your lightweight MBA from getting pulled off a table. So, it seems to be a good compromise. It certainly does not fall out the way some are describing. Maybe Apple strengthened the magnet in the last year? I don't know, but it seems strong enough. Since the battery on the new MBA lasts a long time, I never have a need to use it while plugged in. It gets recharged overnight. I mean, the whole point of using a laptop is portability, so I try to time the charging so that I don't need to have it plugged in when I'm actually using it. But, the adapter isn't as horrible as people are making it out to be. Now, I do wish it wasn't as expensive as it is...

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Sturdy, but detaches too easily

    A lot of people say that their chargers have broke, but that certainly hasn't been my experience. I have two MagSafe 2 devices: Mid 2013 MacBook Air and Late 2013 MacBook Pro with Retina display, and both are quite sturdy. I would give it five stars except for the fact that, as others have pointed out, it doesn't take much for the charger to come detached, even just picking it up sometimes... if you're gentle enough it's OK, but it's definitely not as robust as the original MagSafe.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    I like my Power adapter

    I sometimes wonder why people have such bad reviews on apple products. I have had the same power adapter for 3 years without any issues. I feel that sometimes people take the products through abused use and think that they should survive. Perhaps that's true if its just normal wear and tear. Could it be better? Sure...but as far as i am concerned, mine has worked well for many years. It finally gave through and it needed to be replaced. But nothing lasts forever!

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Mine works fine

    I am a little confused by the bad reviews. Mine doesn't fall out, works fine, and charges quickly. OK, I do find that the price is ridiculous, now that I'm ordering a second charger to keep at work, hence only 4 stars. But I have had no problems with the one that came with my laptop.

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    Must have made Changes

    I just received my new Mac Book Air 13 inch yesterday, August 22, 2013. I decided I need to buy another charger to keep with me on the road. I started reading the reviews here and though, what the heck? It seems Apple may have heard the complaints and I have not seen a recent review so thought I would add one from a current stock item. While I do agree that I like the L shaped version that comes with my 3 year old Pro, there certainly is no shortage of "Magnetism" with the straight connector type that came with this Air. In fact, it takes some strength to get it disconnected. So either I was luck or they have fixed the issue of falling out anyway!

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars


    It really isn't as bad as people point out...My charger has now recently broken and this my 3rd year of owning it. The only reason why it is broke is because of the protective cover around the wires. It is very thin and could be easily torn. If you take care of your products it should last a lot longer..My charger didn't fall out as often as the other reviews.

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    Not bad

    I certainly can understand and sympathise with the negative reviews. So far, however, I have had no problems with mine and its about 8 months old. Very glad for the magnetic adaptation, as some accidents could've gone horribly wrong for the laptop were it not for this feature. The only complaint is the quality of the wire: when winding it up, you can feel the wires inside of the wire jacket twisting within the jacket. I imagine someday one of them will break and necessitate a new adaptor. The only other complaint is the price: I'd like to get a second one for work. Then again, it's Apple; I should expect to pay a premium. :)

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Compact and light weight

    The 45W MagSafe 2 adapter was included with my new Macbook Air notebook PC. Definitely a huge improvement over the brick which accompanied my former brand X Windows notebook. The powerful attachment magnet holds the charge cord firmly in place. No complaint. The flip out ears used to store the charge cord function well but durability remains to be seen. Deduct a star because the AC power cord seems much to brawny and unwieldy for the task at hand. The addition of a USB charge port could be very useful at times for charging cell phones and the like.

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