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    Worst Apple product or accesory

    This is like a bad dream. When I saw the reviews I thought they were joking. I feel like sending the entire laptop back because of the adapter. It falls off for no reason and gets in the way. Apple needs to do a recall.

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    Only read reviews of MagSafe TWO - it's TERRIBLE!

    All these reviews saying they've had no problems for over 6 months are reviews for other models. The new MagSafe 2 hasn't been available for that long - only since the new 2012 MBA's came out in mid-June. The new MagSafe 2's charger attachment magnet is incredibly weak and will detach at the slightest provocation. Or unhappy thought. Or suspicious look. This product is terrible and Apple should fix this as soon as possible.

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    HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE this thing. It falls out every 15 seconds, and I am not exaggerating. I have been using Mac products forever and have never reviewed a product before. This adapter makes me hate my new computer and regret purchasing it. Zero stars. Did I mention how much I hate this thing?

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    Awful and not up to Apple standards

    When I opened my brand new Macbook Air several months ago, I had no idea that this cheaply made adapter would be so frustrating. I finally learn to live with the flimsy connection and awkwardness of function. Then today it simply stops working. SO there is another $80 to Apple--cause there are no other options. This alone would prevent me from buying a mac laptop in the future. And this comes from a loyal customer, who has used Mac exclusive since 1990.

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    V2.0? WHAT THE *****

    ok so i just got my new macbook air 5 days ago and it came with this cr@ppy charger...

    like everyone says its weak as a baby and the L shape was the best!

    after TWO days my charger is not working unless i move the wire...

    THEN TWO days later charger not working at all.....The charger is 4 days old and has stopped working....under LIGHT use...i dont understand it all at...

    now i gotta take time out of my busy day to go to the apple store and hope they replace it for free and pray that the newer one at least charges my computer.

    i would give ZERO STARS....it doesnt make SENSE...V2.0???

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    Huge conspiracy

    The guy who invented MagSafe 2 must be sent by Microsoft or Samsung or other rivals that Apple is currently facing. Yes the size is smaller, by like 15%, but the usability is 100% worse than the previous generation. The magnet is strong, let me tell you; but the plug's angle is so badly design that even a slight up/down move/shake can separate this thing off from my laptop. That means it is almost impossible to charge the Air or any other products that use MagSafe 2 without putting them on a flat surface. Not even an improvement, not even a replacement, but definitely a draw back. A stupid marketing move by Apple just like the new iPhone 5 and iPad 4th gen plug. If Steve Jobs was still alive he would probably die again if he saw how Apple is screwing its reputation right now.

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    Stopped working after 4 months

    The adapter seems to be of very low quality. It stopped working after 4 months of mostly domestic use

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    magsafe 2

    Used to have MBA and magsafe 1 which was great. Upgraded to new MBA with magsafe 2 and what a dissapointment.

    Lead constantly disconnects with the tiniest amount of pressure or movement.

    Come on Apple, sort this rubbish out!

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    Needs replacing too often!

    With all of the complaints about this power adaptor one would think Apple would get the message and make a better product. That is if happy customers mean anything to them! I've had my MacBook Air for under 11 months and this is the third power adaptor I've purchased!! I use my MacBook daily but it is used kindly. I chose this MacBook from apple because of quality and design now I am wondering why I spent the extra money if I have to constantly replace accessories. You guys need to get your act together and design a *new* power adaptor or this will be my last purchase from you.

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    I love the Macbook Air...I HATE this charger

    It falls out all the time. I have to charge my Macbook Air on a flat service and then disconnect it so I can use it in my lap.

    Right now, I have to connect my Macbook Air to power so I can download a new update. Since I cannot do that with the computer in my lap I will have to bring it to my counter and plug it in--- and then download the update. What a waste of time!

    Please fix this or give us an adapter to enable us to fix it ourselves. Like I said, I love the new Macbook Air 13 inch computer but I hate the new charger.

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    This Adapter is pure garbage!

    I sold my Mid 2009 MacBook Pro and bought the 2012 MacBook Air. While I like the Air better the new adapter is useless. It disconnects and/or falls off all the time. I'm an Apple supporter through and through but this thing is a joke. I agree that Apple should recall this product and give us all the old style adapters that never fell off or disconnected unless I wanted it to. PLEASE APPLE, RECALL THIS PIECE OF JUNK ADAPTER!!!

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    Broke within 4 months

    My Magsafe adaptor new one broke within 4 months, all of a suddent it stopped working. It was the one I used at work and never really moved it from port to port as well. Just normal wear and tear.

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    Disconnects to easily

    When ever my battery gets low and I need to use the laptop still, any slight movements and the chord comes out of the socket. The magnet is too weak to keep it in place. This is highly annoying and I wouldn't have expected such an issue with a Mac. -The battery seems to be weaker than expected too. I'd say I only get about 70-80% of what apple advertises in battery life.

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    Absolutely Terrible!

    If you like to work with your laptop on your lap then you will hate the Magsafe 2. Every few minutes the power adapter falls out and I have to reach down and put it back in. The problem is that with the T design is sticks out about a half inch plus another inch or so of wire before it bends away and if any part of this hits your leg, the table, etc it falls out. Apple you need to do a redesign and bring back the L adapter.

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    MagSafe2 keeps falling out!

    MagSafe2 is ruining my otherwise perfect experience with my Macbook Pro Retina.
    It falls out if you look at it, breathe on it, move it in any way, think about it, disrespect it, etc.

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    Charger broke within 4 months

    After transporting my charger in my backpack, I was surprised to have found the cord to be frayed. Looks like a lot of people are having quality issues as well.

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    Kidding me, right?

    ALL of Apple's chargers are ridiculously flimsy and do not last for more than a month or two. The casing will crack, break off, and expose the wires within a few weeks. And the cord will keep exposing itself, slowly undressing and revealing more of itself each time you leave the room. Get some electrical tape if you want to patch it up like Lady Gaga circa 2008.

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    Please fire the idiot who thought this was a good idea

    How did Apple take something so well designed (the old 'L-shape' Magsafe connector), and replace it with something so dumb?

    It is dumb in two ways:
    a) Loyal customers who regularly replace their laptops tend to have many old power adapters lying around. Changing the format of the connector now renders all that legacy kit useless. More junk for the 'Apple Redundancy Box', where they can make friends with the VGA adapters and firewire cables.

    b) I could live with the upgrade if it brought improvement. But this MagSafe2 is a retrograde step. It is falls out all the time and sticks out a long way (unlike the old one). And I cannot see what the improvement is supposed to be.

    One can just assume that this daft change was brought in when the grown ups were not looking, and now Apple is just too arrogant to admit that it was a mistake. At the very least they should supply the convertor kit for free for new MBA buyers.

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    Awful product. Why can't Apple make it right?

    Steve Jobs would lose it if he could see how bad this accessory is, how much it fails and how much people hate it. I'm on my third one that has failed, the machine is still under warranty and Apple wants me to buy another one. So I'm moving back to the MagSafe 1 with the converter for the 2. If it's this bad, you would think that Apple would make it right.

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    Bad quality

    I have had no problem with apple products since the first day I started using it. however, this charging adapter, after being used for one year, was broken. The outer protection layer just fell off and all wires inside got exposed. Bad connection and I can't charge my laptop properly. I have to try several times until it starts working. Bad quality.

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