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    4th Macbook using this charger cable

    I''m on my 4th MacBook since 2004 that uses this type of charger/cable. I'be had to replace each charger cable that came with each Laptop at least once and often twice. Apple wonders why we buy other replacement cables for IOS devices from Amazon? 1. Most are made much better.
    2. They are Apple Certified and 3. They're cody less and you can choose longer lengths.

    Here I am replacing this charger and cable for my MacBook Air which I always order from Apple in case it fries my Laptop.

    Apple has made some big mistakes and flops (such as the watch) but also premature updates and cables, cables, cables!!! You would think they could improve on cables as they lose replacement business.

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    Reliable, long, cumbersome cable

    I purchased a Macbook Air in 2012. This cable has lasted for around 3 and a half years before fraying. I am a very careful person, but the intent was to create a cable that would automatically break within two to three years, and this is evident, and no amount of care could keep this from occurring. I will be using electrical tape to salvage the charger for another two months, hopefully, but it will eventually cease to function, and I'll have only one place to go to in order to find a reliable charger. Thanks, Apple.

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    2 years after purchase, needs to be replaced

    I've had my macbook for just over 2 years now since I went to college, and I already have to replace the power cord. There is no damage to it, but it started occasionally overheating last year and now it's practically given up. This is rather ridiculous considering the amount spent on this computer in the first place, I hope I don't end up needing to spend $80 every 2 years to keep my macbook alive.

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