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    • Written by from Calgary

    I've had the same power cord for 4 years, but seldom traveled with it, and it worked fine. Then, I started putting it in my backpack almost daily and it broke after a couple weeks...

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    Wears easily

    • Written by from madison

    I've had my macbook air for a little over a year now and I am still using the charger that came with it, which based on other reviews seems to be longer than most. However where the wire connects to the square the rubber casing has began to rip and reveal the wires witch worries me significantly especially considering I hardly ever move the charger or put strain on it. The charger is mostly always in the same spot in my bedroom and I plug in my computer every night without any strain on the cord. Also where the charger connects to the computer the magnet in the charger seems to be losing strength as I have found it harder to keep the charger connected to the computer.

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    • Written by from Lincoln

    Apple makes such great products. However, the MagSafe Chargers that comes with all the Mac Laptops (Which are the same as this one, but offered seperately) are somewhat of lower quality. I have two MacBook Pro's and one MacBook Air and after about 9-11 months the part of the cord that you can wind up on the square Load carrier always comes separated from the "protective neck" ( I do not t know what else to call it, but any Mac Laptop Owner know's what I'm talking about) on the cable that plugs into the laptop. I have had to have each one replaced at least once. I find that a little excessive Because I take extra good care of my device's and their accessories. I aways leave a little bit of slack in the cord when winding it up on the square part of the charger. I am however very thankful of Apple and their OUTSTANDING customer service have replaced each one at no cost to me when they have gone bad, no questions asked or any type of hassle that you would get with the other Brand X's out there that sell junk. Apple you are KING and I am very very thankful for putting out such GREAT computers. Just please take a look at the design of this charger and change the design of it.

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