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    Pays to get the real thing

    Never had a failure in all the ones I own, and I have a bunch.
    Have tried the "genuine OEM" ones you can get online. Most of them don't work. If they do, they don't work with my Apple products as well as the authentic Apple ones do.
    Word of advice: just buy the real thing from the real company and your Apple gear will stay working like it should. Yes, they are expensive. This is one thing not to skimp on.

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    Well built

    I've owned about four of these and they are all still working.

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    This is what it is.

    It is a power adapter, not a charging unit. What else do you expect?
    Still, this smooth, cubish white thing works seamlessly well with other Apple devices and do not generate much heat.

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    Product works as described.

    Power Adapter works as described. I've had one of these with every iPhone I've purchased over the years, every model since the 3GS, except the 6S which I skipped, plus a few extra, and I've never had one break. I've kept them in laptop bags, purses, and backpacks. Never had one break or bend, never had one overheat or stop working. These things are hefty. My only complaint is they are small enough that I've managed to loose a few over the years, but at the same time the size is advantageous, perfect to throw in a pants pocket or even a clutch purse when theres not a lot of room. Overall, I couldn't ask for a better USB to wall power adapter.

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    All 11 still working

    Have 11 little blocks of these in the house ... have been using them since switchover to Apple roughly 6 years ago... have not had a single failure to date. Also... it's worth mentioning I've not had a single reliability-related failure on any apple product I've purchased from apple... this includes 3 desktops, 3 laptops, 3 iPads, 9 iPhones... and counting because we'll be buying the new iPhones this September. Apple gear has worked for our family without effort and without failure. Just works. Probably jinxed us... but the record to-date is flawless.

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    Excellent Product


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