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    Charger problem

    • Written by from Hope Mills

    I love Apple products, have used them since the original iPod and have never had a problem...until now. Got an iPad Air and while on a short vacation my apple charger got hot, it started smoking from the connection at the iPad and melted a small part of the charger. This was the original cable and charger. I'm afraid to charge it now so this is probably my last post, last picture and last FaceTime call home given it will lose charge soon. I'm not real happy about this...sounds like Apple has a problem but doesn't really care about fixing it. Kind of like Ford all over again, they will start to worry about it after several homes burn down.

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    Just stops working

    • Written by from Toronto

    Between my wife and I, we have now had 3 of Apple's 12W power adapters fail. They seem to work for a number of months and then just stop. Not overheating, no warning...they just stop charging.
    Again...I now need another one. What gives with these. Apple get your act together will you.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by from Charlotte

    It's a charger. My phone is charged. Maybe a little faster than with the iphone charger.

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    charger worked well then quit

    • Written by from Kissimmee

    I've now had 2 12w chargers for my iPad mini. The first one quit working, and I don't know why, after about 6 months. I did notice that it was always hot to the touch when I used it. I then bought another one, which sparked as I plugged it into the wall, even the first time, so that one was also recycled. Rats. My iPad mini will charge on the little one given when I bought it, but it does take a long time. I agree with others in that Apple definitely needs to improve their product. Situations like these make people not want to buy their products. Pay attention, Apple!

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    Work Awesome!!!!

    • Written by from Jackson

    Work great never a problem and super fast charging. Read all others review and I may say what are they doing wrong with this because I don't see ever there any problems. I will buy another one for each rooms in my place because this is so great to use.

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    Excellent Works well!

    • Written by from Avondale

    I have seen many other reviews stating that these get hot and have been a fire risk... I personally have 5+ of these and have not had any of these issues mentioned previously. All of mine have either came with the iPad device (3rd Gen, 4rd Gen, Air, the iPad Air2 Comes with 10w) or purchased from a retail store as an additional one for travel and for the office. For what it is worth, all of mine were purchased / received prior to 2015. But Then again i have many people that i know who purchased these in 2015 and have not experienced any of the issues described previously..

    I would recommend, as with any product, to have these plugged into a surge protector as power in some area can have spikes which can cause damage to electronics.

    I have used this same 12 watt power block to charge the iPads from 3rd generation all the way to iPad Air 2 as well as iPhone 4s, 5s, 6 and 6 Plus with no issues.

    (NOT stating that others did not genuinely have these issues - Just stating that i have personally had NONE of these issues)

    Curious if maybe a faulty batch went out or if there are power issues in the areas where residents have been using these. But which ever the case I would still recommend a power surge protector between the wall and any electronic device (no matter what it is)

    All in All from my point of view great product so far and have been using this for over a year now almost 2.

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    Flawless Fast Charger

    • Written by from Coal City

    I bought this for my iPad mini since the 5w it came with charges my iPad to slow and I owned it for about 5 months and it still works great. Especially if you have an iPad.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    100% Battery "Accessory Not Supported" ??

    • Written by from Houston

    so ever since i started using this charger, every time that it hits 100% charged a message pops up saying "This Accessory May Not Be Supported" .. ?? why does it say that ?? is that bad. well anyways, besides that it's a great charger. i love it. but if i had a complaint, that would be the only one. i'm still confused about it.

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    USB Connector inside the adapter is flimsy

    • Written by from Waldorf

    The USB connector inside the Apple 12W USB Power Adapter has small flimsy springy wires that make the connection to your USB cable. If you are not very careful inserting the cable into this little rectangle hole, you may catch the leading edge of the springy wires and bend them way beyond their ability to make contact. Once this happens, it is RUINED. I have looked at the same connection on other power adapters and I do not see this kind of arrangement. It is failure prone and may be the real issue that people are having with these adapters failing to work.

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    I've had three of them fail so far

    • Written by from Okemos

    The charger that came with my iPad Air worked for less than a year. No meltdowns and no fires, it just quit working. I got a replacement for that one, and it died after about 6 months. I got a replacement for *that* one about 5 days ago, and it just died. I have AppleCare so I haven't had to pay for the replacements, but this is ridiculous. The cable is fine, since it works with my iPhone charger, and the iPad will charge when it's connected to my MacBook and also when it's connected to my iPhone charger, so I don't think it's the iPad. I have a Genius Bar appointment scheduled for today, and am hoping they can figure out what the problem is.

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    • Written by from Amarillo

    That's how many 5v chargers I've had stop working with my iPad mini, previous iPhone 5, and now iPhone 6+. These are the chargers that came in the boxes with the devices, so I should be able to rightfully assume they work with the product. They have all stopped working within two months.

    I charge my devices at night, so I've never noticed them getting hot. After reading the other reviews, I'm now thinking they are overheating and frying themselves.

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    Charger Almost Caught Fire

    • Written by from Murray

    Last night, 1/31/15 my charger for my IPad 2 almost caught fire. I caught it just in time. It was so hot it burned me when I unplugged it. I'm glad I stayed up a little later than normal it definitely would have caught fire, and perhaps burnt my house down!
    Incidentally, when you look at the charger, there's no company name on it, in other words no place to report the problem. All it says is "designed in California, made in China". Good way to keep from getting sued I guess.
    I do believe I'm going to report it to UL in the U.S.!

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    over heating from first use

    • Written by from Durban

    I plugged in the charger for the first time since I got my ipad and the charger caused my adapter to spark and then it overheated. Afraid something worse may happen. Apple should improve their equipment especially since we spend so much on products. Love my ipad, hate the charger.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great Charger

    • Written by from Woodstock

    I have 4 of these. Just bought one because I thought I lost the one that came with my iPad 2. Turns out it was in the back seat of my car. Anyways my family has 3 iPad's and each of them have these chargers. I think that these are great they charge all of my devices. It works with both my iPad and iPhone. I think those people on here that say that they have experienced over heating or melting of this charger are doing something wrong when plugging them in. I have never experienced any problems this charger. I think that Apple has produced a great product here. Only suggestion I have is allow people to customize the chargers with the ability to have logos or or even words printed on them. That would be cool. Good product Apple keep up the great work and the vision of Steve Jobs.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Works great with iPhone 6 for faster charging

    • Written by from Richmond

    This adapter came with my iPad Air when I plugged in my new iPhone 6. Lo and behold it charges faster!

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    nice..good and compact...

    • Written by

    Its really a good product..working with my ipod shuffle 4th generation...but why its look different thn box photo i dont understand...

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    Mine Too

    • Written by from Aurora

    I'm glad to see I'm not alone. My charger gets hot. Sometimes..... Then other times it doesn't. When it gets hot it takes for ever to charge like not even 30% over night. When it is working without getting hot or even warm it charges completely in about 3 hours.
    What bothers me is.... my iPad gets hot sometimes. I got the iPad Air in June 2014 and I notice every once in awhile it is very very warm to the touch. Anybody else out there having that problem?

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    my charger does too!

    • Written by from Spring

    i thought surely my new device included in the ipad air was malfunctioning until i read the reviews! a $500.00 piece of dangerous junk! come on apple, fix this for free

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    • Written by from No

    My charger actually melted and was close to catching fire. Talk about too hot to touch. I am happy about 2 things. First my house didn't catch fire, I have gfc breakers allover. And I am lucky my IPAD did not cook. Just shocked at the quality of these products. It amazes me that their peripherals are so lame given the quality of their main products. And sadly, we are a captive audience as far as these products go since the products only work when used with mostly genuine Apple products. Very sad.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    iPhone 6 adapter

    • Written by from Surprise

    I'm worried about my iPhone 6 adapter. The adapter get extremely hot to touch and u have to fiddle with it to start charging it . Think this could be fire hazard. Gonna take to Apple store to show them in morning. Love this phone just won't do ios8

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