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    USB Connector inside the adapter is flimsy

    The USB connector inside the Apple 12W USB Power Adapter has small flimsy springy wires that make the connection to your USB cable. If you are not very careful inserting the cable into this little rectangle hole, you may catch the leading edge of the springy wires and bend them way beyond their ability to make contact. Once this happens, it is RUINED. I have looked at the same connection on other power adapters and I do not see this kind of arrangement. It is failure prone and may be the real issue that people are having with these adapters failing to work.

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    Mine Too

    I'm glad to see I'm not alone. My charger gets hot. Sometimes..... Then other times it doesn't. When it gets hot it takes for ever to charge like not even 30% over night. When it is working without getting hot or even warm it charges completely in about 3 hours.
    What bothers me is.... my iPad gets hot sometimes. I got the iPad Air in June 2014 and I notice every once in awhile it is very very warm to the touch. Anybody else out there having that problem?

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    Does Not Contain the Cord

    This does not contain the cord to attach to your iPad, and as such is completely useless. The description and Q&A on this website is ambiguous - but the cord is an additional cost. I ordered in confidence that it would "just work" like Apple products are supposed to.

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