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    Bought this today to replace a net gear box that died after 2 years because I was told it was great and fast which it is not it takes 10min-12min to open a page which I do not want

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    Another Amazing Apple Product!

    I previously had the 4th Generation Airport Extreme (which was just fine), but I upgraded to this new and redesigned 6th Generation Airport Extreme. The speeds are about the same as my old one (60 download / 10 upload), but I have greater range throughout my whole house (even outside, in my garage, front yard and back yard). Setup was very simple and I like the smaller footprint. Thanks Apple.

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    Fantastic AEBS Comcast user !!!!!

    i purchased the latest september 2013 model Airport extreme base station and wow setup was super easy on the iMac!! The quality is outstanding the only issue was i had a comcast modem/router that interfered so i called comcast customer service to have the router switched off (which can only be done by phone)!! and i must say Download speeds are at 56mbps and uploads are 15mbps. My PS3 is super fast now:))

    It really is a must buy !! The negative reviews seem to be because they arent very tech smart or their other equipment is faulty modem, computer etc.... not the actual AEBS!

    When i looked for a router it was tough because there is so many but im sooooo glad i bought this.

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    Range is only alright, box is terribly designed

    Careful when you open this thing, I nearly dropped it. It really is an awful packaging design. The range really isn't that great. I upgraded from my dual band netgear 802.11n router and the range seems a little bit worse to be honest. I don't have 802.11ac devices yet though, waiting for the refreshed retina macbooks. I am still disappointed with the range, especially since the new iphones dont even have 802.11ac. can't use my phone in my bedroom and i definitely could with my old router. i regret this purchase.

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    This has got to be the easiest setup I have ever encountered with a router. It took me longer to route the power cable then it did for me to set up the network. It was quick and easy with the AirPort Utility App on my MacBook Pro and all of my wireless equipment connected immediately.

    This signal strength throughout my house has seen a huge increase. I am just amazed and completely happy with my new AirPort Extreme!!!!!

    If you are in the market for a new AC compliant router I strongly recommend this product. I know it is a bit pricy but similar products from other manufacturers cost just as much.

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    Works great!

    Upgraded from Gen4 Airport Extreme. Range is much better and set up with just as easy as normal. Speeds are better on iPad2 and iPhone 4S and excellent on iPhone 5S. I would definitely recommend this to a friend!

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    'One-Stop-Shop' Top Quality Router

    Bought with scepticism but from a great, knowledgeable, friendly sales person.
    Hooked up my Huawei 4G LTE modem router, through ethernet flawlessly.
    Hooked up my Lian Li USB3 HDD cage with 5 HDD's perfectly.
    Streaming my 2TB movie collection to AppleTV, MacBook Air, iMac without stutter.
    (Library on iMac and media files on external HDD attached to router).
    Using one of the HDD's as time- capsule for my Mac's.

    This unit took me 2 mins to set up and looks so much better than I expected.
    Worth every cent when hooked up like this unit is hooked up.

    I thought Apple had lost me there for a while .... but my new Airport Extreme and new Macbook Air have made it so easy to stay committed.

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    Airport Extreme and airport express

    I just installed these 2 and the internet is lightning fast with full bars around my very large house. Very. Very satisfied apple customer. By the way, we are an apple product only household.

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    Better range compared to previous Airport Extreme.

    Never had any problem with previous Airport Extreme, but in new house my iPhone's Wifi dropped out. Office is 2 walls and 2 fridge freezer away from the Airport. This new Airport manages to keep my iPhone on Wifi with 2 bars. Problem solved.

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    Really fast! Almost flawless install too!

    OK, the problems first. I had a hard time installing this. Turns out I didn't follow the directions telling me to leave my cable modem unpowered for several minutes (I only powered it down for a minute max). IF I had followed the directions correctly, I would have had this up and running in like 5 minutes. It was THAT easy to install.

    Now, it's running great and I am getting fantastic response on all my wireless devices throughout the home, with much better speeds than my older Linksys unit. In short, expensive but worth it in terms of performance and ease-of-set-up.

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    OMG...this is AWESOME

    i have never seen something like this before.
    Setting up this router was way to simple, only took me 2-3mins.
    i don't have a MacBook so i had to use my iphone.
    since i really love this router, i am getting a MacBook soon.

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    So much better than the Comcast Modem/Router

    I recently bought the Airport Extreme. At the same time, after so many disappointments from Comcast, I switched to AT&T (praying that 6mb download times would not be horrible). Amazing...

    The difference between the "Up to 50mb" Comcast router and the "Up to 6MB" AT&T modem was my fear. With the Airport Extreme on board, it made the difference so slight, it's almost not noticeable. Further...

    When I used to open my Mac, sometimes it would connect to the Internet and sometimes I had to turn off the wi-fi and turn it back on again in order to get on the Internet. Now, I think it's on before the screen is vertical. And, I no longer have any streaming problems. How nice not to have to count the days before U-verse is available.

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    My new Airport Extreme does not have as good of a range as my old Airport Extreme did. In my kitchen i used to have 4 bars now I get 1 or 2 bars. It works great wired but so did the old one. I'm trying out a higher, less hidden location, but it doesn't help. I upgraded (ha) thinking with my lust for new and shiny things. feeling burned

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    Always Can Count on Apple

    I picked one of these up to extend the range of my time capsule.
    My connection went from 1 to full bars on my iPad Mini wi-fi connection and speed test went from 1 or 2 MB per second to 30MB per second.
    Best investment I have made in a while.

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    It's a lemon

    Many of these have a connection glitch and performance is spotty. A technician bought my trustworthy 5th gen extreme and warned me about the new 6th gen. He was buying my fifth gen to install in a customers mansion. He was replacing five 6th gen extremes in the mansion because of the issues I mention at the beginning of my review. I went ahead and bought the new 6th gen extreme and sure enough I have the same issues. Apple technicians don't have a solution for the connection issues. My old extreme could handle several devices at once flawlessly, year round. This new 6th gen extreme drops devices all the time, constantly. And the performance is either really fast or really slow.
    You can Google the issues I'm talking about. It's common. And the sore truth is, after two weeks you're stuck with Apple's $199 plus tax lemon of an Airport Extreme.
    It's not worth spending this kind of money for poor performance. Putting an Apple logo on it doesn't make it a good device.

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    Poor performance

    I bought this newer Airport trying to replace my 5th generation Airport. This new device is buggy and has a lot of conflicts. I experience drops in the wireless signals constantly and iPhones and iPads drop connection quire often. Don't buy until they fix the software or firmware.

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    PERFECT, if your name is "grandma"!

    Apple has yet again decided on our behalf and removed out all the great features the previous generation extreme routers once had. Don't get me wrong, if you want a zero config device (well almost zero, Airport Utility was having "extreme" issues configuring the one I purchased), this is great. However, for those of us who use SNMP or would simply like to manage our own network, forget about it. Thanks Apple.

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    Range not improved from last gen

    I bought this one to replace a last generation model because there were 2 spots in my house (I don't have a big house - average size at best) where coverage was sporadic and unreliable. I thought that the claimed "better range" of this one would help since I just needed maybe 10 more feet to work perfectly. Well, after installing it in the same exact spot, coverage is exactly the same, or at best maybe 5% better, but not enough for me. So, I ended up using the old Extreme as an extender, which works great, but I was planning on selling it... Oh well... Also, I followed the menus to migrate the settings from the old one to the new, and the setup quit at the end with an unknown error, and I had to reset the new Extreme and do it the regular way. Another problem, the new one does not allow you to use the 5ghz channels for the wifi "n" only, which I used on the old one and it helped me segregate wifi between the old ipads and the new ipads/iphones. Not an option anymore.

    Pros: Looks great, easy to set up
    Cons: Settings migration did not not work, range is not better, missing wifi channels options

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    Doesn't work

    I used to have an old Linksys WiFi router. I thought this would be an upgrade. It isn't. Constant dropped connections. It's slow when I can connect. 5GHz pretty much never works. No improvement in range.

    It's past the 14 day return date now so I'm stuck with it. But it's going in the closet and I'm going back to my old Linksys for now. Steer clear of this. It's definitely not ready for prime time yet.

    Apple, I'm so disappointed with this product!

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    Unreal Range...if you need it

    I live in a 3500 sq. foot town home with metal studs. My internet comes into the walkout basement area. Wireless range has been an issues since we moved in. I had a Netgear N900 WNDR4500 router and it blew out when they had an ISP issue. I compared this to the top of the line ASUS and Netgear AC class routers. the others have a bit more ports and ability to customize, but this thing blows them away for range. With the others I was still having issues getting a signal on the top floor. The ASUS would cut in and out and the 2 Netgear routers would do 1-2 bars and still drop occasionally. This thing gives me full bars upstairs. Heck I can get 3 bars at the end of the block. The hardest part about it was figuring out where to download the PC utility. My company IPad sill not be here for several more weeks. There are no PC instructions in the box, I I knew there was a utility somewhere. I found it easier with a Google search than looking on Apple's site. The connection is quick and flawless, the signal is unwavering and the wireless throughput is stellar on the G/N and one AC device I have tested so far. I highly recommend this unit.

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