• 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Beautiful for 1.5 months, useful for 1.5 years

    • Written by from Baltimore

    The color of the leather started to fade after 3 weeks and after something more than 1 month the case looked like years old (people asked me if I bought a used one!).
    The case offers good protection and it's nice at touch and although looking quite bad was working fine for roughly 1 year. After that the small parts on the audio controllers and charge + jack ports started to break down and they partially left the phone uncovered.

    The Apple case, although being a quality and expensive product is cheaply designed and definitely is not worth its price.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Looks good and fells good BUT OVERPRICED

    • Written by from Vacaville

    I love the feel and look, but its overpriced. My case cracked the next day I got it. i took it off and cracked my earbud plug part on the case

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Apple premium case just falls short, disappointed

    • Written by from Oulu

    I got a 5s and wanted best protection for my phone. Went to my operators shop and they had Apple 5S leather cases. They looked good and trust I had for Apple products got me to buy a blue one (they didn't have a black version :().
    5S flicked into the case easily and the whole thing looked good. Pretty couple indeed...

    PROBLEMS began right the next day. Carried it in a pocket of my black shorts for a couple of hours and then noticed the blue case had absorbed black color from my cotton shorts! The edges of the case had black colouring and it looked like I had gripped it with motor oily hands... The case was supposed to be a premium product and not get dirty so easily. I can't believe how this can be true.

    I feel betrayed by Apple. The case was expensive and now it feels I've been totally fooled by Apple.

    Want a refund right away, but it is hard to contact Apple easily.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    iPhone 5s Case Black

    • Written by from Gulf Breeze

    Case looks nice, however, I dropped phone from my pants pocket level. My 1 week iPhone 5s landed on concrete on it's face and the force of impact caused the phone to be dislodged from the case and caused the phone to make contact with the ground. Shattered the entire screen! Poor design. Thanks apple!

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Shows a lot of dirt also there are chips in the leather

    • Written by from joliet

    I LOVED this case when i got it. But for $40 its a terrible case the first thing i noticed was there was a lot of dirt on the outline of the case on the back. and the second big problem is that there are little pieces of the case falling of from scratching i know have leather chips in the case..... So the point is i would not recommend this case to ANYONE its not what you want believe me...

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Wears quickly

    • Written by from Kittery

    I bought the brown one for my new 5S. Beautiful fit and finish but it's wearing incredibly fast. What started out a nice orangey shade of brown now looks like the color found at the intersection of Band-Aid buff, hearing aid beige, and artificial limb tan. It's ugly-but it works well.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Nice, but gets dirty very easily

    • Written by from Fort Collins

    At first I loved this case - it's light, sleek, and feels nice. But now I've had it for 3 months, and it is incredibly dirty. I've tried cleaning it multiple times with a leather cleaner, which helps a bit, but it definitely looks bad. It looks much dirtier than it should, and the edges are beginning to get torn up a bit. I would not buy this again, even though I loved it at first.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Gorgeous Until Gets Dirty

    • Written by from Defiance

    This case is beautiful. And it feels so soft and luxurious in your hand. But it shows dirt VERY quickly and in not cleanable. I have had mine only about a month, and it looks ratty already. So disappointed.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Not happy with Blue Case

    • Written by from Apison

    I've had this case for less than a month and it is already showing signs of wear. It's worn down on all corners and looks like the leather is wearing off. I've done nothing for all this to be happening to my case. It's either in my pocket or sitting on the table. I got a red case for my sister the same time I bought my case and her's looks so much better. I don't understand because she handles her phone the same way I do. I'm very disappointed in the blue case.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Not worth the money

    • Written by from Charlotte

    I agree with other reviews: This case changes color very quickly, and it's very disappointing. Mine has turned dark blue all around the edge of the phone, and the corners on the back are the same. I am sure it's from oils in my skin, but I can't do much about that. Truly disappointed that a product Apple designed to work with the phone would not hold up.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Durability is poor

    • Written by from Lynchburg

    I have had this case since the arrival of my iPhone 5S. While it does a great job of protecting the phone, I am very disappointed about the durability of its finish. The leather is NOT durable at all. It has turned about 5 different shades of blue and appears to be peeling off the "frame" of the case. I am very careful with my device and case, but this is a poor quality product in my opinion.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    It doesn't hold up.

    • Written by from Colorado Springs

    This case shows signs of wear and looks dirty almost immediately. I love the fit, but I just wish Apple offered other options for the 5/5s other than leather.
    Hopefully in the near future, they will.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Was great at first, now not so good

    • Written by from Harahan

    I got this case about two weeks ago and loved every minute of it. It was a beautiful color and fit the phone very nicely. Now, two weeks later, the case discolored, dirty, and not pretty at all. All around the edges are already worn and I only place my phone on my desk at work or table at home. I understand cases grow dirty or discolored overtime, but never in the first 2 weeks of using it. Overall I like it, but definitely going to start looking for a new case soon. I would definitely recommend getting black instead of the blue so maybe it would not wear as much. Try again, Apple.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Doesn't Last

    • Written by from Naperville

    The case has a great feel and is lightweight, but it doesn't last. I've had mine a week and the leather is already chipping and flaking off. I'm sadly returning mine.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Beautiful case - but....

    • Written by from Andrews

    Love the style and the blue color with the white iPhone 5s,but, as previous complaints has stated, this case stains very easily. Also, I have Bose earphones, they will NOT work, for that very reason, I am sending this case back. Disappointed that apple didn't make the cutout bigger...

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Looks good initially but not durable long term

    • Written by from Dallas

    I've had this case for less than 1 week and it is already showing signs of wear. It's worn down on one corner and it also looks "dirty" with black smudges on the edges. I normally keep my phone in my back pocket and haven't dropped it so the wear is just from removing it from the pocket. As much as I like the case in terms of looks and feel (it does have a nice texture that is easy to grip), it will be going back to the store for a refund.

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