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    thanks for this stupid mouse

    I bought this stupid mouse month ago, and I don`t know why a buy mouse with this price and at the end I have to install another stupid app to be able to use my software as normal ( AutoCAD pan tool ) you should put for non-professional work ) so I don`t need to buy it with this high price for lose, by the way, thanks as well for the stupid new laptop without USB , I don`t know why I have to carry a thousand converters with me ,

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    The Magic Mouse 2 is great, but the design is simply lacking. The charging port should be at the top of the mouse, so you can use it as a wired mouse while it charges. Thank You.

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    Poorly Designed for Charging

    Apple really missed the mark when designing a mouse (and keyboard) that had to be connected to the computer via cable to recharge. If the mouse could be plugged in and used like a wired mouse while charging, it would be reasonable. But the charging port on the Magic Mouse 2 is underneath the mouse, so the mouse can't be used while charging.

    This is less of an issue at home, where I can charge the mouse overnight. But I don't have that luxury in my office, since I take the computer home with me at night. There's nothing to connect the mouse to overnight at the office. My only solution may be to have an extra mouse that I can switch to when my mouse at the office needs to be charged.

    At the very least, Apple should offer a separate charger that the mouse can be plugged into. That way I'd be able to charge my mouse overnight, regardless of where my computer is.

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    Shake My Head - I've used bars of soap with better ergonomics!

    Totally would like to speak to the design team to understand the thought process behind this mouse? I just bought my first iMAC ever and I'm very confused and left completely dumfounded by this stupid "mouse." It actually is making my blood pressure go up just looking at this dumb thing. Who was paid to make this thing? This is almost like the knock-off brand Dollar Store toys. It looks like mouse...it clicks like a mouse... After using this thing for more than 2 minutes, I actually had to question myself if I had it upside-down, backwards, or maybe I needed to prime it! I've used bars of soap that were better designed for the HUMAN HAND. Did a robot test this thing or what? I will not continue to risk my health by using this thing any longer!

    Get it together Apple Mouse 2 design team! Geez!

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    Useless while charging

    Make sure you forget don't forget to charge your mouse.
    When you do, you have no other option than to hope your boss thinks is ok that you wait and do nothing for as long as the mouse charges.
    Not only is the lightening port under the mouse, but it also shuts off completely while charging.
    Other that hat it more or less looks like the previous version.
    I miss my old one.
    Not that changing batteries part, but at least you could do just that.
    Get new batteries and get back to work.
    Now, off to get coffee...

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    Connection trouble

    I can barely get a sentence written before my connection is lost! I truly believe that there is a need to recall these mice.

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    I purchased a 27" iMac and expected that the accessories would be finely designed as the computer and, I might add, as they have been with every other Apple product I have purchased since the early 1990's. SERIOUSLY -- A RECHARGEABLE MOUSE WITH A PORT ON THE BOTTOM?????? When you get the message that you need to recharge the mouse, you have to turn it over onto its back so that it becomes totally disabled while it is charging And there is no indicator light to let you know a) if it is charging and b) when it's finished. HOW ON EARTH DID THIS PASS QUALITY CONTROL?

    Thank goodness I kept my old iMac in operation so that I can use it while my the un-MAGIC 2 MOUSE the newest raciest most poorly designed product rests useless while it recharges.

    APPLE YOU OWE US AN EXPLANATION AND A REPLACEMENT! Your design department was out to lunch on this one.

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    Worst design ever

    I just had to charge the mouse for the first time since buying my new iMac and was stunned to discover that I cannot use the mouse -- and therefore my iMac -- for the duration of the time that the device charges. With my older iMac and mouse, I was "offline" for the amount of time it took me to pop two AA batteries into the mouse and let it reconnect to bluetooth. I have to agree with all of the other reviewers who have said that the only adequate remedy is to recall this device and replace it for people who are unfortunate enough to own it. The worst product design EVER by Apple. Is there another device anyone can think of that cannot be used at all while charging?!?!

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    just remove the wire from the wired apple mouse... duh...

    (consider this a zero star review) I really can not understand the design choices apple is making these days. the sharp edges hurt my hand. I hate using it. there is a 3rd party wireless charger & battery pack thing for the magic mouse 1, which was really nice. if you have the first one, you don't need this. however, the wired mouse is awesome, why don't apple just remove its wire and make it wireless I really can not understand, it looks like a mouse and works like a mouse. this is just for show. if you are not intending on touching it its good.

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    I understand chic and sleek, but the people who designed this mouse cleared didn't think about FUNCTION over form. Yes, the charge does last about two months. But when it's time to charge, you have to stop what you're doing for an hour and plug it in. On the bottom, rendering it literally useless. You just have to sit an wait. And even then it doesn't tell you when it's fully charged, you just have to check with the "Mouse Preferences" to see the percentage. Really people??!!

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    Of course all of the reviews say how awful the charging system is becuase of the location at the bottom of the mouse. BUT what about the fact that you can NOT use this on any surface at all unless you have a mouse pad? most mouses can be used on anything but NOT this one. I have an imac so I did not buy my mouse but I dream of getting a track mouse because this one is terrible. Will APPLE ever fix this? I wanted to buy one for my macbook to use at work when I am traveling BUT I would need to carry a mouse pad around with me EVERYWHERE I go-that is crazy. Any work around APPLE?

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    Not for professionals.

    Is this the bellwether of Apple's identity crisis? This just isn't something a professional can use. They've switched from a company that makes tools into a lifestyle company. If Bang and Olufsen are any example, this is a real heartbreak. Please do t make me switch back to PC. Please correct course.

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    Worst Design by the placement of lightening port

    I don't think this is an apple design, they have done this with out even thinking for a moment.
    seriously port at the bottom of a mouse ?

    Cheaply executed, I am ashamed to say I am an apple fan.

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    Not Working

    Sorry I cannot give it zero. I bought this mouse on 21/11/16 and try to use it for the first time on 11/02/17. I tried for hours to charge the lithium-ion battery in vain. From my experience the Li-Ion batteries technology is not reliable, in many cases it has a sharp cutoff and very short life. Furthermore the charging cable supplied to charge the mouse does not fit the MacBook Pro that I bought with the mouse, - different connectors. The laptop has thunderbolt 3 (USB C) connectors only and the cable provided has USB A connector.

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    Need to recall and replace ASAP

    My iMac is completely useless whenever the mouse needs recharging. And the time between charges is getting shorter and shorter. This is NOT what I expect from Apple. You need to get it off the market and offer anyone who has one a free or shipping cost replacement immediately.

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    Worst ever design. Even 1 star is too much.

    I am just another user in the long line of reviewers here to ask who on earth came up with the idea of placing the charging port on the bottom of the mouse to make it useless while charging. Another gadget that needs constant care (can i use it now or do i have to charge it?) And it wont charge when you switched off your computer either. so i need my iphone plug to charge it.


    Of course, there might be a reason to it and i have been trying to figure it out. If someone here comes up with a good explanation, please share with us.

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    Terrible Design!

    What were they thinking?
    The mouse is unusable while charging! You would think that since it uses a USB cord to charge it could still be used as a wired mouse at the least. Instead you need to turn it upside down and let it charge. Like a mouse caught in a trap.

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    Unbelievably poor design

    Mouse is unusable while charging. Always dies in the middle of work flow.

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    Great mouse, poor recharging design

    I love everything about this mouse EXCEPT how it's charged. You have to plug the lightening cord INTO THE BOTTOM OF THE MOUSE and it's rendered UNUSABLE UNTIL CHARGED. What genius designed it and how did it ever make it into production? And why in the name of all that is good are they still producing and selling it? It's mind-boggling. The end.

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    Worst designed apple product ever

    You cannot use the mouse while charging - it has to precariously balance upside down - utterly ridiculous!!!

    ...and that's without even having managed to use it yet (o have yet to experience the scrolling problems) - I can't charge it on my new MacBook Pro as it only comes with a USB1 cable - bloody brilliant that the morons in the shop sell you incompatible products!

    So I decided to use it with my old iMac, but I can't pair it as I can't get the most recent iOS on my old iMac and its not compatible with old versions.

    Terrible design, dreadful shop staff

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