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    Works great with new MacBook Pro

    I have a 4TB LaCie drive with Thunderbolt 2 port. Just used it for the 1st time with my new MacBook Pro and it works like a charm. I made sure I downloaded the latest driver and I've had no problems. That is so nice. Thank you!

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    Thunderbolt to HDMI cables will not work...

    Really annoying - what happened to the 'it just works' mentality?

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    Works Great as Advertised

    I almost didn't buy this cable because of the poor reviews here, but quickly realized that people were NOT using it for the intended purpose! So I thought I'd clarify that for those that don't know... This is a Thunderbolt 3, with Type C connector to Thunderbolt 2 adapter, NOT to mini display port or anything else! I use this to daisy chain my MOTU 828x and my UAD-2 Satellite DSP unit to my MacBook Pro 15 and it works flawlessly. Take a careful look at the product and contact Apple support first if you are unsure of whether or not your device is supported. I hope this helps.

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    Stopped working after a week!

    I purchased this so my apple Thunderbolt Display could connect to my new Macbook Pro, worked great for the first week and then abruptly stopped working. In addition, I need so many adapters that the once easy and clean job of connecting my laptop to the monitor, keyboard and power for charging now requires multiple adapters and resembles an octopus with cords coming from everywhere. Why isn't there a hub that allows me to connect all previous cords and pushes all those inputs through a single usb-c cord? I've found them for HDMI, USB, etc; but none that have a Thunderbolt 2, usb and usb-c inputs with a usb-c output. It seems like a huge miss, my monitor is an Apple product, but they didn't consider that input in any of the available hubs? At this point I've spent more time on researching issues and adapters than using the computer. Very frustrating experience!

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    No usb-c to thunderbolt to dvi

    As others have said, this doesn't work as expected in some cases. But I want to describe my specific use case so it's clear what doesn't work.

    I have a Thunderbolt 2 to DVI adapter. Seems (somewhat) logical that a Thunderbolt 3 to 2 adapter would allow me to use the same adapter. Nope. The box even has a picture of using the adapter to connect to a display. But it doesn't make clear that this use case isn't supported. So, to iterate: only Thunderbolt displays are supported.

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    Does Exactly What it Says It Will Do

    Seems many of the negative reviews come from purchasers who didn't read what this will do and what it won't. It says it will allow me to connect my Thunderbolt 3 2016 Macbook Pro to my Apple Thunderbolt display, which it does flawlessly. Functions perfectly for me in this application.

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    Doesn't work with USBC devices

    So I have a new work MacbookPro and a Personal one. The new one is all USB-C but my old one has all the old normal ports.

    I thought it would make sense to get a future proof external SSD to run my VMs on that is USB-C (the Samsung T3) and use this adapter to make it work on my Thunderbolt 2 port on my personal MB Pro. No dice! It doesn't work.

    Apparently this is ONLY to make older Thunderbolt 2 devices work on the new USB-C. But it can't go the other way. I feel there is either no planning or strategy from Apple or they just don't care if their customers have to spend tons of money on extra peripherals while the keep changing our hardware interfaces.

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    Won't work for powerpoint projectors

    Bought the MacBook Pro in a hurry when my MacAir died two days before leaving on a book tour. I was advised that this adapter would work with my Rocketfish Thunderbolt 2 to VGA adapter for powerpoint presentations. Aaaargh! I see now in these reviews, it doesn't work at all for powerpoint projectors. Thankfully, the place I was presenting this week had a big TV with HDMI cable, so I switched to a multi-adapter (USB, HDMI, and USB-C). It worked JUST in the nick of time. Really disappointed in both the advice from Apple Store (especially given ALL these reviews!!) and the functionality. Connecting to powerpoint projectors with VGA at libraries, boating clubs, schools - where there's usually NOT a techie or the most up to date equipment - is vital to my work. Fix this Apple, please!

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    Useless for MacBook

    If you have a MacBook (not Pro) don't buy it cause it won't work. You'll get the following message: "thunderbolt accessories are not supported"
    After Steve Jobs died Apple is just not the same. Soon to be just another PC. Too bad.

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    Doesn't work with mini display port adapters

    Useless if you expect it to use just like the port on previous Macbook Pros. It doesn't work except the device is specifically Thunderbolt.

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    Doesn't work

    Paid $29 for this to connect my MacBook to my Apple Thunderbolt Display. Plug it in and ....... nothing. Doesn't work. Since by MBP is outdated, and that was the device I connected to that monitor, looks like I'll be getting rid of the monitor too.

    For the first time in 10 years, I'm looking at products other than Apple to meet my needs. Ever since Jobs died, it's gone down hill. We're even considering abandoning our iPhones, which makes me kind of sad, but they've not given me any reason to stay faithful. Managing all my apple devices has become a cable nightmare. I just spent $130 on a charging cable for my MacBook and this adapter, that doesn't work.

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    Thunderbolt Display with new MacBook Pro

    I specifically wanted this adaptor to be able to use my Thunderbolt Display (which has a Thunderbolt 2 plug) with my new MacBook Pro (which is all Thunderbolt 3 / USB-C). It works flawlessly. (Except of course the power.)

    Like with all Apple products, this adaptor came in a nice box with fancy pull-strips to take it out. Gotta love the presentation!

    It's been going for a week with no problems. I'm relieved I don't have to replace my beautiful display with a cheap alternative—$29 is a much better deal :D

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    excellent but not for everything

    Works great to transfer Data from an old to a new Macbook at totally ridiculous transfer speeds :)

    I currently have two daisy chained thunderbolt Displays connected to a 2016 Macbook Pro. Only issue I have found so far is a slight unreliability in the ethernet port recognition, but other than that its awesome.

    Unfortunately the Focusrite clarett 2pre Audio Interface Device is not supported (yet, if you trust their support site).
    So If you hope to use your existing recording equipment be warned!

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    ATTENTION: Does not work with DisplayPort monitors on MacBook Pro 2016!

    This adaptor simply does not work with DisplayPort adaptors you may already have and want to reuse with the new MacBook Pro 2016.

    On Apple Store description it says:
    "Note: This adapter does not support DisplayPort displays like the Apple LED Cinema Display or third-party DisplayPort and Mini DisplayPort displays."

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    Wont convert a USBC drive to a Thunderbolt 2 input

    This product seems to be meant for adapting USBC computer input to a thunderbolt 2 drive. I tried the revers with no luck. I used the sandisk extreme 900 USBC drive into my iMac 5k with a thunderbolt cable and it would not read at all. The back of the box shows how it's intended to be connected, and since usb-c is reversible, apple should publish this.

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    Does not work with Dell Monitors

    This adapter does not let me use my dual Dell monitors like I could on my previous MacBook. Will return and try another adapter.

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    Only works with MacBook Pro's

    At the University I work at about 65% of the computers we use are Mac's. These are the first one's we're ordering. Some will get Pro's while most won't.

    The adapter works well with the MacBook Pro's and those folks are able to use their legacy docking stations without issue.

    Those that are receiving MacBook's are out of luck. This is very disappointing that they cannot use their legacy peripherals and only adds to the expense. I'll change the rating when Apple figures out how to allow them to use the Thunderbolt 2 to thunderbolt 3 adapter.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars


    Maybe my annoyance is with Apple in general for the Thunderbolt 3 stupidity (particularly putting 2 thunderbolt ports on the non-touch-idiocy MBP), but this thing does not support Minidisplay port, so if you intend to use it to connect to your glorious monitor setup, don't. What a cluster**** this whole thing is. I want to throw my shiny MBP out the window. The touchbar version is even worse. Ugh. Take your courage and...

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    Not reliable, you might have to secure connection with tape

    Bought this to connect a Thunderbolt display to a 2016 MBP. From the start, when adjusting the position on the desk of the MBP, the external display would occasionally lose connection. Unplugging and plugging back in would bring it back up. However this kept happening and was quite annoying.

    The issue seems to be on the female end of the adapter. Apparently, slight movement of the adapter when moving the laptop was causing the connection to fail.

    My ad hoc fix was to firmly secure the Thunderbolt cable to the adapter with gaffer's tape (electrical tape would also work). This has been fairly effective at eliminating the problem. But, I am still overall disappointed with the quality of this adapter.

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    Doesn't work for most displays--do not buy without proof that it will work

    I bought this only because I have a Cannon projector that I use for showing photographs projected on a screen. The Thunderbolt 2 while it looks like a mini-display connector (and every other Mac worked fine). The new MacBookPro's with all their power are useless in many situations that pop-up. I thought I was prepared, but when plugging in the Thunderbolt cable into the USB-C adaptor nothing was recognized. Reading deeper the recommendation is to not change adaptors (i.e., a cable to plug into the HDMI port of the project with it's mimi-display male end, and the Apple supplied USC-C to Thunderbolt 2 adaptor). Looking on the apple site there is no adaptor for sale that would not require two adaptors to get to work. So much for progress. So much for human centric engineering. I bought two of these so I would have one when I travel. I didn't use them for a while after I bought them. What a waste of my time these things have created, not to mention the confusion. Try to find a clear explanation anywhere. So disappointed in Apple not thinking this thru...and while I'm at it... the itouch thing is just a gimmick...why are they afraid of touch screens when they have them on the iPad? Makes no sense. We pay a premium for well thought out products. I see big discounts in Apple products in the future if they don't figure these little things out.

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