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    My Daughter Bought This Mic. And Used It For About A Week And It Stopped Working. The Sound Use To Sound good til it stop working.

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    Did not meet my hopes.

    I bought this with the intent of doing VO work, I had been using an analog XLR condenser mic hooked up to a transformer to a digital recorder/converter and did not like the bulk of the setup or the light hiss I would get if the setup was not totally isolated from the table by a rubber mat. So a year ago I read the reviews on here that were glowing about the mic and thought it would be the perfect setup for what i wanted. As soon I got it I new something was wrong. It had such a low gain it was barely useable 2 inches from my face. If you used a pop filter it would put you out of useable range. My Macbook has a more powerful mic than this. I looked around and found that there was a firmware update and I used it. Walla, Gain fixed, however then it had a bad mid-high distortion w/overloaded lows. No way near good enough to use for paid work. So I have given it to my dad as a mic to use on skype. Long story short Its 10% better than a logicrap Mic at 300% the cost. If you want a good usb mic go get a AudioTec or a real blue mic and find a good XLR converter.

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    Opposite problem

    I seem to be having the opposite problem that everyone else is. It seems as though the mic is too sensitive. When trying to record loud vocals, guitar amps, full bands, etc. It always distorts no matter what program, or what output setting. Plus i have the input volume set to ZERO! Granted, it sounds great, at lower volumes.

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    Does *NOT* Play Nicely with Leopard

    I bought my Blue Snowball several months ago and have pretty much regretted it since.

    The input volume/sensitivity is just too low and there is apparently no fix for it.

    This means that when I record a podcast, I have to bring my audio into something like Soundbooth to fix the levels.

    And no, it is not because of the switch on the back... my choices are to either the setting which minimizes background sound and get a super quiet piece of audio that needs refining, or record with no noise prevention and get very dirty audio (I don't have the luxury of a quiet recording studio).

    This seems like an easy fix that neither Apple or apparently Blue will address. If *anyone* has a suggestion, let me know... otherwise, I highly suggest getting a different mic.

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    Returned 3, all have high pitch noise

    I bought one (Dec'07 )and it had some high pitch noise (electronic/digital noise) when using the switch no. 2. I returned the item at the Apple store. Got a new one...same problem .

    Again I returned the item and got a third mic, guess what? same annoying noise.

    I tested the Blue Snowball in a Mac Mini (intel), IBook G$, iBook G3...nothing same problem.

    I used Tiger, Leopard, downloaded the firmware ...Still can't get rid off that high pitch noise. I even used different cables.

    Posted my complain on the company's website (forums) and it DID NOT appear on the forum. BTW This problem has been mentioned in their forum several times.

    The staff at the Apple Store seem to be aware of the problem, they even said "ohh yeah the high pitch noise right? "

    GREAT customer service from Apple!!.

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    Intermittent success--low reliability

    I purchased one of these from the apple store and used it exclusively with Garage Band. As one of the other reviewers mentioned, it had some sort of usb-related problem where it would inexplicably stop sending a signal to Garage Band. The only way I could wake it back up was to add a new track representing the mic. This would work until it too would eventually stop. Too much fussing around required. The build quality was very good although I wondered whether it had been returned before since the box was not sealed, nor were the very ruffled looking plastic bags inside--except the one with the usb cable. It seems to be a very good product that was released ahead of getting the quality right on the software/firmware.

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    Nice but...

    I bought this mic and the Logitech stand alone usb mic and the the Logitech headset mic.
    I own the Apple iSight camera as well.

    I must tell you, the iSight camera blows all of the other mics out of the water, sonically.
    I wish it werent so because I liked the funky look of this mic. (It's huge by the way. About the size of a baseball)

    The only other mic I havent tried is the Samson usb mic.
    It will probably also have insufficient sound levels as well.

    Once again Apple has triumphed.

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    The word Proffessional does not belong with this microphpne

    After owning this microphone for over three months I can say that it was not worth it.

    If they sold it with out describing it as professional I could say I got my hopes up. It's an ok mic it plugs into my computer it is to a degree despite it's large size somewhat portable. It sounds third rate however - There is all this software fiddling that you have to get to it to sound maybe second rate - still not professional.
    I think that this company is being introduced to a whole new subset of future customers and they are not going to come back and buy anything else ever again.

    You have to use Garage Band to record - your favorite software program will need to be discarded. I love Audacity but no luck. I wish I had spent my money other ways.
    I would return it but unlucky I believed the professional description and didn’t open the box till I had it for two months..

    Don't be fooled - this mic is great for amateurs - I think it is anything but professional

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