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    Snowball USB microphone

    The Snowball worked fine out of the box. However, I made the mistake of trying the firmware update. After that, the performance was so poor that it's useless. I've tried several downloads and get no help. I've recently upgraded my Macbook Pro to Snow Leopard, and it will not recognize the Snowball. Sometimes these devices work-sometimes they don't. This one doesn't work on my Macbook Pro.

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    Distorts at all levels.

    I heard a lot of people saying this mic would not get loud enough. All I can say is that no matter what level this mic is at, it distorts horribly. I hate this mic and wish I would have never have bought it.

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    Doesn't Work Well

    I read a considerable number of the Snowball reviews, and find there are widely diverging opinions about this mic. People seem either to love it or hate it. I am among those that am very disappointed with this product. I purchased it to record voice, and placed the mic on the desktop approx. 1-2' from my voice. The recording is so soft, it cannot be heard without maxing out the speaker gain settings. Some reviewers have stated this problem can be fixed by downloading a firmware update from Blue Microphones website. I would be happy if a solution existed. However, I cannot find any firmware downloads anywhere on their website. If you buy the product, be sure to give it a trial run during the return period to insure it works for you.

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    so annoying

    i am using this as a mic that i can pull out of my bag if i need to record something random that i hear, but sounds good. or to just have a bit of fun. i also own the dragonfly by Blue for more serious recording, however this bit of trash has broken four times and i am really fed up with no one taking responsibility for it. DO NOT BUY THIS MIC..YOU WILL REGRET IT. keep your money and get a serious mic, this does absoutly nothing, apart from annoy.

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    10.5.2 and Snowball not playing nice

    I just bought a new Mac Pro. I have updated my OS to the latest 10.5.2. I grabbed my Snowball mic and plugged it in and started up Garageband . . . and waited, and waited. I got spinning beach balls galore. I never could record with the Snowball mic. I looked in the Apple discussion forum and found others with the same problem. Apple continues to sell this mic even though it's broken. The product developer has no solution and neither does Apple. I'd stay away for now. I really need to record some podcasts so now I am going to have to purchase another mic. What a waste of my money. This is disappointing.

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    serious problems / be warned

    there's a storm going on at the forum on the blue microphones website, with a number of buyers coplaining about the same problem.

    the mic on it's own has such a low signal input that it is almost useless for recording speech. as previous posts have said, you need to download the the firmware update to correct this. however, as things stand, the update does not work on leopard or on later versions of tiger (or for that matter vista, if you're on a pc).
    until this is sorted i've found the the mic close to useless for speech.

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    No Sound!!!

    I bought this for recording podcasts and voice-overs for my films in iMovie HD and Final Cut Pro. I couldn't get any audio other than a small bit of sound that know one could understand. I tried everything but still, no sound.

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    This mic suxx

    i thought this mic was cool looking and wanted to consider it when i built my studio this past march. then when i bought an iskin for my keyboard the other day i was like let me go back and pick it up to record ideas at home or maybe for a control mic. I should have kept walking. buy a $30 Sony Mic from Best Buy. This mic suxx!

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    Signal is too weak; I'm returning mine

    Even after downloading the firmware update, the microphone does not send a strong enough signal to the computer. I've cranked up the "input" setting to the maximum, and put my lips about as close as one can to the microphone, but it just doesn't send a strong enough signal.

    Now I'm looking for something with a pre-amp or other "booster." It's too bad, because it's big enough that it should provide great quality.

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    no sound

    It's on it's way back to the manufacturer because it didn't work at all. When I get a working one I'll let you know how that sounds.

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    distortion at all levels

    I don't know what to do. From the very first time I plugged this mic in it sounded terrible. I've tried all types of situations from a full live band to a single voice. In all cases the mic sounds like tin can and distorts like crazy no matter how low I have the input volume set. Also, the 3 "settings" on my mic all sound exactly the same. Maybe I just got a bad one.

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    yeah singin the blues with no mic

    Yeah I bought this Mic thinking this will be cool for quick home Garageband recordings and Podcasting, Narrating DVD's I was really excited about it.
    I never expected it to be a Pro mic at all, I did expect it to perform a lot better than it did. The mic performed like a two tin cans tied together, I found myself having to shout for basic narration, screaming to get a very weak volume in garage band making recording acoustic instruments impossible.
    Also a lot of hiss and back ground static this is after down loading the firmware gain control applettes, low and high gain fix, really didn't make a significant difference.
    The price of this mic way exceeds it's perfomance I was real disappointed, Bummer!!!
    Hope a quality USB mic is on it's way we're waiting!

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    Assembled crooked; setting 1 and 3 seem similarly distant

    My usb cable input arrow sits at 10-o'clock, not 12 like the photos, making it look cheap. Even after pumping the input level to 100% on the system preferences, I can not get normal voice levels unless I am practically screaming 2-6 inches away--and that is using regular setting #1. I get nothing on setting 2 (seems more like a 20 decible drop). Setting 3 is similarly faint to nonexistant depending on the direction.

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    Two very bad Blue Microphones

    After five or six easy to conduct and good quality audio (narration) recordings, our Blue Microphone begin to produce nothing but static (using Audacity, Vara Videocue or Audio Hijack Pro) - the static (seemed like pulsed static - not related to attempts to capture audio. Fine - the second one just arrived so we take it out of the box to determine if the problem is a microphone or cable and voila - same problem even though it was never used. We switch macs from G5 to G4 - same problem. We now try on Win XP Audacity or sound recorder- worse - won't even capture sound. Ditto for both of the Blue units. We're bringing them back for a refund tomorrow. Be careful to avoid this product.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    2nd one I've bought is producing nothing but static

    The first Snowball I bought produced nothing but static when I plugged it into my PowerBook to record some audio. After I exchanged it for another one, it worked for about a week or so and when I plugged it again, the 2nd one produces nothing but static. I would wait until Blue offers some kind of support documentation, some kind of driver or something that resets this otherwise great mic. Oh, and the USB cable and stand are extra.

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    Careful, careful

    This is the last time I order a non-endorsed product from apple. This makes $500 worth of pointless junk I have ordered, my iBook G4 not withstanding (it is a great notebook). This microphone DOES NOT COME AS YOU SEE IT. No stand, no USB plug- in chord, and if you're looking for support - no one at apple has a frigin clue. They'll send you to the manufacturer and you'll spend an hour pushing "0" trying to talk to a person. My advice, this mic is not much better than what you have inside your PC (if yours has a mic). Save your $150.

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    Product looks great, but is very unreliable!

    The mic is a beautiful piece of equipment and when it works, it sounds great. But there is very little documentation for troubleshooting and it intermittently produces static instead of good audio. This problem occurs on PC's and Macs. It interferes with iSight and other USB and Firewire devices and vice versa. According to comments on the Blue Mic website, others are having similar problems. They report that Garageband is the only software that works with the mic. I have been able to get it to work with other audio software, but the intermittent garble that it produces may be what they are talking about. Their complaints indicate that the only way to use it with other software is generate a USB filter using Core Audio (whatever that is - Apple doesn't not have much documentation on how this works - I suspect if youa are a programmer you could figure this out). I do know that when you use open up another program that uses audio, it will shut down and you get garble. Too bad. This device isn't ready for primetime on the Mac and probably not on a PC either.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Avoid this mic

    I've been recording classical music for over a decade, and really liked the looks of the Snowball for desktop production, especially given Blue's reputation. However, the mic arrived dead on arrival. Buyer beware.

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