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    As Stated In Another Review - Do not use the included screws!

    I don't know why I read the previous post and still opted to use the included screws; one broke while being drilled into the wall stud. A quick trip to Ace Hardware fixed the problem!

    My only other complaint is that it does not match the aluminum on the display; the arm is actually grey (steel), but oh well! Works like a charm!

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    How Amazing!

    The wall mount is just so wonderful. If you hook up your screen or Imac like I did it really brings it out.I put my 24inch up on my office wall and it was great. it was a breeze to put up( although I had a handy man put it up). It seemed very easy to put. Also the way you can change it to look like a picture a picture is outrageously wonderful. It was so totally worth the money.

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    Does the job

    This arm is well built and has a nice finish that complements my new 30" Cinema Display. The packaging was very well padded to protect the arm during shipment. The cable clips are very cheap, flimsy plastic and will fall off continuously due to the heavy weight of the monitor's cable. I have a similar arm sold by LaCie and it uses metal guides for the cable which work much better. I wound up using zip ties to keep the cable attached to the arm instead.

    Please be aware that the instruction manual says that the arm is pre-tensioned and needs no adjustment. I had quite a scare when I mounted my display because the weight of the monitor made it flop down and almost hit the wall. It turns out the tilt adjustment was way too loose. Once tightened with the supplied allen wrench, it now stays in the desired tilt angle. However, I find that the rotate adjustment is still a bit loose and there doesn't seem to be an easy way to tighten this axis of movement.

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