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    Only works with Keynote

    • Written by from Oregon

    If you use MS PPT for your presentations don't get any Kensington presenter. They only work with Keynote on the Mac OS.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    OK for simple talks

    • Written by from Davis

    The presenter works fine if you have a simple talk. But I consistently encounter two problems when I use the presenter. First it does not function as a 'plug and play' device on my computer (Macbook Pro, OSX 10.4.11). I always have to reboot after I plug in the presenter. The second problem is that I use short movies in my powerpoint talks, and I have them inserted in the slides so that they play after I click on them. But my mouse trackpad became inoperative when the presenter was plugged in so I had to unplug the presenter, show the movie, plug in the presenter and then reboot the computer.

    I guess the computer thinks the presenter is a mouse and I have my trackpad configured to go offline when a USB mouse is plugged in. So I have to change these preferences beforehand so that I can show the videos the way I prefer. In the end the experience is not at all seamless.

    In defense of the presenter it does move the slides forwards and back and has a nice range.

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