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    Caution: Meant For Use With External Keyboard And Mouse

    This stand does what it says; it raises the laptop up to eye level and reduces any strain on your back and neck by making it more ergonomic, except for one thing, your wrists. Using the keyboard and touch pad becomes much less ergonomic because it raises that part as well making your hands have to raise up to use the keyboard and touch pad. Now I have to either buy an external keyboard and mouse or else I'll get carpal tunnel syndrome in my wrists, or I can return it. I'll probably keep it just to save myself the hassle and use at my desk, but if I knew that it was meant to be used with an external keyboard and mouse, I probably wouldn't have gotten it in the first place.

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    Nice design but....

    The aluminum design is really nice, it matches the macbook. I ended up returning this product because the 6 inches increased in height was a little bit too much for me. It turns out that 3-4 inches is all I need. This would be perfect for me if it has an adjustable height.

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    Looks Great, A little loose for my taste.

    Looks great, love how my macbook pro 13" looks on it. Maybe I type to heavy, maybe my hands to big, but I do not like the way the stand bounces as I type (-1 Star). I also believe that the price is high for what you get (-1Star) but then again, it is related to Apple. I guess most vendors here just assume we will pay more because it matches (they are right to a point). The hole in the rear is 1 1/4" in diameter which does address the dvi issue.

    Overall, I would buy again just because I like the look, the height I get and the cable management.

    Hope this helps.

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