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    Fine, as long as you don't use a cinema Display with your laptop.

    This is a good stand, Sturdy, well built and attractive. The little hole for routing cables in the back is useful: as long as you don't have a cinema display. The DVI connector for a cinema display (or any other display) will not fit through the hole in the back. This was disappointing, because the usb/firewire cables that are attached to the DVI connector of a cinema display are not long enough to permit the cinema cable to go through the side and the remaining cables to go underneath. This is a pretty serious design flaw, given that the photo of the stand in their packaging shows the stand being used with a Macbook Pro, next to a cinema display ... cables conspicuously absent from the photo.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Too tall for me

    I ordered this stand to help with desktop ergonomics -- all the recommendations say that the top of your display should be at eye level or below. Unfortunately this stand raised the top of my display to about 2" above eye level, which put a crimp in my neck within hours. It's well-made and fits the design of my MacBook Pro, but I sent it back. I recommend that prospective buyers measure your laptop's position flat on the desk, then add 6" to see if this will give the proper positioning for you.

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