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    A must have for professionals or Students

    If you always have your laptop with you or worry about your laptop at home this is a must! This is incredible. I have this product but never had my laptop stolen but my cousin had her laptop recovered after it was stolen from her car. The thief was punished for breaking and entering and stealing her laptop and digital camera. Anyone can steal a laptop but your laptop can "tell on" its kidnaper with this software. Just make sure you have a dummy user account for the thief to access with no password so he or she doesn't wipe all the software off before lojack can do its thing.

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    Don't Leave (it at) Home Without It

    I love my new MacBook Pro, and I'd hate for anything to happen to it...so I got Lojack for Laptops. It's not expensive, was incredibly easy to install, and now I have peace of mind in case it's ever stolen. I also read recently that many laptops are stolen from homes, so I'm also protected there. If your computer is stolen, the software sends a tracking signal - the Lojack guys then work with local law enforcement to catch the bad guys and get your computer back. I wouldn't send a kid to college without it!

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    Worth every penny

    Easy to install and works behind the scenes so you never know its there. Had no impact on speed or performance - which was my big concern.

    Great deal with the rebate.

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    As a police detective and a mac owner myself, I must say this is a must have software application. Over the past few years, we have recovered a large number of laptop computers equipped with LoJack for Laptops. If you lose your laptop or have it stolen, you will be wishing that you had this software. Trust me!

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    A No-Brainer

    LoJack recover somewhere in the neighborhood of 75% of laptops that use the solution. If you love your MAC, buy a copy of LoJack for Laptops and feel secure that someone is looking out for the security of your machine and the data on it. Have a look at their website for more information.

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