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    Understand the product

    Its unfortunate that some have reported unhappy experiences here for varying reasons. Some have mistaken the hard drive as the cruz of the matter. The persistent agent behind Lojack is located in the firmware, not the hard drive. Each time the thief logs onto the net, a signal is sent to Absolute's team. The software install only turns on Absolute's "ears." It is not dependent on software on the HD. It cannot be defeated by removing/replacing/wiping the HD.

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    They recovered my computer quickly!!!

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    Excellent Buy

    Excellent buy. Easy install. Feel very safe now. Thieves beware.

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    A University colleague had his MBPro stolen from a clinic. The guilty party was located..on the campus! Pretty sad! A patient who was a student had taken the mac.
    Of course not many people would guess that they have to remove the hard drive to clean up the device!
    Based on this I load it up on our families Mac's...Get the University discount!

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    No brainer...

    I'm a freelance designer and based on a recommendation by a Genius at my local store, I got this with my new MBPro. I've never had a computer stolen but the reality is that in times like we live now, the risk of it happening is far to great to take a chance. At $100 for 3 years, its inexpensive protection for that oh sh__ moment when you say "where is my Mac". The other thing that really sold me what that unlike other type of services that just find your Mac and tell you where it is, lojack will find your Mac and work with the police to actually recover it for you. Plus this comes with a data delete option which I will definitely use if my Mac is stolen since I have a lot of important and sometimes confidential design files on my Mac at any given time.

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    If you don't buy this, you will most likely regret it

    This is the only sure-fire method of recovery for your MAC that I've seen out there that really works. Spend the money, you'll be glad you did. I have it on my home machine and my work machine. Say no more.

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