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    When did buying a new mouse get so complicated?

    • Written by from Sturgis

    I want a new mouse. It's been awhile since I bought one. So this is the SECOND new mouse I've bought from the Apple Store that works only partially. This one scrolls only when it feels like it. I can't side scroll with it - like in Launch Pad, I just sit there staring at page one and can't get any further. My old Kensington may be pretty arthritic but at least it does everything. I'm beginning to think if I want a new mouse I'll have to get 2 or 3 of them to do the job that one used to do.
    I'm super annoyed. And I threw out the packing for this cheap (yet overpriced) dog, so I can't even send it back - who'd have thought an old TRACKBALL mouse wouldn't work? It's in the trash now.
    I use Mavericks - maybe this mouse is just another thing that doesn't work on that OS.

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    software not compatible for multiple users

    • Written by from West Hollywood

    The buttons are not programable for multiple users. If the main user logs out, the other users can not program the buttons and it defaults to original settings. ;-((

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    Not compatible with 10.6.3

    • Written by from Bronx

    I bought this based on the questions and answers that said it was compatible with Snow Leopard. It is not. When I tried to install the Logitech Software, I got an error message that said it was not compatible with my system. It needs 10.4 or 10.5.

    Note to Steve Jobs --- PLEASE make a trackball for your iMacs.

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    Didn't last three weeks

    • Written by from Summerville

    I purchased the Logitech TrackMan Marble Trackball from the Apple site for our iMac. It worked great for about two weeks then gradually the cursor would go crazy. By the third week you couldn't direct the cursor anywhere on the screen without it going back to the top left corner. I uninstalled and reinstalled the software and it did the same thing. I popped the ball out to clean it and it still didn't work. Because the computer is useless if you can't click on the application you need I had to go buy another mouse. I bought the Microsoft Comfort Optical Mouse 3000 and have had it a week with no problems. Since this experience I have heard several people say they've had similar problems with trackball's. Where were the people BEFORE I wasted my money?

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