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    Very sturdy but limited flexibility

    • Written by from Fayetteville

    I bought an Ergotron LX for my 22" Cintiq and love everything about it. Bought the MX for my 28" Hanns G monitor (due to weight concerns) and while it holds it in place it has limited flexibility, as the base only swivels 180º not the 360º (like the LX.) As another reviewer stated, this really is best for those with deep desks, but I do enjoy the extra space 4" under the monitor. May not be much but it's great for the stapler, calculator and other misc desk items that always seem to be in your way.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Solid - desk mount

    • Written by from Ultimo

    I have been using the MX for more than 2 years with my 20" Dell monitor. Recently, I have upgraded my Dell to 27 Apple LED cinema display (ACD). The weight of the monitor is about 10 kg without the stand. The MX holds my ACD perfectly with a bit of tightening up the hexascrew on top (pre loading the spring to support the ACD weight). So those who complaint about MX cannot hold the monitor, please read the user manual again.
    Solid build (feels heavy and strong)
    Easy to setup
    Lots of accessories
    Reasonable price

    Could have done better with cable management (cheap plastic at the base arm, no cable cover at the top arm)
    Once the monitor get heavier it needs more force to move the arm around (better if the joints of the arm have ball barring)

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