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    Don't Waste Your $$$

    I have purchased several of moshi's products and was happy with them, but not this one. It made using my trackpad difficult because the trackpad piece was too thick to feel my fingertips. After I removed it, I had to reboot the Macbook because the trackpad was still now working.

    There are other good moshi products, but this one is not one of them.

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    This is basically a sticker that sticks onto your laptop keyboard base. Many issues:

    1) Other reviewers are correct, this is not an exact "color match"
    2) Sticker does NOT fit, I had to cut it down to fit my 13", and it looks shoddy and cheap now
    3) The "sticker" meant to go on the trackpad is a joke. It does not stay stuck, and it is not sized properly for my track pad. Further, you can not use the trackpad with the sticker on, the on-screen cursor "gets sticky" and does not move the on screen cursor! Basically, this protective sticker prevents you from using your trackpad without having a headache.
    4) I don't know why these products are sold, tailored to Apple products, when they don't even fit. Feels bait-and-switch-y.

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    Bought the newest Macbook Pro 13" and doesn't fit

    Seems like this fits perfect on older Macbook Pros; however, I literally just purcahses the newest 13" and it's cut too large so it hangs off by a quarter inch on each side. Don't buy it for new Macbooks.

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