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    Basically a perfect match!

    I bought this from moshi directly for my Early 2015 macbook pro retina. So this one may not fit perfectly, but if you go to mosh, you should find the right one for your macbook. It has stopped a lot of wear and tear on the bottom and trackpad of my laptop. I began noticing how grimy the trackpad looked compared to the keyboard area, which i had a keyboard cover on and decided to get the palm guard they offer. Contrary to what many people worry about, its thin enough that it lets my MBP close completely and the color difference isn't jarring whatsoever. Its definitely a quality product, the trackpad cover does cause the mouse to be slightly less sensitive, but it is your choice to put it on, and if you change some of the trackpad settings under system preferences than you won't even notice it. Maybe I'm being too cautious, but at least my macbook will be looking pristine for years to come!

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    Don't Waste Your $$$

    I have purchased several of moshi's products and was happy with them, but not this one. It made using my trackpad difficult because the trackpad piece was too thick to feel my fingertips. After I removed it, I had to reboot the Macbook because the trackpad was still now working.

    There are other good moshi products, but this one is not one of them.

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    This is the most useful accessory I have had for my MacBooks. I bought it about 4.5 years ago for my first MacBook after noticing the wear on a friends that wasn't more than a year old, and I love it. It went on easily, was a great match of colour and just had an overall feel of quality, all while remaining fairly inexpensive. What I also found incredible was when i got a new MacBook after about 2 years, I was able to peel it off and easily reapply it to my new one with no issues, it re-stuck perfectly, and still no air bubbles to this day, with relatively minimal wear, likely a lot less than would exist on the actual trackpad without it. Contrary to what others have said, I have never even one time experienced any reduction in trackpad sensitivity on either MacBook I have used it on, the trackpad has always remained perfectly responsive, including all tap functions and multi gesture functions.

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    This is basically a sticker that sticks onto your laptop keyboard base. Many issues:

    1) Other reviewers are correct, this is not an exact "color match"
    2) Sticker does NOT fit, I had to cut it down to fit my 13", and it looks shoddy and cheap now
    3) The "sticker" meant to go on the trackpad is a joke. It does not stay stuck, and it is not sized properly for my track pad. Further, you can not use the trackpad with the sticker on, the on-screen cursor "gets sticky" and does not move the on screen cursor! Basically, this protective sticker prevents you from using your trackpad without having a headache.
    4) I don't know why these products are sold, tailored to Apple products, when they don't even fit. Feels bait-and-switch-y.

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    Bought the newest Macbook Pro 13" and doesn't fit

    Seems like this fits perfect on older Macbook Pros; however, I literally just purcahses the newest 13" and it's cut too large so it hangs off by a quarter inch on each side. Don't buy it for new Macbooks.

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    It's a very nice palm rest

    The colour match is seamless and it is a great protector against scratches.

    I am disappointed however with how the packaging was sent for the product (it was a gigantic box full of bubble wrap for something that could have fit in an envelope). Also, when applying the protector to the computer you must remove a tab that is connected to the back for easy peel back - unfortunately that tab is stuck to the front with a bit of glue which cannot be removed. In an attempt to remove the adhesive the protector has now been permanently stained orange (which may be a base to the material the protector is made of... I am not sure) in the one corner. It does not accent the new laptop at all very well... =(

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    Partially Perfect

    The main part of this product, the palmguard, is incredible! It is a perfect fit, despite what others have said, as long as you take your time applying it, you will be extremely pleased. (Plus, unlike many skins or adhesive add-ons, this can be removed and re-applied, so if you mess up, take it off and try again). The color match is near perfect, only give-a-way is the line at the top from the level change, which I thought might lift and peel after time but the adhesive is great and I've had absolutely no problems with it.

    The reason I say "partially perfect" is because of the trackpad skin. It definitely affects the use of the trackpad, I noticed it right after application when trying to "tap to select" and sometimes when trying to use multi-finger gestures and noticing it is unable to register how many fingers are being used. I'd think making this thinner could solve that problem, but until a resolution I will keep it on because in the end, it is successful at its job, keeping oil from skin off the trackpad and reducing wear.

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    Disappointing product

    i bought this to protect my Macbook Pro 13" Retina display. It is bigger and palm rest does not fit the model. I had to use it right away so i ended up cutting the edges and using it now. It's 1 star product but additional star is for a perfect fit on touchpad.

    I do not recommend this product.

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    Decent purchase

    The palmguard was easy to put on. You can unstick it and replace if you place it down incorrectly. It comes in two stickers - the small tracking pad sticker and the bigger sticker. Even though this is supposed to fit my macbook pro 13", the bigger sticker is a little longer on the sides which required me to cut it down a little (hence 4 stars instead of 5). Other than that, the gritty texture that people have been talking about is a non-issue for me; it's not gritty to me. I have not had any trouble with the tracking pad sticker either. I do not have to press down any harder than usual; it is still sensitive. I'm just glad to have something to protect the bottom of my computer which gets awfully dirty.

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    Great Product

    Works great. No complaints here. Even feels good, not grippy on the trackpad. I recommend this product to anyone who wears watches etc.

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    I got this wanting to preserve my Mac as best as possible. The overall fit isn't perfect. There is a little gap on both side. The palm guard is a rough, gritty feeling. It isn't smooth at all, same with the track pad. The guard really hinders the tack pad's sensitivity. I can no longer "tap to click" which is something I like a lot rather than clicking. The color of the guard is a little darker than the actual Mac body. I might end up not using the track pad cover at all.

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    A must-have product

    I absolutely love the Moshi Palmguard! I am using it with my 13" MacBook Pro. It fits perfectly. It is almost unnoticeable. I love the feel of it and it does not reduce the sensitivity of the trackpad. Again, this is a must-have product & I absolutely love it!

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    Well worth the money!

    I bought the Moshi PalmGuard and the keyboard protector along with my MacBook Pro. The application was easy. I just aligned the edges perfectly and worked my way in securing it. The color matches my MacBook perfectly so I can hardly tell that it's there.

    I've read the other reviews on here so I was worried about the trackpad losing sensitivity or responsiveness if I applied the trackpad portion of the guard, but I haven't noticed a difference. If anything, it improved it. I noticed that when I used it without the guard, my finger would occasionally "slip" and the cursor wouldn't move on my screen (especially after washing my hands). The sandpaper-like texture of the trackpad gives it a bit more "grip" when you're using your finger to maneuver.

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    People Say that it loses sensitivity when it does its perfect!!! Feels very study and is soft to touch!

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    INFINITELY better than the older suede version!!

    I've gone through two of the older suede versions since I bought my macbook two years ago, and I love them for protecting my macbook, but they drive me nuts because for a student who's on their computer 8+ hours/day, it would just start looking dirty after a few months. So I was so excited when I saw that they improved the model in time for my second replacement. It's great and now (hopefully) I won't have to buy another one in 6-8 months!

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great protection!

    I love this product. The application process is so easy with tabs to help you remove the sticky part from the paper. The color and texture match perfectly with my Macbook pro. I have long nails and would hate to ruin the surface of my Macbook, so this is exactly what I was looking for.

    Overall a great protection plan for your Macbook!

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    Protection, but with bad fit.

    It looks nice on besides the fact that the trackpad piece is actually too small for the trackpad so there's an ugly space all around it in which particles collect. The right side of the palm piece keeps peeling up every couple of days. Not majorly, but I have to smooth it out. The feel is like sandpaper, especially on the trackpad. I'll use it because I paid for it and my macbook needs protection, but it's not the best product.

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    Looks great, but bubbles

    As others have mentioned, this palm guard is perfectly matched to the Macbook Pro. It fits literally perfectly and even the colour is an exact match. Take the time to fit it exactly, you won't regret it. My problem is that it seems to bubble on the right side. I took the time, I layered it perfectly on the first try and for whatever reason it will occasionally bubble-- especially if I'm sitting outside with it. I didn't even bother with the trackpad cover based on the other reviews. It's a good buy, especially to protect against scratching at the wrist area. I wasn't crazy about the high shipping cost though. It arrived in a huge box when it's really a flat board that could fit in an oversized envelope. Hopefully the shipping costs weren't determined by the size of the box.

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    Moshi did an awesome job on this. It blends in perfectly, and the fit is great. It was very simple to install...took me only one try. I only hoped Moshi had done a full body one for the MacBook Pro, I would most def get it. I also purchased the Moshi keypad cover...Both products are amazing. Fits well, and not noticeable!

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    My trackpad stopped responding!

    I purchased the palm guard together with my 13'' MacBook Pro. I loved it! The colors was perfect, it felt well and I was sure my MacBook not only looks great, but will be protected.

    However, a few days ago ( now my MacBook is 6 months old), a certain spot on the trackpad stopped responding. It acted weirdly as it did not want to move and respond to finger movements. I read all sorts of forums, apple support, nothing helped until I decided to unstick the trackpad palm guard. I touched the stop which did not respond and it seemed fine. Then, I sticked back the palm guard and it was working fine.

    I have no idea where the problem came from, I would like to understand. Overall, it is a great product, I find it very useful and protecting, but as I described before, for some reason the trackpad did not respond.

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