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    Got this lock for my wife's new 13" MBP for Christmas. Searched and read reviews everywhere and finally decided to get this one. It was PERFECT, nice fit & secures 13" MBP great. If someone really wants it though I am sure any thief will find a way to get it, but at least this will give a little challenge. Where the lock attaches to to MBP there is a rubber piece that stops the lock from scratching the computer, also if someone tampers with it a red dot will appear on the lock so you know someone was touching your property. Read a lot of bad reviews about combination locks, and glad I decided to get this Kensington MicroSaver Lock. If you have a MBP don't look for another lock this is all you need!!!

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    Not compatiable with 2011 Macbook Pro

    It does not fit snugly into the lock port. It's loose and just scraps and damages the Macbook aluminum.

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    Awful Lock!

    This lock does not attach properly at all. I just purchased my 13"mbp early June of this year along with two of these locks so I could have one on the go and one with me for travel. This lock has two stubs of metal on both sides of the actual lock that attaches to the computer and all those things do is scratch the aluminum off of your computer! The rubber surrounding these parts may be helpful if the actual lock could even fit into the port- which it does not. Obviously the port and lock are not compatible on the 2011 models of the 13' mpb. The head of the lock is absolutely flimsy and is very weak, anyone could rip the cable out if they wanted to. I highly doubt that this is just a faulty lock because I tried both locks and they both did not fit. As for the port on my mpb, there is no "door" so I'm not sure what other people are talking about (yes I know which port is for the lock). Also, this lock partially blocks the edge of the cd drive and is very close to scratching the disk. Honestly apple, either improve this port, associate yourselves with a different lock, or make your own! This lock is HORRENDOUS.

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    Works Fine on MacBook Pro 15"

    I purchased this lock and took it on a cruise to secure my MBP while away from my cabin. It did what it was supposed to do without much of a problem. I gave it four stars only because, I found it a little awkward to attach the lock the first couple of days. It was a breeze by day four.

    When not attached to the computer the lock appears to be flimsy, but that is not the case once it is inserted correctly into the slot on the computer and actually locked.

    It probably will scratch the finish on your computer, if you do not take the time to align the t-bar locking mechanisms. They should be parallel before inserting into the slot.

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    Good Lock

    I have a late 2011 MacBook Pro 15", the lock fits perfectly and does its job like a champ. I have absolutely no complaints, even the metal chord is quite bendy but still strong. I don't have any problems with it damaging my computer either.

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    Supporting Latest MacBooks

    Kensington MicroSaver Lock can work well with the latest Apple laptops using Lockub.