• 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Doesn't fit MacBook 15' with retina

    Fits great old MacBooks (13' not retina) but very-very louse on new MacBooks 15' with retina (4 starts for old MacBooks and 0 starts for new retina MacBooks, even they say they support it). Quality is not better than cheap 1-8$ keyboard covers. Very noticeable on keyboard.

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    Bad product

    I hate this thing! I bought it to protect my keyboard from getting dusty...But this thing attracts dust! and a lot of it too! And the dust sticks to it and I can't even get it off. I'm usually very happy with Apple products but not this one. And I cant even return it since I already started using it :(

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    This reminds me of the old days with saran-wrap on my PC keyboard except it feels worse but looks better for the 1st week only. This cover looks like garbage after 45 days of use, and to keep it looking good, you need to buy a new one every 45-60 days. It is cheep and really degrades the quality look of a Mac. This makes me question if Apple is just out to steel money from there customers. As for protection it is a hit and miss. The typical cold liquids maybe, but when coffee spilled on mine this cover dried deformed. Also did not offer any protection to the keyboard from the sides. Lucky for me it was the blue tooth keyboard not the Mac book. There is better out there, even for less money. I think this product is a rip off and a cash grab for apple because it needs to be replaced too often. Further more the Apple online store manager should do some real life testing before offering this waste of money to there customers.

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    don't bother

    A keyboard protector seems like a great idea, but the ClearGuard just slides around over the keys, making it hard to type precisely. Clingfilm would work just as well (maybe even better) and it's a lot cheaper. This product is certainly NOT worth the investment.

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