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    Excellent and no issues if you understand electricity

    I use this inverter for when I am working in the field remotely via a small pickup camper that has close to 300W of solar onboard. The devices that I use with it consist of a 13" Retina Mac Book Pro, iPad-2, iPhone 5's & occasionally camera batteries. It simply works great and will handle the load if you are not using a charger like the 85W one for the 15" that obviously pulls surge power unlike the lower rated units. And yes, the fan does run often and can be heard...I like that because unless it is a lot larger enabling the use of a big heat sink, *any* inverter will do this and needs to as it converts 12V DC into AC power. The use of a fan keeps the unit small. Maybe a future unit will employ a quieter fan type, but the one they are using takes less power to run and only uses just enough to keep temps in check.

    I think this unit is brilliant and the size is perfect.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Kensington Auto/Air Power Inverter with USB Ports

    i have used mine on 3 long car trips. powering my ipad or my MacBook pro,it performed excellently i never heard any noise.i don't travel without it.

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