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    Fine Inverter, Mislabeled Uses in the Apple Store

    The dual usb ports allow charging multi devices. Nice small form factor. Has a peak output of 150W with continuous of 120W.

    I bought it to use with my 85W Magsafe power adapter (both on planes and in the car) only to find that the inverter goes into protect mode everytime the magsafe tries to charge my 15" Macbook Pro. Looking more closely at the power requirements on the side of the magsafe adapter, it consumes 1.5A at 100-240V. At 115V, 1.5A is over the 150W peak of the inverter.

    I'm not sure if the adapter is pulling exactly 150W (1.5A at 100V) and the inverter is not able to put out its claimed peak, if the inflow rush characteristics of the adapter do not play nicely with the inverter, or if the adapter is actually pulling more than it claims - the bottom line, as a few others have pointed out, is this will not work with a 15" Macbook Pro.

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    Runs well but the noise is annoying

    Powers good and quite longer than expected but the annoying noise is inescapable. Wish there was a sound-absorbent accessory that came along, even if for a higher price. Am yet to try it for a long flight but I know it will be fine with necessary amenities on plane.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Power Good - Noise is not

    I used this on a recent trip from Pittsburgh, PA to North Carolina - around 500 miles each way. I thought the power sustainability was very good. Had a MacBook Pro and a iPhone powered off it for almost 4 hours each trip. I would give the power side of my review 5 stars, but...

    I gave this product a 3 star rating because it is so noisy. The little fan has a very high pitched whining sound that drives you crazy. It was like a little jet engine whine and it's pretty loud, and it gets louder and a higher frequency with more of a demand on the unit. On a scale of 1-10, I would give the noise level a 3 or 4. Tried to hide the unit under the seat (without covering up the fan and air outlets) to escape the noise but you can't escape the sound.

    NOTE: I have tried several different power units over the years for a laptop on this very trip, this is the only one to provide enough power for such a long trip.

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