• 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Great for the while it lasted

    The Apogee GiO was a good buy for the first couple months. However now there are some problems with the recording and playback buttons not firing correctly. Even using the forward and back is not useful as it will skip over two measures of recording instead of one which has made me go back to the track pad for editing. I'm in the process of looking for fixes, but you might want to consider comparing prices for interfaces as well.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Older product with spotty performance

    I'm a bass player and I've had this pedal for three full months. I use it in weekly rehearsals, have been recording with it, and have played through it at eight live shows. I use it with MainStage 3.

    When the GiO works as intended, it's great. I like the customizability. I use the concert template you can download and alter it to suit my needs. After a couple weeks fiddling I found the right places for me to put various amps and effects.

    Here's the reason for two stars: this is an older product that doesn’t seem to work with modern hardware and software for the price they're asking.

    Depending on when I plug in the USB cable, it not only crashes MainStage, it prevents it from reopening until I reinstall the GiO driver, which of course requires a restart of the computer. Then, if I forget to unplug the GiO before there restart, it once again kills MainStage, and I have to run the reinstall process over. This has happened to me in a live setting, which means I wouldn’t recommend anyone drop the money on it.

    The other main problem is that it doesn’t like USB 3.0, so if you have that, the lights don’t work. There’s a workaround where you buy and plug in through a USB 2.0 hub. Hardly ideal if that workaround actually worked – sometimes it does – but usually I just have a row of unlit buttons, and I have to turn around to look at my computer screen in the middle of a performance to see if an effect is active or not. Kind of defeats half the purpose of having a controller.

    Good when it works, but it often doesn’t. Wouldn’t recommend it.

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