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    The Gio changed how I play guitar

    Seriously, this is the best tool for a guitarist in the digital age. Combined with Logic Pro X and MainStage you get the best of both worlds, any sound combination you could think of and an amazing foot controller to interact with it. If you are thinking of using your Mac to record guitar or play live this is your device. The mapping was automatic in Logic, but I did have to do a little work in MainStage because I had everything setup to be controlled a bluebox.

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    The greatest

    If you are recording guitar on your Apple this is what you want. I am currently using it on garage band and I can do everything with my feet. It works great and is plug and play. There is no latency in my recordings and it is easy to use. Didn't even have to read the manual and I am certainly not a tech kind of guy. It is kind of pricey but I think it is worth it. Apogee says it will work with all of the Apple based recording software.

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    I love this pedal. I works great with GarageBand and MainStage. Currently using it with MainStage 1 which requires a bit more setup, but works like a charm. The I/O processing in the pedal is amazing. I never had any latency issues even when I really push it. Running it off a Unibody MacBook Pro 2.53 ghz with 4 GB of RAM. Getting great tone out of MainStage and have at this point abandoned my previous amp setup. Wish it had a built in expression pedal but will be buying M-Audio Midi expression pedal soon.

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    Perfect for Logic recording

    I'm a songwriter and I compose on guitar as well as keyboard and bass. When I first saw Gio I thought it would be a great way to record and get to the guitar sounds in Logic but had no idea it would change my entire workflow. Actually it made it just flow.. no work!

    Gio eliminates tons of mouse clicking and trips between the computer and the instrument. Truly hands free recording as advertised. It's totally intuitive to guitarists especially if you’ve used a pedal board... a great extension to bring the virtual power of Logic’s amps and pedals back into the musician’s world. I even had it tucked under my synth to use the transport... didn’t have to turn around to the computer.
    It just all works when you plug it in and the sound output is absolutely pristine.
    Even my acoustic sounds delish through it. This is obviously because of Apogee conversion and pre. The led’s are totally useful to associate with what’s on the screen. Next/Previous buttons work contextually to step through different setups or tracks... Ingenious. It’s also beautiful to look at. Almost too beautiful to step on.

    Seems like there are endless possibilities to assign the buttons to be useful for other things. Computing with your feet... awesome! Makes me wish it worked with iTunes, Photoshop and other programs I use.

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