• 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Amazing B&W Product

    These B&W MM-1's with the Nautilus derived tweeters make for a VERY impressive
    pair of computer speakers. (Zeppelin Mini does not have them)

    Just like regular B&W speakers, and burn-in period is needed to round out the sound on these.
    Let them play when not home at a decent volume, to get the mids and tweeters the best they
    can be. Do this for several weeks, when possibly)
    So it is possibe that some of the high end tinniness that may be experienced, will smooth out
    over time.

    While these small speakers will NOT sound like a pair of $5k B&W Speakers being
    driven thru $7k in Audio Research Tube amps.... But for $500 they do over perform on the
    computer that is in your life everyday!

    --Think the amp located inside the right speaker, may be a bit too powerful for the
    four drivers. So turn up the volume but not to the max--
    If you use Itunes, the EQUALIZER does indeed make a difference with these MM-1's.
    In some music passages, not using the EQ will make for a purer method.
    But in general the Itunes Eq, makes these have a much bigger sound-stage, deeper bass
    and just an overall more powerful amazing experience!
    Note: I use the rock eq mode, then slightly customize it to LOWER the upper three freq so it is
    smoother sounding and also slightly reduce the bottom end. Will take time to perfect......

    Like another person posted here the due create a bit of vibration, when playing low freq.
    B&W needed to make these MM-1 even 'heavier' then they are.
    In the perfect world, B&W would have made a slighter larger, three way speaker.
    (2 Small Low-2 mids-2 tweets) It would be worht it B&W :)
    The details in the mids are impressive, could be further improved on a future model.

    (forget the Bose Companion 5 model, the MM-1' trounce them) Bose does not know
    what they are doing, other then smart marketing.

    I convert all music on Itunes to Apple lossless files (done easy), using files
    of this size really make the MM-1 wildly shine!

    Bottom line:
    While further improvements & tweeks should be made to the 2Gen B&W MM-1 in
    the next few years, nothing comes even close to these computer speakers.

    Place them the proper distance apart, use apple lossless playback, the
    USB port to take advantage of the built-in DA converter and use the Eq on itunes
    often and be prepared to be b l o w n a w a y.

    p.s click on the apple itunes: Visualizer pick a Radiohead or Pink Floyd piece ........

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Beautiful sound and imaging.

    -Unbelievable sound for guitar, piano, and especially vocals. They come alive.
    -Imaging is the best I've heard.
    -Gorgeous, non-intrusive design.

    -Not great for electronica, dubstep, ambient, or house music.
    -Truly desk monitors. You need to sit right in front of the speakers to get proper sound. Sound quality quickly deteriorates as you move farther away or off center.
    -Do not work well in large rooms.

    Note: These speakers are so precise that they will make poor quality audio (mp3, youtube, etc.) sound even worse. Highly recommended for audiophiles who have the majority of their digital collection in 256kbps AAC or Apple Lossless.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Okay...these ROCK!

    Wow...just...wow. If you can afford these bad boys, pick them up! Warm tones, great bass, good highs, nice balance of bass and highs, just amazing all around sound. A couple things: Do not put these behind anything (I know, DUH). I thought I could put them slightly behind my Imac's monitor, but the sound suffers significantly if they're covered even a little bit. The right side will run kind of hot, but try not to worry. Also, maybe it's just me, but it took a little bit for me to truly appreciate the sound these give off...Try playing something from all the genres you like and see your positive opinion of these grow...By the way, the audio sweet spot is right in front of them, so if you're going to show them off, have the person sit down where you normally sit...and if you've used an equalizer on your ipod settings, take 'em off, or at least give them a listen WITHOUT eq...I was amazed how much better these sounded when I turned the eq off...
    I know, they don't have a subwoofer (they're 2.0, not 2.1), but if you aren't trying to shake the walls of the room you're using these in, you will be pleasantly surprised how much low end these have.
    Just to make sure these were as good as I thought, I compared these to the Bose music monitors, the 2.0 set that seemed to be the closest in positive reviews and price. The Bose have brighter highs, but the lows and overall sound balance can't even come CLOSE to the MM-1s.
    If price is an issue, ask people to give you apple store cards for your birthday and Christmas, and get yourself a pair! BONUS: you can plug it into the USB and STILL plug in your ipod to the AUX...awesome! I gave these only four stars because their price will keep a lot of people who could really appreciate these from getting them...boo!
    p.s. I saw in some reviews that the sound suffers if you play bad quality mp3s on these...have not had that problem.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Wow! What impressive sound!

    I am a huge computer speaker audiophile and I can say without a doubt that theses are the cleanest sounding speakers I have heard in recent years. The sound is clean, rich, and the bass not overpowering. A pure joy to listen to and enhances my sound experience while listening to my iTunes. My only con for this product is they are a bit overpriced for what they are, and there is no volume control that controls just the speakers. Sound levels are gained by a smartly styled remote that taps into the computers volume control. A small flaw in what are exceptionally great speakers! Highly recommend!

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    very very nice

    the sound is gorgeous. have it hooked up directly to the macbook pro via usb. love the sound. BUT....it would be nice if it could hook into an Airport Express, Time Machine, or Apple TV (all of which I have) via USB as well and be recognized by iTunes as a speaker. This is a big drawback in my book. I'd rather not be tethered to them and use them remotely in the same room via wireless to serve as my speakers. So Apple get to updating the iTunes software to make this work!!?? Or whatever. Would make it a full 5 stars. Don't want to use stereo plugs on the Airport Express to do this is it really reduces the sound quality.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    WOW! Much better than the Palo Alto Cubik's

    PRODUCT: Very nice packaging and great size. The design of the speakers are great, very clean and simple, yet modern. The Right Speaker has a very sleek brushed aluminum strip around the speaker which includes the Power Button, +/- Volume Buttons and in the rear, a headphone and 3.5mm Aux jack which is nice. The bottom of the right speaker is the inputs for power, USB and to the left speaker, I thought this was very smart to keep wires as clean as possible. The build quality is very nice, you'd expect so for $500. Includes a wireless remote control which is also nice. Overall, a very nice looking speaker and very nice construction.

    SOUND: WOW. They sound amazing. I played both lossless FLACs and compress MP3s and both sounded unreal. These speakers ability to reproduce instrument sounds from the Cello and Violin from a local group called "The Piano Guys" was simply amazing. The lows they were able to make from the Cello, blew my mind. These speakers are simply amazing to sum it up, but are they worth $500? Uhh… that's hard to say. I would suggest they are more worth $300-$400 tops. However these speakers are amazing and if you can afford them, you won't be disappointed unless you're use to perfect audiophile setups.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    good quality

    Easy to install. Quality Sound!!! Not too impressed with the design of the remote control (i.e., flimsy;and intermittent IR contact when pointing the remote to the speakers at certain angles). The top portion of the right speaker gets very hot but from reading other reviews, it appears to be normal.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Beautiful at low levels

    Like the title says at low levels they are extremely clear. Not so great with my dubstep collection. Large base collectors should probably avoid these but all other music sounds amazing.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Outstanding clarity, limited dynamics and bass

    As you would expect, since this is a tiny speaker and there's no defeating the laws of physics, so this speaker is not going to compare to a larger sub + satellite system or larger powered speakers.

    I'll summarize the important points
    - The build quality is outstanding. They feel solid and I like the fact that they are all covered in a cloth like material and the speaker drivers are protected by a perforated plastic grill, so there is no way you can accidentally damage the drivers behind the cloth covering. The top is brushed metal and they are little jewels of metal and cloth
    - The sound is outstandingly clear, the tweeters convey an airy sound so you can hear the shimmer of cymbals, and the midrange is solid so you can hear vocals with clarity
    - The bass response is limited, they probably convey bass detail down to about 90Hz by my ear, and thanks to B&W sound processing, it manages to stay full sounding even at slightly lower volumes. Because of their DSP processing which tailors the sound quality at any given volume, the sound is clear even when you start cranking it and the circuitry works hard to make sure the sound doesn't break up prematurely, but there's only so much the little drivers can do, so in the end, the speaker is very satisfying considering its size but don't expect miracles....you won't mistake these for much larger speakers that cost a fraction of the price.
    - The speaker emits a slight hiss that isn't that noticeable except in a quiet room, but some people who has younger ears may find it slightly too evident
    - The right speaker gets astonishingly warm even with no music playing so it's probably eating up lots of power. This is a bit surprising considering that this speaker uses digital amps
    - The remote is small but handy

    All in all I like these and if they were $300 I'd recommend them for anybody who wants a premium ultra compact setup, but at $500 I only recommend them if you absolute want something cool and stylish in your fancy office tbat takes up a minimal of desk space. Right now there are plenty of competitors that offer more bang for the buck sound quality wise. If you don't need a built in USB DAC, I would look at the Focal XS Book, Paradigm A2, PSB PS1, NHT Superpower which are all regular powered speakers which can play louder and cleaner, offer more usable bass response, and offer refined sound as well

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    B-W mm-1.

    I use my computer all day, and good sounding music is a must. The internal speaker's
    in my Mac book pro doesn't play loud enough, checked the Apple store an came upon
    the mm-1, I read all the reviews and took a chance even with the high price tag, I
    received the speakers yesterday set them up, very easy and started to listen the sound is amazing,imaging the voices seem to come from the middle of the computer"s screen. If you can swing $499 buy it!

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    MM1 are great speakers

    Yes, B&W make great speakers! Purchased them after listening to them at a retail Apple Store. They are very beautiful next to the 27 in Apple Cinema Display on my desk. I have read about white noise being a problem, but I can't really say I notice it. Maybe it will be more noticeable to me over time? The sound is very clear, crisp and well defined. I also have a Bose system on another Mac, and compared to that, MM1 speakers are more precise. There is enough base coming through B&W speakers, but not as much as the Bose that has a separate subwoofer. The volume is adequate, but I wouldn't say you can really blast it much. There is a software update, but I didn't perform it because it puts the speakers in standby when the computer is put to sleep or turned off. The remote is able to turn the speakers off, and when that is done while the computer is still on, it will default to the display speakers. Overall, I really like these speakers and only took off one star for the relatively high price and weaker bass.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    ALWAYS ON! Standby mode doesn't come on...

    I just got the MM-1 speakers and i notice that they do NOT go into standby mode - ever! I need to physically turn them off each time i turn off my PC and turn them back on each and every time i turn on my PC in the morning.

    i've never ever had a single pair of computer speakers that do not have an "auto on/off" feature that turns off its electronics, including amplifiers (this MM-1 has FOUR amplifiers built-in) when there is no signal for a certain period of time. This is akin to a subwoofer's auto on/off idea.

    I wonder if it's a B&W mistake, design error, or something else?

    do please note that the right speaker, the one containing all the electronics incl the amplifiers, the top plate gets VERY hot, as is the experience with most users. i don't believe that the heat will ruin the speakers, but it's certainly not good for them, but that's something most of us can live with while the PC is on and while we're using the speakers/PC, but NOT when we have the speakers and the PC turned off, say, for example, all night long each and every night, or when we go away for a long weekend! What if we go on a vacation for 2 weeks, 3 weeks? We turn off our computers, and expect that all peripherals turn themselves off - as ALL other computer speakers do! No, in this case, it would appear that one would have to press "off/standby/on" each time you turn on or off your computer.

    may i ask if someone at B&W or Apple has extensive experience with these and can shed more light on this?

    fyi: at this point (only several days of ownership), i'm only using them via the Aux input via mini plug. it is the most standard configuration of any PC speaker use, which is the mini output of the back of a PC's sound card (or the sound card component of one's motherboard, and simply plugs into the Aux output in the back of the right MM-1 speaker (not the bottom). I have not yet tried the USB input option.

    Thx in advance.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Great speakers for their intended use

    I purchased the MM-1s to supplement the built-in speakers on my ACD, and they are fantastic for that purpose in a beautiful form factor. There is no question that their price demands incredible performance, but they deliver when listening to music in front of the computer at reasonable volumes. Full and rich, but very defined and detailed. They are not designed to replace your stereo speakers or fill a room with sound or bass, and if that's what you want, purchase something else (Bose Companion 20s or Audessey LES). Two issues: (1) The MM-1s do not shut down automatically, and the right speaker will stay quite hot even if just sitting there. So you have to treat them like a real mini-stereo system and turn them off when not in use. (For me, not a huge deal as the ACD speakers automatically switch on when the MM-1s are off, which is a nice feature of the USB connection.) (2) The MM-1s produce a faint hiss when on. You need to be in a very quite room to hear it, but it's there and will only go away if you mute the speakers or turn them off. If I had more room, I likely would have gone with something else, but there's no 2.0 speaker set up out there that gives this level of performance in such a small size. If that's what you want, the cost can be justified (barely...).

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Great speakers, lousy remote

    Although this may not be the most common usage, I have connected these speakers to my TV and they provide crisp, powerful sound free of distortion. These speakers sound fantastic without a ton of cables and equipment, and are far superior to the tinny, buzzy afterthoughts in the TV.

    I am deducting a star because of the awful remote control. It looks stylish but functionally it is really annoying and not in keeping with the high quality of the speakers. First, it is small and slippery. Try it with dry winter hands. The buttons are small and they all look and feel the same. The labeling is printed in gray on the black plastic, and is very small. The design is so symmetrical that it is hard to tell which end is which. Finally, the only way to cancel muting is to hit the Mute button again. Changing the volume does not cancel muting, but it does change the volume setting that will be used when you hit the Mute button again, so beware if you're trying to turn them up when the mute is on.

    Despite the remote, I would buy these speakers again.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Very Nice

    -Very good stereo imaging
    -Surprising amount of low frequency reproduction for their size.
    -The build-in DAC makes a big difference. ( Run a line from your sound card to the Aux. input and compare it to the USB input )
    -Frequency range is very good for "real" instrument sound l instrument reproduction.

    -Some high frequency sounds seem tinny.
    -Cabinets resonate slightly at lower frequencies.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    impressed for what they are

    these speakers need no further introduction.
    they do sound impressive. bear in mind that good sound quality greatly depends on the speakers position. people complaining about a "hiss" i can confirm that BUT listening to them via USB will never be noise free since there is a macbook or macpro attached making a lot more noise all the time. setup was simple, system settings audio output mm1.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Best Computer Monitor Speakers!

    B and W always make great speakers! These speakers are awesome in sound quality. They are quite HI-Fi standard! Just remember when you install them via USB to re-boot your Mac!Initially the sound was all bassy and no treble but on rebooting this all corrected. Also poor quality songs (MP3) will sound poor! There is no software to download. Also the remote is not necessary if you are using the USb interface.
    Just use your Mac keyboard or volume icon at the top!

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Important tip for using with iPod or other auxiliary source

    I am using these mostly to play what's on my iPod. I initially thought the sound wasn't all that, wasn't worth the money, etc. I forgot that ages ago I had turned on the EQ feature on my iPod to 'electronic,' which sounded better with the headphones I was using. By turning EQ off, I instantly understood what everyone was saying in the other reviews. They sound great. No five stars only because of the price and a few little niggly things with the remote, which I won't go into here.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Love the product

    I love this product since I bought it but it has been giving me popping sound every time I start playing my music so I'm not sure what's happening but I will give them a call. Overall quality is great.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Speakers fantastic / Remote ridiculous

    On the speakers alone, I would definitely have given this 5 stars, but the idiotically-designed Remote ruins that top rating. What possessed someone at B&W to come up with so stupid a design? It never stays flat on your desk but rather rolls around at the slightest touch... so much so that you have to carefully check it out visually to figure out which end is Up so as to know where a specific control is. Dumb and completely counter-intuitive. Clearly, they make no attempt to buy into the whole Apple ethos of design. I wrote them about this. They have no alternative and didn't seem interested in ever developing one. In their minds, it's just fine the way it is. I will definitely keep the speakers because of the excellent sound, but that remote drives me crazy every time I use it.

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