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    Very impressive

    Let me start by saying I've been looking for a speaker to go with my iPod for a long time. I read good things about the Zeppelin, the Mini, Yamaha, Klipsch, and Bose. To be fair, I didn't bring any of them home because they just didn't sound that good in the store. And the other thing was that I didn't want a "dock" type system that displayed my iPod. I wanted something that I could either connect to another source or at least hide the iPod. So when I read about this coming, I was interested.

    I turned them on with my iPhone 3GS after getting them home. I sat them about 2.5 feet apart just on either side of my laptop on the counter.

    I'm SHOCKED at the imaging of these things. If I close my eyes (heck, even with my eyes open) I SWEAR the lead singer's voice is dead center in the middle of my screen as I type this and you can tell exactly where each instrument is. The overall sound quality is excellent. Some very acceptable bass output as well for a computer speaker without an extra bass module. It's a very big sound for two speakers not much bigger than a large mug.

    Obviously, the big sonic advantage for these speakers is the ability to separate them for better imaging. And they sure do deliver on that. These are perfect for listening to music from your Mac or iPod. It's not a dock, it doesn't charge your iPod, it doesn't display your iPod. And it's not cheap. This is a very high quality pair of stereo speakers for your Mac or iPod. They do what they do very well.

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    Best Computer Speakers Period!!

    I had been using the Companion 5's for two years before the MM-1's. I never thought I would find a computer speaker that would make my $400 Bose speakers pale in comparison.

    Initial Impressions:
    - The soundstage produced is amazing. It was like the 2D sound created by the Bose suddenly became 3D on the MM-1's.
    - Because it lacks a subwoofer, the bass is not as powerful as the Companion 5's. This is not to say that it lacks bass. I found the overall sound much more balanced and detailed. It made the Bose sound like the heavy bass was just covering up the inadequate mids and highs.
    - The speakers really shine at higher volumes with more pronounced bass.
    - Gorgeous design and impressive build quality. Much thought was put into the design like the cable management system on the bottom of the speakers.

    I also want to compare these speakers to the Zeppelin Mini. I had been using the Mini as a computer speaker for five months and found it to be quite good. However, I felt that it lacked bass, even though it produced mids and highs much better than the Bose. It made me skeptical with the MM-1’s bass, but I have found it much better than the Mini’s.

    At $500, I was not going to settle for a speaker that was just "amazing for its size." They had to be freaking good, period. These are also the best computer speakers I've ever heard and purchased. I recommend spending the extra $100 over the Companion 5's and do your music justice with the MM-1's.

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    These speakers are perfect for an uncluttered desktop. The soundstage is vast and well-defined with clear highs, clean mids, and reasonably good bass response (spectacular at this size). Definitely the best sounding (and possibly best looking) computer speakers I've owned -- they sound like quality bookshelf monitors but much smaller. Excellent build quality!

    Here are some things you may not know from the pictures: Expect three black cables into the right speaker (connection to the left speaker, power, and the usb cable). The top of the right speaker stays warm while in use (I assume that this is where the amp is). Blue/red LED to signify on/off. Nicely understated power button and volume control on the right speaker, which can also be controlled by the included remote (or via your computer). Quality rubber 'feet' keep these speakers solidly in place and isolated off your surface. Range of the remote is about 15 feet -- but it must have line-of-sight to the right speaker. Why not RF? That's my only (very minor) gripe.

    Highly recommend the MM-1! You won't be disappointed!

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    Don't Waster Your Time Like I Did, Just Get These........

    I wasted years and money trying Bose, Klipsch, Audyssey, M-Audio, etc., ad naseum. Trying to find the perfect and compact sound for my extensive iTunes collection on my MacBook Pro. I hesitated for years on the B&W MM-1 due to the coin and required USB port connection. What a moron I was. These speakers are small, look and feel expensive and simply sound magnificent. Get them, don't waste your time like some people I know very well.

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    Beyond Expectations

    MY SET-UP:
    - home office, roughly 200 sq. ft.
    - I sit roughly 3 ft. from the speakers - they are set up in a traditional manner, 4 ft. apart at the edges of my business desk.
    - I use all the included cables (thick gauge USB cord included)

    - 65gb of almost exclusively electronica: techno, house music, progressive, chill-out (BT, Moby, Delerium, Deep Dish, Sasha) - music that demands full range and bass capability; also music that is programmed precisely - easily able to identify messy compression or sloppy delivery.
    - Music almost exclusively played via iTunes
    - Most of my music files are CD rips, iTunes purchases or other audio. I listen to 85% 128-192 kb audio, with some VBF files, WAV (1411 kb) and AIFF files.

    - I am a high-end audio enthusiast.
    - I am familiar with B&W for their Nautilus range.
    - I have not owned any other computer speakers before; Bose, etc.

    - Wanted the best sound I could find without the need for amplifiers or sub-woofers - price did not matter.
    - Wanted to avoid a sub-woofer set-up - didn't want to give up the real-estate on the floor, nor cause a disturbance elsewhere in the house.
    - Wanted a smart-looking, top-sounding package.


    Both myself and my enthusiast friends have been blown away by the capability of these speakers. Of course you understand you're talking about USB, computer-generated, compressed audio (this is no concert hall or mixing studio), but your standards also go up when you're judging B&W products. Despite this, I have NO complaints to offer about these wonderful speakers!

    The range is as FULL as you could ask for - despite no separate sub-woofer, I get all the richness I can ask for, and my music is know to be very demanding. The delivery of sound is beyond CRISP and TIGHT. Jaw dropping delivery, especially for 128kb music. I can turn these up until I'm uncomfortable, and the sound does not distort or break up. And what a remarkably SMALL and BEAUTIFUL package. They're about the size of a Venti cup from Starbucks, or a wide-mouth mason jar.

    Five stars, zero second thoughts.

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    Amazing realistic sound

    No out of phase (Bose type) sound... No booming bass... just clean sound. When I first began listening to the MM-1's hooked up to my new Retina MacBook Pro I couldn't decide whether I'd made a good choice. These speakers were so completely different than any I'd ever had connected to a computer. After a short time the pure sound began to sink in and I'm now hooked. They are great for almost every type of music and sound... and look good, too.

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    I'm a musician, mainly dealing with classical music. I listen to a lot of orchestral, and piano music, but I listen to many other modern genres as well. Here's what I think about the speakers:


    -Brand ;-)
    -Small, good looking, well-built
    -Easily loud enough to fill most rooms, and sound doesn't distort even at high volume
    -Lots of bass, surprising for something this small


    -Price; you can get a home theatre for that price
    -Top of the right speaker can get uncomfortably hot, because the amplifier and power is all there. Worries me a little, because these are quite expensive, so longetivity is a matter of concern.
    -Red light, which tells you the speakers are on 'standby" can't be turned off. I personally find that quite annoying.

    Generally speaking, these are very good speakers, they can easily give most 2.1s a good thrashing. However, to really do these speakers justice, you need FLAC quality music as the lack of quality of 128kbs tracks are very revealing when played on these speakers.

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    I love them!!!

    I just got mine couple of days ago and I can't stop listening to music. I was a little unsure about getting them, specially for the price tag, but after listening to my fav music I don't have any regrets!! the sound is just amazing -

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    Stunning Sound

    These little B&W MM-1 speakers are amazing.

    They're less than 7 inches tall. The build quality is absolutely superb. The way they integrate with your Mac is perfect. Plug them in via USB and you can use your keyboard volume keys to control them. Their sound quality is shockingly full. In fact, do yourself a favor and get them up off the desk a little bit. Think about this for a moment: Your ears are at least 16 inches above the surface of your desk, right? Speakers at ear level will always sound better. Always.

    The challenge of reviewing a pair of speakers is that sound quality is only one of the many issues to consider. There's also price, size, other equipment needed, etc, not to mention the intended use. In this case, we're talking about computer speakers for your desk. They're not going to replace your home stereo and they won't rock a block party as your neighbors shake-it on the lawn. They're desktop computer speakers the plug into your Mac via USB. If that's what you're looking for, I don't believe you can do better. Not for under $1000 anyway.

    Can you do better than a pair of these MM-1s? Yes. Buy an Apogee Duet to use as your sound card (it's a DAC, really). That's $500 right there. Then buy a pair of nearfield studio monitors that will easily be four times the size of these. You'll probably need an amplifier too... That would sound better, but look at the expense and the stuff you probably won't have room for on your desk. Oh, and by the way, I own that stuff and that's the reference system I'm comparing these to. In some ways, these beat my reference system. I'm just blown away by that.

    IF you don't have room on your desk for an amplifier and a huge set of speakers, not to mention a serious sound card, and if you don't have the budget for those things, I just don't think you can do better than a pair of MM-1s. Period. They are that good.

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    I've had the $400 Bose Computer Music Monitors since they were released in 2009 and I've been sorely disappointed; now I agree with the poor reviews of many Bose products you see on the web. Somehow, they sounded great in the store but just couldn't give me the volume and sonic range I was craving at home.

    I've only had these B&W MM-1s for a few hours and it's as if the music I am hearing is completely new. I can hear vocals, background, orchestrations, and highs and lows that I have not heard coming out of my iTunes in years. All I can say is, if you are able to afford these, go for it and don't waste your money on anything less.

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    Put my other speakers to shame

    I picked up a set of MM-1's last night. With a good return policy, I thought I'd give them a shot. My current setup is a pair of M-Audio AV40 desktop monitors. They got 4.5/5 on the Apple Store. I have been very happy with them, but I thought I'd try something that was sleeker and smaller. They were hooked up in my Apple store to the Apple TV on a large plasma display. I think this setup didn't do them justice, as they're meant to be computer speakers, and not meant for a home entertainment system. They sound best on a desk a couple of feet from your hears.

    They come with a USB plug, to bypass the sound card on whatever computer you're on. I'm using an iMac 27" i7, and it's sound is decent as-is. Apparently, any on-board sound card won't have the best digital to analog conversion. That's where the USB connection comes in.

    I honestly didn't expect these to sound much better than my AV 40's. I had both speaker systems setup, and using the input source option in System Preferences, I would play a song and switch back and forth. I couldn't believe how absolutely DEAD my music sounded when I switched back to my AV 40's. The MM-1's create so much space between the different ranges, and the sound is incredibly organic. I packed my AV 40's up so fast that heads were spinning. I tried a variety of music on them, from Beethoven, to Dr. Dre, to Roy Orbison, to the Arcade Fire, and all of my music sounds incredible.

    These speakers are going to reveal the limitations of lower bitrates, so watch out for that. I have all my music ripped with LAME VBR VO. I've got some lossless stuff on here that sounds even better, but I need to fit things on my iPhone.

    If you care about sound, these are worth every penny.

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    Expensive, but worth it

    Yes, these are expensive but this is a case where you get what you pay for. While many people may rave about the Bose computer speakers, they do not hold a candle to the MM-1. B&W has a long history of producing some of the highest quality speakers for the consumer market, and the MM-1 does not fail. The speakers are extremely responsive, and can handle anything you throw at them. And if you are still on the edge, the black fabric / brushed aluminum units are beautiful to look at (excellent next to my 27" iMac w/ the i7 processor). And if that is still not enough to motivate you, they sound and look better than the B&O BeoLab 4 speakers (and at 1/2 the price the B&Ws seem like a steal). Lastly, the little remote works great (turns speaker on & off, volume up & down, and track forward, back and pauses). The only possible issue I have is that the main speaker runs a bit warm on the top -- so I recommend if you are not using the speakers, turn them off.

    If you can find a better sounding and looking computer speaker for less money, let me know and I would be happy to take your used MM-1 speakers off your hands.

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    MM-1 Speakers

    To tell you the truth, I was very disappointed in these speakers when I received them. I also need to tell you that I am somewhat hearing impaired in the high freq range. I found them to have too much bass for me to understand lower freq sounds in movies (I watch almost everything on my iMac). I finally found Boom a $5 app (I am not affiliated) and after finding the right setting in the equalizer am finding them to be EXCELLENT speakers. Music is spectacular.

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    Well Worth the Money

    Yes, these are expensive compared to the competition. But these speakers will most certainly please if you enjoy great stereo sound without a lot of coloration. They also do a good job on movie soundtracks for movie watching on your computer. If your looking for great booming bass, or artificial 3D sound you will be disappointed in theses speakers.

    These are near field speakers, meaning they sound best when you are sitting within 3 or four feet in front of them. The soundstage they produce is the best I've heard for desktop speakers.

    Can they fill a bedroom or smallish living room with decent sound? Well yes they can.
    But the MM-1's aren't going to give you party level amplification.

    As they say use the right tool for the job. As a desktop speaker the MM-1's deserve a high rating.

    My only complaint is that the speakers do not go into standby mode when my mid 2010 27" iMac sleeps. The latest greatest firmware update for the speakers did not fix that issue.

    Finally, the handsome remote feels and looks great but the control buttons are smallish.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    I have NEVER felt compelled to review anything, not even my car. That alone should tell you how strongly I feel about these. I do not consider myself an audiophile, but I like to think I have good taste. I've owned a number of Bose systems, Bang & Olufsen bookshelf speakers, and some AKG headphones.

    Initially, I steered away from these because of the size. I'd rather have something larger (with presumably better sound) for the same price. I went to an Apple store in Atlanta and listened to a set of these. The store (as usual) was packed, noisy, and horribly distracting.

    The first thing I noticed was the BASS. Yes, these have bass! No, it doesn't shake the walls, but it's there. It's tight, punchy, and distortion free even at higher volumes. The highs were clear and had much more definition then the competing Bose Companion 20 set I also listened to (which were good as well). They did get pretty loud, in my opinion. An Apple employee turned them up so high, that another employee there (from across the room), asked us to turn them down because he was trying to sell MacBooks!

    I bought them. At home, where it's (relatively) quiet, the above qualities were even more apparent. They look beautiful on my desk, and blend in nicely to any interior. Very tasteful. The speakers are also well made, and have a good heft to them.

    One last thing I was impressed by. Bowers & Wilkins website is superb! The support section is frequently updated, and they even had FIRMWARE UPDATES for these speakers, which were a breeze to install.

    Look beyond the price and listen to these yourself.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Fabulous A+

    This is my third pair of speakers from B&W. The others are on my Nak.

    The mm1 just replaced a pair of Klipsch pro media 2.1 (daughters hamster chewed the power cord and fried a pcb in the klipsch sub- hamster survived). The reviews are all accurate except the negative ones that say these are tinny or not full, buzzy etc. On the contrary, couldn't be more balanced, pure, or full sounding. A pleasure on the ears. Seriously, anyone who says these stink or disappoint is a tool bag. The mm1 is simply a fabulous, fabulous speaker system.

    Pro medias were good, but I enjoy this sound much more. Worth the difference.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great pair of speakers

    Just received my B & W MM-1 Speakers...highly recommended!!! I also bought the 3-piece computer speakers from Bose. The subwoofer is rather clumsy. No comparison to the B & W. Great sound with good bass. I love them and I use them to practice my guitar. Best computer speakers I have ever had.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Very satisfied.

    You know you're getting a good product when the apple store employee is jealous of your purchase (he likes the MM-1 much better than the Focal).

    I am not an "audiophile." (I think lamp cord transmits electricity very well thank you)

    However, I do love music and appreciate excellent sound quality.

    If you want excellent hi-fi quality music while sitting at your desktop, I highly recommend these speakers.

    I have them in a room that is 10x15 and it fills the room with crystal-clear sound. If you want to rattle your windows with bass, get speakers with a sub. If you want to hear the fingers on a guitar string or the brush on a snare, you can't get better for a computer. Plus they are amplified speakers - great sound without need for a separate bulky amp and component system set-up. Save that for the home theater. These speakers look and sound great. My whole family loves them.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great speakers

    These are excellent speakers. Before these speakers, I used Altec Lansing and Harman Kardon Soundstick. Harman Kardon was a definitely step up from Altec Lansing. MM-1 sounded had a bit more depth to the sound. It has a plenty of base although it's not as customizable as the Soundstick. Most Apple stores will have this unit available testing. You definitely should test it before you buy this.

    Pros: good sound, good design
    Cons: expensive, takes up an usb outlet, right speaker gets hot. It's not enough to burn anyone, but probably enough to damage a battery of your iPhone or iPod.

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    Fantastic Sound

    These speakers sound AWESOME!! I live in a condo and they are more than loud enough to fill the space with fantastic sound. Just a beautiful looking speaker with quality that booms!
    Expensive...yes, but they're worth the extra cost. When compared to the built-in speakers on my iMac it's night and day.
    Highly Recommended!!! I love em'!!

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