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    Versatile mic

    This is the perfect mic for spoken-word uses such as podcasting, voice-overs, sit-down interviews, etc., but there's no reason to stop there. It may not be ideal for live multi-instrumental recording, but there's really no reason it can't be used for discreet instrumental tracks if its specs meet your needs. It's accurate, quiet, and has an impressively even response from anywhere within its three selectable pickup patterns. Its kitschy retro look adds a fun element, but the mic should be taken no less seriously for it.

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    Absolutely amazing. Perfect quality. No better microphone that money could buy.

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    I bought the Snowball with the intention of recording my band (vocals, 2 guitars, bass and drums). We wanted a microphone that could capture everything. The very first position of the mic was perfect. Almost in the middle of the band, waist high.

    We are a band playing very loud rock and the Snowball just picks up everything! It is absolutely amazing! We would recommend it for bands, who wants to record their songs, for listening and reviewing, look for new opportunities, ideas and patterns in their songs.

    Hope this helps other rockers out there.

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    Very Impressed!

    I purchased the Snowball for dictation with 10.8. Previously I had tried speaking to the Internal Mic, using a Bluetooth Headset and using a wired Mic - all fairly useless. The Snowball, however, is amazing. I have placed it a foot away on my desk and it captures my speech almost without error. I've used it to dictate emails, Word documents, and I've even used it to dictate updates in FileMaker. In fact, this review is being dictated using the Snowball. I would recommend this product to anyone wanting to start dictating, rather than typing.

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    Great Microphone!

    I highly recommend this microphone to anyone who is starting off podcasts or any kind of voice overs, the quality is amazing and the set up is easy! Not sure why it's getting bad reviews.

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    When I bought this for singing the guy at the apple store told I should save up money and buy something more expensive but I bought a lot of things that day and there was no money to save up to I bought this. I AM SO GLAD, it works great with garage band, my vocals sound perfectly fine, my friends listen to my song and they say it sounds like lady gaga so I think this mic really did the job for a good price too

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    This is a great microphone! I use it for my podcasts and anything else that uses a microphone! it is a nice GREAT Quality microphone!

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