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    Worked great until ios 4.2

    IOS 4.2 upgrade changes the power out put for the camera connection kit, they reduced the power from 100ma to 20ma. I have the 64 gig wifi iPad and recently brought the blue yeti microphone to record my band practices. iOS 3.2.2 powered my microphone and the recordings were great! I was so excited about the new iOS 4.2 that I didn't wait to see if there would be problems, now I cannot go back to 3.2.2 apple will not allow it and my 140.00 dollar mic. Can not be used with my ipad. There are professional photographer that can not use the iPad for their on location shoots because their unpowered card readers no longer work! I hope its just a bug?

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Great sound but cheap corners cut.

    This mic has an excellent sound. Recording quality is as good as you can get especially for the price. The build of the base and mic itself are super sturdy but the knobs are cheap and awful.
    The USB connection is at an awkward spot that causes it to bang against the stand when moved. It causes serious damage really quickly with the connection. Its built for quality sound but not built to last.

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