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    OS X Yosemite 10.10.5 seems to have brought bugs to the USB Drive

    My Yeti Microphone has been working well until the upgrade for Yosemite 10.10.5.

    The issue is the same as other people experienced: it'll be recognized by the system for a while then it's gone. The system no longer sees it.

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    Blue's best product, and a good value.

    I've spent quite a bit on Blue misfires, especially after Cisco Systems pulled the plug on the Flip video camera that Blue had geared up for, then unloaded on unsuspecting customers as 'potentially" useful for superior audio recordings made with an iPod Touch.. The same goes for the mics that Blue made for use with the iPod Touch. Both versions of this $60 mic were marginally operative, requiring adhesive tape to keep them in place when plugged into the bottom of an iPod. Fortunately, the Yeti microphone is not one of Blue's misfires. Its audio is slightly superior to Blue's Snowball mic both in terms of frequency range and sound stage. And for announcing it enhances the voice with "body" that the user is bound to be pleasantly surprised by. The extra weight and size of the mic seem gratuitous, made to impress the customer more than to supply a heavier magnet for superior sound. And as some others have observed, the knobs for volume and tone are not a tight and smooth, custom fit but have enough room to be jiggled from side to side, top to bottom. Nevertheless, my Yeti has held up for several years. Moreover, the weight and exra surface area of the mic facilitate attachment of a heavy "pop filter" to the mic or base. When so equipped, the Yeti produces audio comparable with studio mics at 3-4 times the price.

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    Wonderful Conference room mic!!

    This mic works wonders for me. I have it suspended from my conference room ceiling connected to a mac pro for VOIP calls and video conferencing... It has been working great for about 9 months or so. The room is a 20'x25' or so. I wish it came with a baffle or something since I have speakers in the overhead as well, but I just have to fine tune it to reduce any feedback, if I have any. Most of the times it is really an issue on the remote ends.

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    Great but cons

    Got this microphone since 2 days ago and I must say it's a pretty big but very nice looking microphone. Although the sound haven't blown my mind yet.
    I'm still configuring with the settings to get the best out of it. My mic is like 8 inches away from my face and once I'm speaking with gain low you can barrely hear my voice and onve I bring the gain a bit up you already start hearing things from 10 feet away and soft background noices. I hope I can fix this soon!

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    Sound preferences?

    Seems that people complain they can't hear me. when I check Sound Preferences the input volume has return to nil. Adjustment corrects the issue.

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    Great Mic...cheap knobs!

    I love everything about this mic...not a bad thing to say about it...EXCEPT...it seems like the knobs (especially the mic gain and headphone volume knob) were put together after the budget was already spent on the rest of the unit. The knobs move too freely inside the cavity and as you turn them they often touch the sides almost scraping as they rotate. This makes a perfect USB microphone less than perfect in my humble opinion, and thus worthy of only 4 stars instead of 5.

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