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    Super quality product but has limitations for adjustment

    I am 5' 2" and wear progressive bifocal lens. When I got the 27-inch iMac I found I was always craning my neck to see that tiny line at the top of the screen thru "just the right place" in my glasses. I was getting stabbing pains in my neck after using it for an hour or so.
    First, I lowered my adjustable desk, but there is a limit to how far down it could go and still get my knees under. (I read the 27-inch is perfect for a 6'2" person!)
    I bought the Bretford desk mount to lower the display further, since the original stand has no vertical adjustment at all.
    This desk mount is super heavy-duty quality! The material and workmanship are top-notch. You also need the Apple VESA mount for the 27-inch and installing that took some doing. Expect you will have to read the directions and have patience to do this whole process.
    Installation is not for the faint of heart. You need two people and be willing to take the time to drill the five holes perfectly plumb or the screws coming up thru the desk will have a hard time meeting the holes in the stand. Don't expect to use a fancy or antique desk because all the holes will be unsightly when this is removed someday.
    The vertical adjustment is NOT the automatic slider you might expect - there is a pull-pin that sets the position in 1-inch increments, and then you insert two big Allen head screws to hold it where you set it. You need someone to hold the weight of the monitor while you make this adjustment. It is not quick, and you have to be careful you don't drop it.
    The side-to-side and front-to-back adjustments are easy and smooth, like you would expect.
    The tilt, however, is not just "grab and adjust" as it was on the original stand. The tilt joint is held by two Allen screws, and it feels very tenuous. I put a block underneath the display because I thought there was a good chance they might slip and the display would crash into the desk. My husband really tightened them but, with everything else in this mount so QUALITY and heavy-duty, it would seem there would be a more secure and quickly adjustable tilt.
    I don't need it to be motorized, but if you look at the photos, you expect to be able to grab the monitor and move it all over to adjust and tilt and that is not the case. Yes, you CAN set it VERY precisely in every direction to where you are comfortable on a desk you don't care that much about. But do not get the idea that you can easily make quick changes for tall and short people. This is best used to completely customize a set up just for you.

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    More trouble than its worth...

    For $199 it should be motorized... It's a nice product but designed mostly for a set it once kind of style. Meaning you always will find yourself moving your chair, adjusting it up and down to accommodate the setup. I say this cause I constantly needed to adjust it for myself but as well for my 4 year old child which the product now becomes more so a hassle than a benefit. When company comes over and visit I need to adjust for them but when they leave I need to get it back to my personal settings... That's the annoying part. Just when I got it perfect for myself I need to move it for someone else and takes me about a half day to get it back perfect to where I am not annoyed or feeling like something is just not right.

    If it was motorized for the up/down would greatly eliminate a lot of my stress I had with the product. Even better if it had pan settings such as those found on common camera stands would make this even a more friendly product especially if you could control the settings via preferences on your Mac and Mighty Mouse.

    It's current method felt like the desk was going to move or the monitor was going to suffer some kind of damage... Totally lacking hydraulics in this aspect especially for persons with disabilities.

    As it stood, I spent more time setting up for each user in the household which eventually led to me returning this product.

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