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    This stand is the best i've seen. I have just mounted my late 2013 VESA iMac to it, after upgrading my from late 2009. The stand is durable, it's a great way to keep things off of your desk. I didn't mind drilling at all as i will have the stand for many many years, and will continue to mount my computer in this way. A definite recommend if you want to clear things off of your desk. My country style desk can be repaired if i no longer want to have the mount, a little bit of liquid wood and sanding and my desk would be good as new.

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    Bought the one with a monitor and laptop holder

    I love this product. Has plenty of adjustments for me. Able to use my Retina screen alongside my 27" display. Bolted mine to a small moveable drawer stand from IKEA and use it for teleconferencing at my conference table too.

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    So I specifically bought these for my game setup and loved it!! So you wanna buy two of these and on each pole you wanna have one arm on each side with you desired computer monitor and on the other bretford stand you wanna do the same and then put them side-by-side!!! It looks awesome and will impress your friends and other competitive gamer friends!! Absolute MUST BUY!! It does take a while to put them in the desk, but in the end it's worth it, and then that's when I found out later that there were desk clamps to install on the edge of the table, but oh well.

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