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    Great Choice

    I bought the Bretford MobilePro Desk Mount Combo arm after I had initially purchased a less expensive arm mount for the 27" iMac that was very disappointing. When the Bretford mount arrived, I was impressed by the quality of construction and strength with which it supports the iMac & MacBook Pro. The wire management leaves something to be desired, but it's not awful. Overall, I definitely recommend this product.

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    Perfect for Apple Screens

    I bought 2 units of the mount combo when I was visiting the USA and I am supper happy!

    The product is must have if you have a Thunder Bolt or apple screen 27"
    It will make your screen investment even more worth it when you fix it on!

    I must say, Bretford has done their R&D and you will not go wrong with this Desk mount Combo.

    I highly recommend you to get professionals to DRILL holes on your desk to enjoy the way how you hide the cables in the main Pole.

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    Love mine

    Not as flexible as some want for aligning monitors, but really much more durable and well worth it. If you really need monitors the same hight, you need to buy the same model/size.. You should be doing that anyway.

    I have mine mounted directly into my desk. Supporting a 34" LG UltraWide (21x9) and a smaller 21" (16x9) screen..

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    Exactly what I was looking for!

    I was looking for a mount that could elevate my two 27" thunderbolt displays and I was looking for more desk space. This did the job. I did not want to drill multiple holes into my desk so i drilled a larger grommet hole that I could later cover with a grommet wire plug if I wanted to sell or re-purpose the desk. The instructions want you to drill 4 small holes and a large center hole. I ended up only using the large bolt and two smaller ones and it was more than enough to support it. My only complaint is that i wish it were easier to adjust the positioning of my displays without having to pull out the 3 different size allen keys that it requires. Other than that, I would recommend this to anyone!

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    Couldn't Be More Satisfied

    I bought this for my new 27' iMac with Retina display, and it is almost as stunning as the computer. It looks amazing with both my new and old iMac mounted on it, and has given me basically all of space back on my relatively small computer desk, so its functionality is as good as it looks. It was hard to decide which VESA mount to get, and I am so glad that I got this one. Every time someone as seen it, they are blow away by how amazing it is. Even if I only was going to mount a single monitor/computer, I would still get this one so I still had the option to add another screen, device, or iPad at a later date (you don't need to use both arms, and can choose whether you want to mount to the left or the right. Installation was actually easier than I thought it would be as well - Highly Recommended!

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    Great Product

    I have a "Bretford MobilePro Desk Mount Combo" There is nothing negative on my part to say about it. It is almost like my butler "I am here to serve you" it says to me. We connect, I enjoy its design and the fact that it is perfect for viewing my recordings from Mastering off of Pro Tools 11, Garageband, Ableton, Etc. It works and it is attractive.

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